7 Sins of Creativity – Greed

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Saturn and Greed

Saturn Disguised as Greed

So far, I covered Lust and Gluttony. Traditionally, Greed in the 7 sins stood for the excessive or rapacious desire for copious amounts of wealth and or possessions. The person influenced by greed would stop at nothing to acquire more than one’s proper share of that wealth.

So, what does creativity has to do with Greed? And Greed with Saturn?

Unfortunately, a lot!

Saturn disguised as Greed can show up in your creativity mainly in 3 ways:

When your creativity is led by what you’ll gain by making a particular project, rather than your own inspiration. It’s when your only consideration is financial gain and your work only for commissions.

When you are overwhelmingly preoccupied in building yourself a reputation, a “name” instead of focusing on the pleasure of what you are doing now.

When you hoard your knowledge and ideas, refusing to share what you know, what inspires you, what you have learned. It’s when you fear that that someone might “steal” your good idea.

The sin of greed is about gain, not consumption (that’s covered with Gluttony).

greed and saturn

Greed, Fear of Losing and Saturn

It’s also about the fear of losing what we have so laboriously worked for. In astrology, the negative side of Saturn is a planet terrified of loss. As Liz Greene points out in her book “Saturn, a New Look at an Old Devil”, “Saturn is frightened of the responsibility of ownership because he knows the pain of losing that which he owns, yet he is compulsively drawn toward collecting more and more.”

I believe this attitude is true for many creative people. Inside ourselves lives an inherent fear of losing our connection to the divine inspiration, our creative side. So, we keep our ideas hidden.

Financially, many creative people  believe they are only good if they are commercially viable. There is a pressure to create products that can be consumed. Generating, therefore, a need to build a reputation that is “”bankable”.

Another consequence is that they judge themselves only by how much they have created and not by what artist they are.

The challenge that Greed poses to Creativity

The greed is very evident in those examples, as is the influence  of Saturn. In astrology, the negative side of this planet is defined by fear, feelings of inadequacy, limitations, loss, hardship, of not having enough, lack of a sense of security. And this is when the greed comes in and pushes us to want more than our share just in case something happens. To be on the safe side, you know!?

It is a challenge that I think all creative people need to face. I do believe that there is an inherently greedy nature to those involved in creative fields. Although in my case, I have a hard time figuring out where does my greed shows up in my creative endeavors. For me, Saturn comes across more as a feeling that my own creativity is sorely inadequate rather than a need to keep my ideas and projects to myself. Maybe it’s because I still do not see myself as a creative person.

What do you think? Is there an inherent greediness in creative people or am I just assuming based on my own fears?

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