Jupiter in Water Signs: “Let’s Merge!” – Part 1

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People born with Jupiter in Cancer  benefit from the exalted placement of Jupiter in this signJupiter in the Water Signs

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Water, the element of no boundaries do well together. They play each other’s qualities in order to expand consciousness. In these signs, he is able to express his spiritual nature and to connect intimately with the Divine and the Invisible Realm. Remember, Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and is exalted in Cancer.

The qualities of Jupiter, luck, optimism, happiness, expansiveness, religion, dogmatic views, learning, understanding, government are now be seen through the filter of this fluid and boundless element. Jupiter in this element is best manifested when it uses compassion, imagination, sensitivity, and intuition to follow its yearnings.

Jupiter in Cancer has a gift at making people feel cared forJoining with a Higher Power

The longing for a water sign is to connect. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces express this need in their own individual way.

Jupiter in Cancer people achieve this goal by developing of family values and providing emotional support and comfort to others.

Planets in Cancer often operate out of fear. They are afraid their needs will not be met; therefore, they seek nurturance in order to survive. In this placement, Jupiter has an opportunity to express and experience having his emotional pining fulfilled as he discovers the existence and abundance of universal love.

However, this connection to a higher power can be dampened by excessive reserve, fears, or self-protection. In other words, Cancer doubts his capacity to find, nurture, and connect to his “family” and “tribe”.

Even then, Jupiter, as the higher teacher, helps Cancer understand his desire for security as a human characteristic, one he shares with his fellow beings.

Jupiter in Cancer wants others to realize that every being is truly loved and protected, as each of us is more than enough. The universe is within ourselves is the lesson the “Great Benefic” wishes to impart.

Jupiter is the least comfortable in Scorpio. His expansiveness and outgoing nature clashes with the sign need for privacy and inward focus. Jove’s optimistic character and encompassing faith can be hindered by the scorpionic secrecy habit and inability to open up emotionally to the spiritual plane.

This obstacle is overcome as soon as Jupiter in Scorpio natives use their intensity and depth of feelings to grow and improve. Once the connection between their life’s inner workings and a higher power is understood, they are able to transmute their desires and compulsion into opportunities to develop resources to help others.

The only danger resides in overdoing, going from one crisis to another, one transformation to the other in order to power the continuity between personal growth and spiritual discovery. Eventually, this placement discovers their path through the study of more esoteric and occult forms of spirituality.

In traditional astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, giving this position strength and dignity.In traditional astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, giving this position strength and dignity. Individuals grow and learn by living their ideals and showing generosity of spirit towards those less fortunate. They attract luck and good fortune when they fight for the underdog.

This water sign Jupiter has a strong belief in a higher power. He acknowledges the illusiveness of boundaries, separations, and distinctions; our link to the spiritual dimensions of life cannot be contested. Separation is a mirage.

However, Jupiter in Pisces trust in the existence of this realm can be challenged by unfocused, noncritical attitudes and escapism, and a general lack of well-established boundaries. In his eagerness to show compassion to others, Pisces develops a tendency to unsolicited help where none is warranted of required.

At its best, this placement is devoted to his spiritual growth and is capable of transforming his quest into grace and blessings for all.

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