The 7 sins of creativity – Gluttony

The 7 sins of creativity - Jupiter and gluttony

Last week, I started my 7 sins of creativity with lust. Today, it’s sin #2, Gluttony.

The dictionary traditionally defines gluttony as excessive eating or drinking.  Throughout time, the definition has evolved to include anything done to an extreme.

In creativity, gluttony can show up in different forms. It can be describing an idea in 500 words when 100 words would do it just as nicely.

Or always buying another tool in the hope it’ll make you a better artist. Or spending too much time on thinking, learning, reading about  creativity, a certain style, on how to use a specific technique, genre …. fill the blank instead of actually exercising my creativity! It’s gluttony disguised as procrastination!

7 sins - Gluttony

Jupiter and Gluttony

In astrology, gluttony is associated with Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion and MORE.

There is, of course, a connection between Jupiter, gluttony and creativity. What is leading me to this excess? What is preventing me to show discipline (a Saturn word) and be creative instead? What is pushing me to expand, consume willy-nilly without focus?

I think in most cases, it’s HUNGER!

Gluttony has much to do with is Hunger:  always that bit missing. The more you hunger, the more prone you may be to gluttony – in all its manifold forms, of course: it not being limited to having that newest art gadget.

In my case, my gluttony shows up as research madness! When I feel I have not done enough thinking, researching or compiling data for an article.

Jupiter is about expansion, the effort to include as much raw material into our consciousness as we can in order to take a broad overview of all. This is why Jupiter warns us about overdoing.

It is the same thing with creativity. There is an intrinsic need to take in as much inspiration as possible, as much knowledge so to never feel starved again due to creativity droughts. Most often this need for more comes from having been improperly weaned from our divine inspiration and trying to play catch up since then.

Jupiter’s energy might be better served when we “temper” ourselves in our creative undertakings . Temperance encourages us to find a natural flow, the right mix of learning and creating so we can experience progress in our creative paths.

Where creatively do you behave in extremes?

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