7 Sins of Dating – Gluttony

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In dating, gluttony reveals itself as neediness: a clingy, controlling, possessive, and/or demanding behaviorThe dictionary traditionally defines gluttony as excessive eating or drinking.  Throughout time, the definition evolved to include anything done to an extreme.

In dating, this indulgence reveals itself as neediness: a clingy, controlling, possessive, and/or demanding behavior. The sin can be summarized in the famous sentences: Why didn’t you call me?”; “why don’t you spend time with me?”, “why you don’t ever compliment me?”

For those afflicted, their happiness depends on the partner, and they often times;

  • Worry not being be able to find joy without him;
  • Seem lost and empty when he is not around;
  • Feel insecure or powerless in a relationship;
  • Make her/him jump through hoops to prove his love.

In astrology, gluttony is associated with Jupiter, the archetype of growth, expansion, and MORE.

Gluttony is closely related to Hunger:  always that bit missing. The hungrier, the more susceptible you may be.

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There is, of course, a connection between the planet, the sin, and the behavior. What is leading me to this excess? Preventing me to show discipline (a Saturn word) and take care of my own emotional needs instead and pushing me to depend on others for happiness?

I think in most cases, it’s HUNGER!

Gluttony is closely related to Hunger:  always that bit missing. The hungrier, the more susceptible you may be.

In relationships, neediness expresses itself in the need to exert control over what the partner does and thinks in order ensure the attraction is preserved. The other person becomes the primary source of emotional fulfillment. Love does not come from many different areas of your life, but from just from one. As a result, the relationships ends up crushed and smothered by the neediness and pressure of expectations!

Most often gluttony comes from not having our well-being taken care in childhood and playing catch up since then.

Jupiter is linked to expansion, the effort to have our needs met as much as we can in order to experience a connection with the Divine. This is why Jupiter warns us about overdoing.

The planet’s energy might be better served when we “temper” ourselves in our relationships. Temperance means learning to deal with our sense of unmet needs.

One of the ways of overcoming neediness is to develop different interests. You lead a full and fulfilling life and gain an appreciation for your accomplishments.

Another advantage of mastering the sin of gluttony is being allowed to invest towards the relationship only as much effort as the other person is exerting.

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