About Astrology Unboxed

So what the heck is Astrology Unboxed? Before I answer that let’s take a look at definitions of Unboxed.

Unboxed is a compilation album of Sammy Hagar’s recording career at Geffen Records. It features two previously unreleased songs, “High Hopes” and “Buying My Way Into Heaven”.

Unboxed is a compilation of early singles and the EP Call Now by the band Free Kitten, released in 1994.

If you play Scrabble,  Unboxed is  one 7 letter word,  four 5 letter word, twenty 4 letter word,  twenty six 3 letter word and  eighteen 2 letter word.

Unboxed is also something removed from a box, unpacked, taken out.

The last definition is Astrology Unboxed.  Astrology Unboxed is an astrology site whose mission is to show you how you can use astrology to discover, develop and strengthen your own creative talents. A fulfilling and rewarding life is a creative one.

That’s the meaning of Astrology Unboxed tag line: “creative astrology for a life outside the box”

I want to take astrology out of the confines of sun signs, forecasts, and does he or she loves me questions. It doesn’t mean I won’t talk about those subjects, it just means that my focus is on creativity and self-expression.

I want to show that astrology usefulness goes well beyond what people are used too.

But enough about me—let’s talk about you. Whether you are a full-time creative person, an aspiring one or just discovered your creativity, you need an astrologer that provides you with the support you need to deal with the complicated stiff that prevents you to be fully creative.

Astrology Unboxed is all about helping you:

  • Understand your unique creativity
  • Gain confidence in your own talent
  • Attract inspiration like crazy
  • Share your creativity with others
  • Integrate  your creativity into your daily life by using astrology

Who is Astrology Unboxed?
I am an astrologer and a trained life-coach who is deeply interested in the confluence of astrology and creativity. (Yes, there is one!).

What is this site about?
Astrology Unboxed is all about helping you get in touch with your creativity. I am going to show you how you can use astrology and life-coaching techniques to have a more creative life. I will give you tactics and tips on how to.

Why I am doing this?

Why am I writing about all of this? Why am I sharing my knowledge? I am doing it because I love astrology and creativity and would do both no matter what.

If something at Astrology Unboxed helps you in your life, I want you to:

  • Book an astrological consultation with me and;
  • Help someone else.

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