Jupiter in Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – Part 2

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Jupiter in Aries people are lucky when they launch themselves into activities allowing them to fling open the door of opportunityJupiter in Aries people are lucky when they launch themselves into activities allowing them to fling open the door of opportunity.  These natives are at their best so long as they lead, initiate, and innovate.

Their faith and trust in life is demonstrated by inspiring others, through unwavering enthusiasm and courage.

Aries innate impulsiveness and restlessness often times encourages this sign to take excessive risks without thinking of the consequences. Here, there is a tendency to try to force opportunities to manifest before their time in an attempt to avoid missing chances for personal development.

The drive of Aries commingled with the excessiveness of Jupiter degenerates again and again into aggressive greediness; one which ignores the benefits of long-range goals in favor of more immediate objectives.

Another downside of the Arian Jupiter is their fanatic attachment to their opinions, beliefs, and perceptions, taking as an affront if others disagree with them!

Growth, wisdom, and good fortune come to them when they think in term of a larger context while avoiding being reckless and pushy.

To attract luck, Jupiter in Leo has to share the spotlightBy sharing the spotlight, Jupiter in Leo attracts riches and benevolence; it’s his way to encourage “less dramatic and flamboyant” people to express themselves with confidence.

Individuals with this placement get to display Jupiter’s generous and charismatic nature through a well-developed sense of showmanship and flair, as well as love for entertaining.

However, Leo’s search for approval and admiration from others is at war with Jupiter’s urge to grow his spiritual side. The trust in a higher power can be hindered by egotism and an arrogant, domineering attitude each time Leo Jupiter is not accorded the respect and esteem they believe is their due.

The way to reconcile these conflicting desires is to acknowledge the need for attention, honor, and social status while not succumbing to an excessive opinion of their own importance.

Jupiter feels at home in Sagittarius and acts as the connection bewteen man and the CosmosJupiter in Sagittarius is at his best in his home sign. From this dignified position, he expresses his understanding of the connection of Mankind with the Cosmos by developing an optimistic and philosophical attitude towards life and others.

Travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures provide these individual with advantageous opportunities for structured and focused inner and outer exploration of their place in the Universe.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter needs to remain tolerant of others in order to attract the most luck. In his zeal to see the “bigger picture, he forgets to leave room for other opinions and world views and becomes quite dogmatic, presuming he already knows everything.

Being the “higher” octave of Mercury, however, he has the capacity to develop and practice an inspirational attitude cognizant with his beliefs and far-reaching goals.

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