April 2011 Aries Stellium: How will it affect you? Part 1

This is a two part post. First part deals with the first six houses of the horoscope. The remaining houses and the effect of the Aries stellium on them will be published tomorrow.

The April Aries Stellium

As reported in my previous post, April will see the configuration of a stellium of planets in Aries.

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Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon and Mercury in Aries

A stellium is a group (3 or more) planets in one sign. At the beginning of April, there will SIX planets in Aries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.)

The ones most affected by this stack up of planets will be those who have planets in Aries, followed by those who have planets in the other cardinal signs (Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn).

The lack of planets in cardinal signs in your chart, does not mean that you will NOT be affected. On the contrary, look at which house does Aries occupies in your chart. This will be the house that will be energized by the stellium. You can do the same with the other cardinal signs and check to see where they fall in your chart.

Look at the house(s) where the stellium will be transiting in you chart and check out the definitions bellow to understand which areas of your life are going to see some action.

The First Six Houses

wm5023i Aries ram diamond pendant 18K gold
Aries energy will be highlighted in April 2011

1st House:  The House of Self and Potential

Health, vitality, appearance, identity are all matters pertaining to this house. Expect to be more physically active. How you are perceived or even how you see yourself can also be part of the mix.

2nd House: The house of Values and Money

Make money with new projects and/or asserting in an Aries way your value (monetary or otherwise) to others is the underlying theme here. You will fight for it if necessary.

3rd House: The House of communications

If the stellium falls in your 3rd house, you can find yourself in a communication frenzy with relatives, siblings or neighbors. Watch out for overload so as to avoid possible misunderstanding with so many exchanges happening.

4th House: The House of home, parents, and family of origin

If you are thinking about organizing a family reunion, choose this April. With the Aries stellium falling in your 4th house, family activities will take center stage with lots of physical activities to anchor all that Mars energy.

5th House: The House of creativity, fun, children, romance and pleasure

Party time! Enough said!

6th House: The House of work, health, habits, and service

Watch out for signs of exhaustion. With so many planets in Aries, you will be tempted to accomplish all the tasks on you to-do list whether at work or at home, leading to possible accidents due to fatigue. Don’t overdo! (an easy thing for Aries). This transit will be perfect to get you out of your routine blah as the stellium energy should revitalize the way you conduct your daily life. This could also include health habits and regimen.

I am expecting a lot of activity in my life from this Aries stellium. I have Sun and Venus in Aries straddling the first and second house. One possible interpretation might be that new projects will bring in income while changing the perception of how others see me.

What house is Aries in your chart? What are your own thoughts about what’s in store?

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