Jupiter in Taurus – 2011-2012

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Jupiter will stay in Taurus from June 2011 to June 2012Transit Dates

After a scant 6 months stay in Aries, Jupiter moved into Taurus on June 4th and will reside there until June 2012. The retrograde period–apparently moving backwards –  starts on August 30, 2011 at 10° degrees and goes until December 25, when it turns direct at 0° degree.

What can we expect from Jupiter in this Earth sign?

Jupiter and Taurus will work together to give you more joy and pleasure during this yearThe Meaning of Taurus

Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house, which governs material wealth, financial security, and tangible possessions. However, the definitions go beyond the bank account, to also include personal values (what we will not compromise on), self-worth (how much do we value ourselves, both in physical and spiritual terms), and special talents and gifts we can use to make money.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter is not as comfortable in Taurus as one would assume.

The practical considerations of Taurus coupled with the taurean need for financial and material security restrict and confine Jupiter.

Being a spiritual sign, Jupiter wants to see the big picture, not in an analytical, detached way but in a more encompassing manner, one going beyond the mundane concerns. The planet of joy (Jupiter) finds Taurus views too narrow, since Taurus wants practical, concrete, and tangible results and does not always have patience or understanding of the higher planes of existence.

In a way, Taurus willingness to search for spirituality is tied to the material world; something not easily achieved. Therefore, Jupiter’s lesson is to remind us that wealth and a comfortable life are useless without meaning.

Nonetheless, Jupiter and Taurus find common ground in their delighted savoring of earthy pleasures. We can expect a greater need to be surrounded by joy and pleasure and any experience capable of deepening the enjoyment of our senses.

Taurus is very sensual, tactile and Jupiter accentuates this trait to the point where one becomes attached to the “good life” and overindulges in all things physical. Thus, we might overspend on luxury items, or develop an overblown sense of our own importance.

What is Jupiter in Taurus asking us to do?

Jupiter in Taurus tenders to the seeds planted during Jupiter's stay in AriesThe Lesson of Jupiter in Taurus

In my article about Jupiter in Aries, I said the assignment for that placement was to learn the intricacies of becoming a warrior.  I used the movie Kung Fu Panda to explain the story of a person’s journey in dealing with the discovery and handling of personal power. In Aries, Jupiter helped us discovers faith in ourselves in order to become the Inspired Warrior. Together Aries (assertiveness) and Jupiter (expansion) fostered mega-doses of self-confidence, ambition, and courage to initiate things we never envisioned being capable of. Simply put, “I can do this” became our motto.

With Jupiter having moved into Taurus, the time to consolidate and strengthen whatever idea, project born in Aries has arrived. The seeds planted now require the tender caring of Taurus to grow and bloom. Jupiter and Taurus ask us to become practical and realistic about the projects initiated during the preceding sign. Jupiter in Aries inspired us. Taurus needs to strengthen the roots of these ideas by developing a clear direction, detailed plans, quantifiable goals, and tangible results. In other words, it’s time to drawn upon our own resources, and use, them, in practical, concrete, pragmatic ways, in order to increase our wealth.

Jupiter in Taurus requires us to set aside Aries natural love for risk taking, and work on slowly furthering our net worth, whether in material or personal terms.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the signs that most benefit from this transit, followed by Pisces and Cancer. Scorpio – the sign opposite Taurus – is also affected, as are Aquarius and Leo.

A more detailed forecast for all 12 signs will be published following this post.

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  2. Alice Brown says:

    Great to hear this that this transit of Jupiter in Taurus seems to be quite positive and beneficial for Capricorn, Taurus, Aries, Pisces & Cancer. I loved the way you narrated the entire post, Thanks for the share…!!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Alice:

      Thanks for the compliment. Let me know how your Jupiter in Taurus transit turns out. Have you felt any effects yet?

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