Creativity and the 4 Elements – Water

The posts in this series were inspired by notes taken from Claudia Bader’s lecture for the San Francisco Astrological Society, entitled Astrology, Art, and the Chart.

Today, we conclude this series on Creativity and the 4 Elements with some considerations about the role of Feeling in art and how it relates to the element of Water in astrology.

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Water and Feeling

water and feeling

Of all the aspects of the art form – materials, technique, and composition – feeling is the one part that seems to be easy to define. Remove feeling, and art becomes lifeless. That simple.

Feeling is the experiencing of affective and emotional states, including sensation and intuition, as defined by the dictionary.

In astrology, water is considered the most intuitive, sensitive and feeling element of all. People with a predominance of planets in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) are said to often embody the archetype of the “The artist.” They have an innate ability to communicate their emotions in non-verbal ways; through forms as art, dance, music, poetry, and photography.

There is a natural feel and sense between them. Water needs a container to hold form. Artists need a vehicle of expression for their emotions. Their choice of medium is the container for artist.

Let’s dig deeper on the connections and explore how the two of them relate.

Feeling and Artwork

Water signs  artists express their feelings through their art

Because water has no form of its own – it continuously adopts the shape of whatever contains it – a person with a predominance of water in their chart molds herself to her surrounding world.

For an artist, this molding might be immersing them in a medium until it becomes the form in which the artist can express himself. In this way, the medium does the feeling for the artist.

This reminds of Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Vowels” where each one is assigned a color.

As an artist, water people tend to blend and merge with the unconscious, seeking to translate into tangible form the mystical experience of oneness.

The feeling capacity of water charts allows for a sensitive and emotional artwork characterized by the blurring of boundaries, the fluidity of the energies expressed, and a capacity to manifest in a thousand ways whatever feelings their audience requires.

Water has a chameleon quality that would allow for multiple themes and media in artist portfolio.

With water signs willingness to help, sympathize, empathize, the artwork has frequently a therapeutic feeling to it, speaking directly to the soul, understanding its troubles, fears, and dreams. Visionary, transformative and emotionally charged themes are natural choices for this type of artist.

Renoir and the world of feelings

As for the imagery, water artists are natural storytellers, at home in the rich world of images, of the imagination, and the soul. They use images that often fuse and merge different elements of the composition to make it dream-like and indistinct from reality.

Muted greens, blues, silver (iridescent), transparent and watery colors in general are the color of choice to reflect the complexity of their feelings.

The painter Renoir is to me the best example of what I have been describing. His paintings describe emotions and states of bliss that strongly resonate with me.

In your opinion, what artists best express their emotions through their art? Whose art touches your feelings? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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Photos Credits: Renoir

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