The Best Creative Usage of the 2011 Aries April Stellium

Too much Aries energy can lead you to impulsiveness and not achieving your goals

The April Aries Sky

Tomorrow, April 1st, marks the period until May 15th, were half of the 10 planets will be transiting in first sign of the zodiac.

In my previous post, I said this transit was going to push people to take on new tasks and projects and accomplish a lot in a short amount of time with a general “I can do it” attitude. The more goals to achieve, the better was the overall feeling for the period.

I was riding that train of thought, until a reader – an Aries, of course – pointed out that if readers or myself followed my advice, we would be putting on quite an astonishing juggling act!

Too much impulsive “I can do it” Aries mentality and not enough planning was the gist of his warning. The result could be nothing is accomplished.

The notion that we can do it all is a myth, even for aries people

The Balance Myth

My training as a “Life Coach” has at its core foundation the belief that anyone can achieve the perfect balance between obligations, duties, responsibilities, and personal goals, especially if they are creative ones.

We just need to …..(fill the blank).

Imagine yourself as a circus equilibrist, an artist that juggles plates on high sticks. Your goal is to have 20 plates spinning without letting them fall and break. You keep darting from one plate to the other to keep them in motion, while introducing new plates and spinning the old ones.

This Aries stellium can reinforce this feeling, and have you believe that you should apply for “Cirque du Soleil”.

Can you imagine how frantic, exhausted you’d be at the end of the transit?

How many plates would still be spinning? How many would be wobbling, ready to fall and break?

Would you feel that you had used this energy in the best possible manner?

The Best Usage of the April Stellium

What if, instead, you had just 2 or 3 plates, and removed all the others?

What if, with those remaining, you switched them off, except one, and focused on a single plate at a time?

What if, you gave yourself permission to go with the flow?

The likelihood is that pretty soon you’d be feeling a sense of accomplishment, of having been able to spend time with your creativity, without pressure, deadlines, and “must do” behavior.

Aim for flow instead of balance as a way to take advantage of the aries energy of april 2011

The Equilibrist by Roweig

Aim for flow, instead of seeking a balance with a multitude of projects. Aim for quality time with each creative project. Give yourself permission to just be with that project.

Try this:

1. Pick just one or two projects. The ones you really, really want to push forward.

2. Work on just one at a time, regularly, in every day.

3. Be intense, and focused. One project at a time. Just one.

4. Let go of the rest.

Using Saturn in Libra and The Aries Fire Energy

The energy of the stellium is the fire energy of Aries: bold, groundbreaking, intuitive, innovative, and deeply personal.

Take this opportunity to breathe new fire into your creativity. Give birth to renewed inspiration and establish a new way to relate to your creative goals.

Use the energy of Saturn in Libra – the opposing sign of Aries – to  establish a structure, a rhythm and the limitations needed to complete your projects.

What are your creative plans and or goals for this transit? How are you going to use this energy?

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