April 2011 Aries Stellium: How will it affect you? Part 2

Yesterday, I described the possible manifestations of the April 2011 Aries stellium transit in Houses 1 to 6n (see post here). Today, we continue with house 7 to 12.

April 2011 aries stellium

7th House: House of Relationships

With the Aries energy in your house of relationships, you will either devote your time to tackling any problems in that area or you will use the energy to find the perfect mate.

More important, if you have been putting up with people restricting your sense of freedom, this transit will see you cutting those ties.

8th House: The House of Endings and other people’s resources

If you are dependent on other people’s resources, this transit will encourage you to become more independent and self-sufficient. It could also mean a redefinition on how your share YOUR resources with others.

Each house of the zodiac rules one area of your life

9th House: The House of the Higher Mind

You will be in the mood for new horizons and travel adventures to exotic and unusual destinations. The Aries spirit of adventures will see you setting sail for foreign cultures or more simply for a philosophy different from what you are used too, setting your mind free to explore new philosophies. Spirited debates on the meaning of life are to be expected. At worst, this transit will transform you into a fighter for your beliefs.

10th House: The House of Social Standing

Your attention will be focused on fighting to get ahead on your career path and establishing a well-deserved reputation as a leader in your field.

11th House: The House of Group Relationships

Your standing among the groups you belong to could see some changes with this transit. A struggle between being part of a group and maintaining your individuality might erupt.

12th House: The House of the Unconscious

Unconscious stuff bubbling up to the surface should be the most common effect of this transit, especially resentments due to unacknowledged competitive patterns in your life.

A total new way of relating to metaphysical ideas could possibly emerge too.

Since this is also the house of secret enemies, avoid incurring anyone’s hostility over anything you might do, or have done, especially if it resulted in an injury or harm.

As for myself, this transit is very important since it will be encased in my solar return and will carry on for the rest of the year. My solar return chart shows no less than 5 planets in Aries, the Moon missing being the sixth by a couple of minutes.

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