Jupiter in Aries: I Can do it!

Jupiter in Aries

Personal empowerment. Taking on new challenges and initiate action. Pioneer spirit. Forging ahead. Being an innovator in a chosen field. Improving  oneself  through confident and self-assertive activity. Lust for life. Catalyst of change. Can-do attitude.

Wide open opportunities. Overconfidence. Total faith in Self. Careless with money.  Me-first attitude. Feeing like a dare-devil. Trail-blazing events. Attracting good fortune by leading. Moving forward with confidence. Heightened optimism. Increased exuberance.  Overcoming problems that seemed insurmountable.

Inspiring others by example.  Furthering personal ambition. Carefree attitude.  Improved likeability.  Overdoing.  Moving forward in life. Stepping into bullying. Dreams coming true. Improved self-esteem. Expanding our potential. Developing leadership. Embracing the new. Self-assurance. Bolstering the ego. Yang energy. Hell yes and now energy. Going big. Feeling safe and secure when taking the initiative.

Entrepeneurialism. Thinking Big.  Starting Over. Courage of Conviction. Go-getter instincts. Spark of optimism.

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