7 Sins of Dating – Wrath

In astrology, Mars is the expression of wrath

After covering Pride and Sloth, we examine dating sin #3: Wrath – inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger.

In astrology, wrath is represented by Mars and shows how we activate our passion, get inspiration and motivation, and break through blocks.

The ruler of Aries reveals what we to fight for, or against, in order to express yourself. Conversely, it is also our tool for managing rage, irritation, and violent negative feelings in general when things do not go according to plan.

In dating, the emotion is embedded in the generic complaints we dish out:

In dating, the sin of warth relates to  broken trust from a past relationship
  • The unfairness of being single;
  • The lack of ….(fill the blank ) men;
  • How there are no good ones left; or
  • Men are all the same!

The sin of Wrath often originates from past failed relationships, when Mr. Right proved to be Mr. Wrong. You got your heart broken and never recovered from it and became afraid of repeating the experience. Therefore, each new person is seldom able to prove his worth since you forever find fault with him.

The hurt colors any subsequent date. Your search for signs of more pain to come, every time a romantic interest reminds you of a previous relationship. You adopt a Mars mode behavior equating one bad experience with all futures ones, ready to battle to avoid being hurt again, and with little awareness of the other person real actions.

Trust is one of the most important components of a relationship. If you lose this ability, you erect an emotional barrier towards others, using anger as a way to obscure the pain. You may have a legitimate reason to be angry, but holding onto the feeling becomes a defense, a shield keeping you from interacting in meaningful ways and being pro-active in finding love.

Most of the time, wrath is unacknowledged blame for allowing to have your trust broken. This attitude breeds a circle of going back and forth between censuring yourself and condemning men for the situation.

Redemption from this sin comes when we move beyond the hurt and are able to let go of this belief pattern. The first step is often to ask ourselves if clinging to the anger is helping us achieve what we want in terms of partners and relationships.

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