Saturn in Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – Part 2

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In Gemini, Saturn wants to sharpen his perceptive abilities and command of factsSaturn in Gemini

In Gemini, Saturn wants to sharpen his perceptive abilities and command of facts, but is impeded by a tendency for double standards. In order to rationalize his desires and actions, Saturn interprets rules and regulations as he sees fit.

Saturn can also accentuate Gemini’s erratic mind patterns, magnifying his habit of hovering on the surface of things, and fluctuating between polar opposites, while never holding a firm position on a subject.

His need for varies mental stimulation often times hinders his capacity to focus on ideas and express them in a coherent and objective manner.

Further, his ability to learn and experiment open-mindedly can be hampered by skeptical attitudes and unnecessarily narrow interests, which are, in fact, a shield against his fear of being considered by others intellectually inept and inadequate.

Although, Saturn in Gemini requires much “food for thought” to keep him content, he never has time to use his mental resources to restructure his intellectual processes, to embrace opposing ideas without penalizing one or the other.

He just perceives, analyzes, differentiates, and labels data, forgetting to integrate the parts into a cohesive system. Many with this placement believe themselves incapable of synthesizing information, due to a lack of intellectual training and a sense of inferiority. This excuse often masks a fear of anything new, untried, irrational, or uncontrollable requiring a personal sharing with others in other for him to be understood. A risk, this airy Saturn does not want to undertake.

The lesson is to use the knowledge acquired through observation and experience to overcome a feelingof isolation and a predilection for superficial ideas and to strive towards an inner truth.

Saturn’s goal in Libra is to establish and preserve self by developing the ability to relate to others in a fair and responsible mannerSaturn in Libra

Saturn’s goal in Libra is to establish and preserve self by developing the ability to relate to others in a fair and responsible manner; which means accepting responsibility for only our half of the relationship and not the totality of it.

In this regard, it also requires understanding where the consequence of one’s actions, intentions ends and when the other person’s starts.

The Saturn in Libra type through his fear of intimacy often avoids committing himself in relationship. Liz Greene, in her book Saturn, a New Look at an Old Devil, point outs the conflict can be reduced to a battle between inner needs and the conscious ideal of what the relationship should look like.

The integration of these contradictory and disparate energies hinges on the acceptance, on the part of those with this placement, of distasteful duties that directly contradicts their innate desire to please.

Being in a cardinal sign, Saturn is concerned with the question of identity, of how he can construct a meaningful relationship with others while avoid falling for external symbols of success, such as financial security, status and establishing co-dependency patterns.

This placement gives Saturn the strength to commit himself to social and future-oriented goals by using his mental abilities in a disciplined way as well as the specialized knowledge he acquiresSaturn in Aquarius

This placement gives Saturn the strength to commit himself to social and future-oriented goals by using his mental abilities in a disciplined way as well as the specialized knowledge he acquires.

In his favor, Saturn possesses also a well-developed ability to organize groups of people and/or concepts to further advance his social agenda.

However, his main effort is expended towards maintaining a circle of important friendships who share his humanitarian concerns. He often guides this group energy toward specific achievements namely the projects supporting a greater level of personal freedom for each of the individual members.

The famous Aquarian urge towards eccentricity and extremism can jeopardize Saturn’s chances for tangible achievement, as non-conformist attitudes are seldom understood or acknowledged by authorities. In fact, the lack of recognition of Saturn in Aquarius efforts to achieve a more egalitarian society ends up reinforcing this placement’s fear of disapproval of this thinking by those who represents authority.

His free, independent self-expression can further be hindered by intellectual rigidity or social insecurity, which leads natives to rebel.

The mental constraints lead the Aquarian Saturn to violate rules, structures, and laws of society he feels contradicts the greater good.

His rebellion often takes the form of flaunting authority and establishing an internal code of conduct, frequently at odds with society’s accepted parameters of behavior. Yet, this attitude only serves to reinforce his sense of social loneliness and inadequacy.

The lesson for this placement is to develop comprehensive moral standards that can be understood and acknowledged by society, and allows Saturn in Aquarius to foster a willingness to participate in society’s furthering towards a better future.

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11 Responses to Saturn in Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – Part 2

  1. katley says:

    Very good series on Saturn. I have it in Libra and some of my biggest challenges have been my relationships with family members. My husband and I have differences on how to handle our adult children. He tends to be more of a enabler. I am totally against this and want the kids to learn from their mistakes. We argue often about this, especially in regards to our son: he constantly gets into money trouble. I don’t believe in bailouts, my husband says that family should be there to help you out. I say it depends on the situation; if you run into problems through no fault of your own, that’s one thing, but when your kid makes the same mistakes over and over again it’s time to cut him off. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Katley:
      I would tend to agree with your position. It seems both you and your husband have very different points of view on how to handle the situation which means compromise is difficult. One of the hardest lessons for someone to learn is to understand when this is my problem and when it’s not, especially for people geared (lots of water in the chart) and/or trained to help others from a very young age and also when it concerns our children. We go back to the Saturn in Libra lesson of boundaries. I would say this a lesson that your husband needs to learn. As for your son, has he experienced his first Saturn return? That may be when he matures and becomes more responsible for his mistakes.
      As for practical advice on how to handle the situation between you and your husband, I would suggest establishing a limit on how much money gets to be spent to help your son. Not my most brilliant idea, but I don’t have kids and don’t really believe in family.

      • katley says:

        I have Saturn in Libra in the 7th, conjoining Neptune. I am. Saturn (setting limits), my husband is Neptune (who rescues people in trouble).
        My son hasn’t experienced his Saturn return yet, that will be coming when Saturn enters Sagittarius in a few years. Hopefully by then he will have learned that money doesn’t grow on trees, fall from the sky, and that the Bank of Mom and Dad is closed for business. Permanently.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:


          Your son might get his first lessons in 2012-2013 when Jupiter in Gemini will oppose his natal Saturn in Sagittarius.

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  3. Gian Paul says:

    I read what Katley says about her son’s money troubles: she is right. But maybe it’s one of those cases where the son is right. Was he born to test out his parents?

    Re. Saturn in Libra: I have it in Gemini, but that falls in House 7, which corresponds to Libra. And what Fabienne so rightly points out there is confirmed by my personal experiences. So Libra/House VII – watch out!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Gian Paul:
      You make an excellent point and I totally agree with you. This is a lesson on how to establish healthy boundaries for both sides. One side has to learn not to want to help/please the other all the time (a very Libra thing) and the other side has to learn responsibility and limitations (Saturn) so they all can grow and establish better, healthier relationships. I would guess it just a tiny bit harder when it’s your kid, since for the parents it is hard to see your kid as an adult and treat him accordingly.

  4. Natalie says:

    Hi Fabienne. I really like these posts. Gives me such great insights in my chart. I’ve got Saturn in Aquarius, but you wont find me on a soap box promoting world peace. I’m never in anyone’s face with my opinions – too much Pisces in my chart to even dream of doing that. But the insecurity and social awkwardness is there, yes. And most people who meet me thinks I’m a both odd and eccentric (I prefer bohemian … :). I don’t fit the box and what most people don’t get is that I love that. I don’t advertise my “weirdness”, if you met me on the street I’d look like any other non-descript middle aged woman. It’s when they start to talk to me, the confusion begins. Since I’ve not lived up to the normal formula, they don’t know what to think of me.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Thanks, Natalie. I can relate to the insecurity and awkwardness, having Saturn in the 11th house. But to me it feels more of a rejection than anything else. Still working on loving my unusual background. Now, I am curious about why they discover your bohemian characteristic when you talk? Is it the subjects discussed or different point of view?

      • Natalie says:

        It’s both. My society is very rigid, with most people having the same expectations and experiences in life (our literature is filled with books about how bored people are and how they fail to change it – really!) My background is very mixed and very rootless, and I just did my own things and never bothered about fitting in anywhere. I was never very extrovert about my oddness – I have no tatoos or punky hairdos – it’s just in the way I look at the world. Things like I don’t think you have to have children to be happy, I don’t think women need to have a husband to be fulfilled, I do think that trying to do the most of your abilities is the best way and I think you should risk everything to do so. This is weird in my country. My family background is working class, I’m the first academic in the family, I’ve never held a job for more than a short while, I created my own job as a writer and so on. To be a creative person in a rigid society is by definition perceived as odd.

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