Jupiter in Waters Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Part 2

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Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and shares an affinity for the good timesJupiter in Cancer people benefit from the exalted placement of Jupiter in this sign. They attract good fortune when they mix Cancer’s compassion to those less fortunate with spiritual urge fostered by the planet of luck.

Jupiter’s love of parties finds fertile ground in the Cancerian pleasure of cooking and nurturing. Therefore, this placement makes for a great entertainer who, often, attains wealth and security through home or food enterprises, such as catering, real estate and other related areas. Their nest egg grows as they age, amplified by Jupiter’s luck. Cancer’s astute financial judgment is compounded by inheritances and associations with women.

In a larger context, those born with this position excel in any occupation where they nourish others in some manner. They have both a gift for making people feel cared for and a talent for creating a home environment anywhere.

Cancer is afraid of the unfamiliar. Their famous moodiness is a reflection of their excessive reserve and fear of the unknown. Jupiter provides Cancer with the means to perceive the bigger picture and break out of their tendency to cling to old values that no longer hold true. In addition, Jupiter gives this sign faith in a higher power, which in turns, helps them overcome their exaggerated self-protective instincts.

Jupiter in Scorpio instinct for mysteries, sacred things, metaphysics, shamanism, and sexuality is used to heal themselves and othersScorpio Jupiter attraction to the occult and esoteric is an advantage for those with this placement. Their instinct for mysteries, sacred things, metaphysics, shamanism, and sexuality is used to heal themselves and others. They understand how to transmute desires and compulsions into a deeper knowledge of life’s inner workings. It is their gift to undergo spiritual death and emerge brand new.

One of the reasons Jupiter in Scorpio is able go through periodic healing experiences comes from their ability to notice what is hidden. They shrewdly read between the lines and understand the reality of a situation. This talent allows them to assess people and situations and, turn it to their advantage.

The transformational and emotional experiences represent growth opportunities for those born with this placement, allowing them to not only to heal but also to empower themselves and others through their connection with the divine.

Jupiter in Scorpio people have a tendency to seek out crisis and change as means for spiritual development. In addition, their faith can be hindered by their private nature and inability to open up emotionally. The lesson for them lies in recognizing the connection with a higher power does not always involve emotional drama and trauma.

Jupiter in Pisces requires us to dream of a better future. Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces and, therefore, they share a natural affinity.  The Piscean need to be open to everything, to dissolve boundaries allows Jupiter to connect to a spiritual source through a personal and direct experience. Here, organized religion is eschewed because he understands there are no barriers to the unseen world. Separation is merely an illusion, hiding the fact we are part of the universe, as a single organism.

Jupiter’s devotion to the ideal of oneness permits him to exude compassion, tolerance for those who suffer. People with Jupiter in Pisces are known for their sensitive attitude to the pain and discomfort of others as well as their generosity in donating time and resources to local charities and projects. They understand the effort of each, collectively, benefits more people and, possibly, all of us on a global scale.

Jupiter in Pisces requires us to dream of a better future. He is intuitively in sync with a collective consciousness and wishes to encourage us to be more compassionate in the face of adversity. Helping those in need provides opportunities for Piscean Jupiter people to bring order into the chaos of suffering. They act as a bridge between the faculties of imagination, intuition and the soul.

Jupiter in Pisces connection with the spiritual realm is often hindered by noncritical, unfocused, and escapist attitudes, which is caused by their lack of boundaries. The lesson and biggest challenge is to accept the limitations of the help they can provide.

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4 Responses to Jupiter in Waters Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Part 2

  1. Natalie says:

    Hi Fabienne – happy solstice! As a Jupiter in Pisces person, yes to all. I can remember sitting in church when I was about twelve, listening to a minister preaching, and I was looking at him thinking, how can he tell me how and what to believe? He hasn’t got a clue, he’s just a person. I couldn’t leave – in those days, we had to go to church when school ended, or they wouldn’t give us our reportcard – but I think that was the point when I started to look for something I could believe in. It’s a journey, so I’m not to concerned with getting anywhere in particular. I stay away from any kind of organized religion. I think they are places where people get far too much power then is good for them, and usually there’s always this “Us vs. Them” thing, that I’m not comfortable with. My grandfather (also my godfather) loved to tell the story of my baptism. I was 18 months old, and at some point I grabbed the Bible from the ministers hands, looked at it, and threw it on the floor. I was a legend! So perhaps it started very early. Now, boundaries issues are an entirely different thing altogether. I wish that I could manage to let go more, it’s something I’m working on. Another journey, apparently.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Natalie & Gian Paul:

      I remember similar experiences where I discovered the relativity of religion as an institution. When I fudged the truth to the catholic nuns where I was attending my preparation for first communion and God did not struck me down for not being perfectly honest, I realized God had no way of knowing I had not told the entire truth. I lost interest in religion as a practice but my own internal moral compass got awakened. From there on, my own standards for honesty and integrity increased and guided me during my life. I am not particularly religious but I have high moral standards for myself in terms of behavior. More in the vein of do no harm and treat others as you want to be treated. Thank god, my parents were not particularly religious and I could skip mass after my short career with catholic school.

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  3. Gian Paul says:

    Natalie, had to wonder, reading your report about “organized religion” if for me (Jupiter in Cancer) the early childhood experiences were not also an element for seeking “more informed” knowledge, like astrology. I was born in the Swiss Alps, forced to go to church on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. – exactly when skiing was at it’s best. What topped our rage was that, as we could ski down to the village (after a meager hour or so of skiing), we would leave our equipement encoasted on the outside of the church. This was declared a sacrilege, topping it all. Not only did we race down the hill to enter church in time, and loose over an hour of enjoying God’s snow and sun, but even had to find another safe place to leave our skis!

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