The 7 sins of creativity – Lust

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7 deadly sins

The 7 Sins and their Astrological Correlation

Over the next 2 weeks, I will be covering the 7 signs of creativity, the big no’s no’s that you just can’t do if you want your ideas to be powerful and your creative juices to stay strong. The idea was given to me by Eric Maisel’s book “Deep Writing”.  In his book, he talks about  the 7 principles that  brings ideas to life. I loved the idea so much that I had to take it and run with it…changing it to the 7 sins of creativity.

Of course, I also had to give it an astrological twist. In an earlier article, I talked about how an astrologer could help you understand your unique creativity and how to tap into it by looking at your chart. At the time, I limited the scope of the article to 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus). Today, I am expanding on the number of planets and talking about how their can hinder your creativity when they turn into one of the 7 sins.

Below, a refresher course of the 7 sins and the corresponding astrological planet:

1.   Lust – Venus

2.   Gluttony – Jupiter

3.   Greed – Saturn

4.   Sloth – Moon

5.   Wrath – Mars

6.   Envy – Mercury

7.   Pride – Sun

Venus as the expression of Lust

I will start with Lust. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, lust denotes an intense sexual desire or appetite. Over time, the word has evolved to include the idea of passion and enthusiasm for almost anything.

From the definition above, one would think that lust is an innocuous sin for the creative person.  What’s wrong with having passion and enthusiasm associated with creativity? Plenty!

The Downside of Lust

Lust can be dangerous for creativity. For mainly 2 reasons.

1)  Those new to creativity lust after the spotlight, the money and fame that their best selling creation would bring them. They do not take into consideration the amount of time and energy needed to learn, develop, perfect their craft. Beth Barany at Writer’s Fun Zone explains it very well in a short video.

2)  The lust for creativity can cut the artist from their own human side. Never letting them expose their own failures, errors and struggles. Instead they obsessively pursue an ideal of perfection that dries out their creativity. In my opinion, Lady Gaga is a good example of this tendency. Her public image is highly creative but we are never exposed to the human being hiding behind the wigs and sunglasses.

The problem of lust in relation to creativity is that lust is focused on the “here and now”. It overwhelmingly wants immediate satisfaction. But creativity takes time and effort to develop and produce results. Creativity needs long-term goals, commitment, nurturing to express itself. It is a labor of love.

However, lust and creativity are not at opposite sides of the spectrum. They are more like “kissing cousins”.

You need passion/lust to get your creativity going. But at the same time, you need the love/commitment for what you are creating to keep you on that path when you hit road bumps.

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Lust, Creativity and Venus

Astrology has long recognized the intricate relationship between lust, passion and love, all expressions of Venus. By looking at the sign, house position and aspects of Venus in your chart, you can understand what are you lusting after, what are you passionate about in the ways you express yourself creatively. Examining your own Venus  can lend to better comprehend the obstacles  or “sins” you face to express your inspiration and creativity.

So, how do you deal when lust overwhelms and you get lost in your creativity?  Take a step back and analyze what it is that you are really lusting after. Once you have discovered the root of your lust, you can find a way to remove it.

Take pleasure in your creativity, but take the time to analyze what works and doesn’t, what could be improved, what should be used again another time.

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