7 Sins of Dating – Sloth

Sloth is the dating sin of not actively looking for men to date.

After covering Pride, we are now turn to Sloth.

Sloth is defined as spiritual and/or actual laziness. The definition encompasses, however, more than mere idleness to include also apathy.

Apathy can kill your chances of finding Mr. Right.

How does this sin manifest in dating?

The Moon, ruled by Cancer, is the planet associated with the dating sin of sloth

First, you are ‘too busy’ for love. You always relegate searching for a potential partner as the last thing to get around doing, at the bottom of every “urgent” task in the to-do list.

In other words, you lack a pro-active mentality.

You put off meeting new people regularly, do so partially or not at all. You want to improve your love life, but restrain yourself to daydreaming, browsing profiles on Facebook, checking out dating sites, and, in general, refuse to spend enough time seeking out potential relationships.

You don’t systematically look for men to date.

Apathy is the normal response when you need to dedicate the necessary effort to obtain better results. You avoid stretching out of your comfort zone. The natural shyness of Cancer adds to the reluctance to expand the scope of acquaintances.

In astrology, Sloth is associated with the Moon, ruled by Cancer.

You display, in this regard, one of the negative traits of this sign. Cancerians can be clannish and stick to their family and demonstrate a reluctance to widen their circle of friends. In fact, one of the strongest drives of these natives is the urge for security, for what is comforting. Beneath this penchant for sticking to the familiar, lies a sensitive soul, afraid of being hurt. Long after the fact, they remember each man who seemed to be Mr. Perfect and turned out to be Mr. Wrong. The memory is enough to make them retreat into their shell and avoid a possible repeat of this experience; hence, the laziness serves as a defense line when it comes to dating.

How do you overcome this complacency? You change your attitude. Finding love becomes a priority—one that takes precedence over any other activity.

To use the analogy of a work-out: you go to the gym to get a workout. Same thing with dating: make yourself available and date a variety of men; eventually you’re more likely to find someone compatible to be happy with.

However to achieve this goal, you have to believe you deserve a felicitous relationship. Do you?

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