Saturn in Water Signs: Fear of Emotions

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Saturn has a fear of expressing emotions in the Water signsThe Water Element and Saturn

Saturn is not comfortable in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Here, Saturn often shows a fear of one’s feelings.

Stephen Arroyo indicates in his book, “Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements”, Saturn in water signs can indicate a severe degree of emotional repression, where people with this placement over-react to anything and tie themselves up in knots when having to depict any kind of emotion.

The person expresses herself in distinct ways. She appears cold and unfeeling, or, just the opposite, and becomes overly sensitive.

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Saturn in Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius– Part 2

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the energies of Aries and Saturn do not mesh well, as Saturn is in its fall in the sign of the RamSaturn in Aries

Aries goal is to break away from the mold of the collective and become a distinct individual with a strong sense of identity. A lofty purpose, no doubts, but, for Saturn, one riddled with a lack of accountability for one’s actions and its effects towards other people.

Although he might agree with this objective, the absence of personal responsibility is unacceptable. Of all the 12 signs, Aries is the least aware of others or anything besides themselves. Thus, Saturn hampers this sign natural get-go attitude and aggressiveness with a tendency to procrastinate and defer to other people’s needs, while neglecting their urge to explore, conquer obstacles, and rush into the fray of battle.

With a fiery Saturn, one is likewise forced to suppress its more violent tendencies. For a sign known for his impulsiveness, this restriction on free-expression of emotions can cause not only headaches but also numerous psychosomatic illnesses.

Power – the lack thereof, the handling of it -, becomes the lifelong lesson of this placement and takes many forms: questioning authority in healthy ways, from bosses to government, challenging the self-imposed limits concerning personal influence, and battling limiting beliefs around self-image.

If victorious, Saturn in Aries learns to embrace his inner warrior, establish strong boundaries, and assert his will without outbursts of rage and anger while taking others in consideration.

Saturn hinders Leo’s natural self-expression and self-confidence in his own innate value and goodness. Saturn in Leo

In Leo, the struggle is about self-worth. Saturn hinders this sign’s natural self-expression and self-confidence in his own innate value and goodness. Individuals experience difficulties in giving freely and sharing their unique talents with others. Thus, Leo demonstrates less warmth and generosity while, at the same time, becomes more stingy in expressing love and affection.

With this placement, there is an inherent questioning of one’s value, which, in Leo’s mind, can only be answered by a perpetual round of acknowledgment and recognition from others of our own importance. Leo endeavors, therefore, to become number #1 in an attempt to stave off any doubts surrounding his self-worth.

Overcompensation seems to be the preferred defense mechanism for a Saturnian Leo.

Creative self-expression as a mean for greater self-awareness is abandoned in favor of a permanent place in the spotlight.  The creativity flow is then blocked, which, in turn, generates feelings of inadequacy and insignificance due to the inability of expressing a person’s original gifts.

In order to assimilate the lessons of this placement, the Saturn in Leo person needs to recognize his fears of rejection and smallness, and understand the path of becoming oneself lies in accepting that love, affection, inspiration come with no guaranteed results, even though he has to give it 100%.

Saturn and Sagittarius share common ground. Both are in search of the universal principles that govern MankindSaturn in Sagittarius

Sagittarians never take anything at face value whether it is a person, a thing, or an experience. They are always looking for the facts hidden behind. This is where Saturn and Sagittarius share common ground. Both are in search of the universal principles that govern Mankind. Sagittarius focuses on truth and the relationship with the Creator.  Saturn appreciates the ideals uncovered by Sagittarius.

The problems arise when Saturn wishes to give form and structure to these concepts, and, Sagittarius, with his freedom-loving energy, rejects any limitations and boundaries imposed on his quest. In addition, Saturn in this sign becomes more dogmatic and looks for converts since his version of spiritual reality is the only one acceptable. Pessimism and lack of hope concerning humanity future is frequent in this case, as Saturn tends to focus on guilt, punishment, morality and an unyielding God devoid of kindness rather than personal growth.

On the other hand, he can become a staunch agnostic when he realizes the gap existing between lofty ideals and concrete application. If the schism is too great, Saturn in Sagittarius will conclude the reality of a higher realm is unlikely.

To avoid these two extremes, this placement needs to become his own priest, advocate, and savior by accepting that all ideals, moral and ethical values are relative, while our relationship with the Universe itself is whole.

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Saturn in Fire Signs: The Fear of Self-Expression– Part 1

© May 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

In Fire signs, Saturn often impedes the natural expression of enthusiasm and joy of Aries, Leo and SagittariusSaturn in Fire Signs: Impeding Self-Expression

Saturn is ill at ease in the fire element. The unbridled, aggressive, and impulsive energy of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius contrasts with the cautious and structured output of Saturn. The Saturnian need for regularity, objectivity, and responsibility does not mesh well with spontaneous self-expression.

In any social occasion, Fire signs love to be on stage and the center of attention. The reason for this behavior stems from their strong awareness of who they are and their limitless vitality, self-confidence and enthusiasm for the joys life. Simply put, they cannot prevent themselves from expressing their sense of grandness, larger-than-life quality, and the fact each individual possess something special and exalted beyond the common or mundane.

On the other hand, Saturn is known for the limitations and restrictions he imposes in the chart. In this element, Saturn inhibits self-expression and arouses doubts concerning one’s capacity for creativity.

Liz Greene states in her book “Saturn a New Look at an Old Devil” that “Saturn in the fiery signs tends to suggest a barrier between the conscious personality and the intuitive perception of the self as it ordinarily is experienced by fire.”

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Saturn in Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – Part 2

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Saturn in Taurus types often deny themselves the pleasures of life.Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus adds further discipline, structure, and grounding to a sign already known for its love of routine, and predictability. Well-placed, Saturn enhances, the lessons of patience and persistence, and the rewards these qualities bring to long-term plans and goals.

On the downside, there are two possible negative manifestations with this placement.

Although, Saturn in Taurus displays an appreciation for the fine things in life, and encourages the day-to-day use of all five senses, it also puts a stress on the grounding process. Due to Taurus’s affinity with food and beauty, Saturn tests our relationship with our own body, the manner we perceive ourselves physically, or how susceptible we are to social pressures about our looks. Non-conformity to the accepted standards brings out insecurities, which, in turn, can manifest as a love-hate struggle with food, plastic surgery, diets, exercise, and grooming.

Another area where Saturn will want those natives to examine beliefs, and attitudes is in relation to money. Saturn in Taurus types often deny themselves the pleasures of life.<