Meet Fabienne

I am an astrologer living in San Francisco, CA. I help clients become more creative, no matter the transit they are going through.


  • I am citizen of Brazil, France and the United States (ask me how!)
  • Aside from astrology, my other job is ……cooking and writing
  • The amount of romance novel knowledge I have would scare you
  • I have been told I have a beautiful name and a strange accent
  • My love for sweets will never allow me to become a skinny bitch


Mad Skills
  • Astrology Classes with Linea Van Horn, Education Director, NCGR San Francisco Chapter
Astrology Techniques

I am an expert in transits, progressions, solar returns, synastry and creativity

  • Consulting Skills Training with ISAR
Listening Techniques

I know the in and outs of asking the right questions
  • Life-Coach Graduate – The Coaching Institute, 2004
Life-Coaching Techniques

I know when to ask the important questions
Volunteer Work Experience Featured on….
San Francisco Astrological Society Sasstrology
NCGR San Francisco Chapter SkyWriter
International Astrology Day ArtellaLand Magazine
Teaching and Facilitating Experience
Beginner’s Astrology Class
Experiential Astrology Facilitator

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