Creativity and the 4 Elements – Fire

Continuing our series on Creativity and the 4 Elements, we will focus on Composition and the Fire element.

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Fire and Composition: Definitions

creativity - composition and the fire element

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, composition is the act or process of arranging into artistic form a specific proportion or relation. At its simplest, composition is defined by how the artist handles his technique.  Without a good composition, the artist command of technique is worthless.

In astrology, a fiery temperament would be somebody whose chart has an emphasis of planets in fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). This person would be described as someone imaginative, enthusiastic, inspirational, warm, and exuberant with a great deal of faith in himself.

So, what is the relationship between composition and a fiery chart?

A fire person is driven by the need to make big and dramatic statements that express the power of creation, the ability to compose an idea into a specific form.  Fire burns up a substrate in order to create something entirely new. Established rules for composition are overthrown by fiery artists so they can innovate with new ways to handle the artistic form.

Vincent Van Gogh is the artist that comes to mind to best exemplify this intersection of fire and composition in art.

Artwork and the Fire Element

fire and composition - vincent van gogh

The exuberant nature of a fire chart has a strong drive to find its artistic expression in inspirational themes that depict the energy and movement of life itself.

The imagery is one of optimism, enthusiasm, and spontaneity of gesture, fierceness of desire and intensity of feelings.

The use of images of fire, light, sun, flames, and radiating forms in his composition is the way a fire artist can channel his need for dynamic compositions, set development in motion that will give birth to a new form

The impatient nature of fire is often shown in the usage of strong lines and angles intending to translate the spontaneous gesture, the impulsive action, the childlike energy of this element.

Routine work or contemplation of the past are discarded in favor of structures with no constraints or limits.

strong, vivid, bright colors are characteristics of fiery artists

Strong, vivid, bright, and often hot colors are used in combination with strong shapes and forms to express heroic, uplifting, or self-referential themes.

With Aries prominent in the chart, the themes would be centered on Martian ones: war, aggression, and heroism where the composition would be often new and original.

Think Andy Warhol, a multiple Leo, when you want to understand the self-referential themes in fiery artists.

Sagittarius and Jupiter would have a tendency to produce large bodies of work revolving around symbolic or religious themes.

What do you think? What other artists have influenced you in terms of composition? Can you see how the fire in you chart has influenced you in terms of composition and themes? Share your stories!

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Photos Credits: Van Gogh

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