Creativity and Element Imbalances in the Chart: Lack of Fire

Creativity and chart imbalance

In my first series on Creativity and the 4 elements, I equate an element with a specific aspect of creativity: Fire with composition, earth with materials, air with technique and water with feelings.

This new series revisits this equation and attempt to understand how the lack of an element can affect the linked creativity component. For example, how a lack of air can affect an artist’s creativity or a lack of water interfere with the expression of his feelings.

Yesterday, we looked at chart imbalances in general. Today, we focus on the absence of fire.

Characteristics of the Absence of Fire

a ack of fire in the chart often translates into apathy and lack of passion
  • Lack of vitality, passion for life and courage
  • Lack of self-confidence, conviction, enthusiasm, optimism
  • Inability to take action or take initiative
  • Underestimation of own abilities and self-worth
  • Reluctance to be in the spotlight
  • Difficulties with self-expression
  • Inability to take risks or face challenges

Absence of Fire and Creativity

How this imbalance would manifest in relation to a person’s creativity?

The most obvious one, in my opinion, would be a difficulty in finding inspiration, in being self-expressive.

For an artist, the absence of fire would make him feel compelled to force self-expression in order to compensate for the lack of these traits. As a result, he could become an over-achiever working constantly and persistently on his creativity in order to be able to achieve modest results.

Often times the lack of self-confidence is compounded by the bad habit of underrating their abilities, which can be conducive to making artists who lack fire to assist other artists less talented but who possess more drive and grits.

On the other hand, the artist could become consumed by a cause, involved in polemics, and a belief system where he can express the fiery function in his chart. What they are looking for is a way to burn bright, turn their art form into an incendiary expression that forever brands them. Passion is often their most hailed expression.

Rudolf Valentino, Keats, Byron, and Scott Fitzgerald come to mind. They all lacked fire, but they are all known for their passion.

Painting by Patrick Gunderson

Composition Definition

composition 69 700x700

In my previous series, I correlated the fire element with composition in art. In my post, I defined composition as the arrangement of elements in a work of art. All works of art have an order determined by the artist. Composition creates a hierarchy within the work, which tells the viewer the relative importance of the imagery and elements included.

The question therefore is what happens to the composition ability of an artist who lacks fire in this chart?

Lack of Fire and Composition

I believe that the lack of fire would reflect in his composition ability that makes everything look as if in the same focal plane. Nothing would jump out as the central point of focus. The end result would be a composition whose overall first impression would be one of a very busy image.

Individual motifs would have no relation to the remaining ones resulting in a lack of overall plan.

A lack of fire would make almost impossible for the artist to create some sort of order in the composition, which, in turn, makes impossible any sort of uniformity in his expression.

What problems have the absence of fire has created in your life? What are the difficulties you have in expressing yourself through your art? Do you have trouble composing your art pieces? Share you experience.

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