7 Sins of Dating – Greed

7 Sins of Dating – Greed
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Traditionally, Greed in the Seven sins pantheon stood for the excessive and rapacious desire for copious amounts of wealth and possessions. The person would stop at nothing to acquire more than one’s proper share.

What is the link between Greed, dating and Saturn, the astrological planet linked with cupidity?

Saturn disguised as Greed can show up in three ways when you date:

  • Monetary considerations dictate your dating choices, rather than any feelings you have for the person. Financial gain is the only criteria and stirs your romantic interest towards people with solid bank accounts.
  • You are overwhelmingly preoccupied in building yourself a safety nest instead of focusing on the relationship and the compatibility between the two of you.
  • You overlook a person’s morals, character and suitability in favor of her monetary assets.
Greed, ruled by Saturn in astrology, fears losing what it has worked so hard to obtain

The sin centers around profit, not consumption – covered with Gluttony. Financial security is rooted in the emotional aspect of what wealth means to people. It represents power, freedom, independence, and their choice of lifestyle. Money forms the basis of how we perceive others and ourselves. In dating, greed is not concerned about who pays, but who holds the strings behind the purse. We equate love with the amount spent by our date. Lavish gifts mean stronger feelings. Fewer presents translates, on the other hand, as a weaker attachment, even though the person might compensate by displaying trust, affection and emotional generosity.

Greed and Saturn

Greed is also the terrifying fear of losing what we have worked so hard to obtain. Feelings of inadequacy, limitations, loss, hardship, of not having enough, lack of a sense of security defines the negative side of this planet, and this is when the greed comes in and pushes us to want more than our share just in case something happens.

The challenge that Greed poses to Dating

Greed creates self-deception in relationships as people have little time to value others, attend to them and form emotional connections. The sin becomes a distraction from the interpersonal issues we should concentrate on in order to verify if the relationship is viable. In addition, acquisitiveness displaces our interests in family, friends and potential mate, our commitments to other activities, duties and above all, helps us avoid intimacy with others.

Redemption from this sin comes when we look at a partner ability to love, trust, respect, and commit instead of his bank account.

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