Saturn in Air Signs: The Fear of Being Dumb! – Part 1

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Saturn in Air signs doubts his intellectual intelligenceThe Scientist and the Social Communicator

Saturn is exalted in Libra, dignified in Aquarius, and welcomed in Gemini. These placements indicate a certain affinity of Saturn with the Air element.

Among the elements, Air is the one to possess the greatest amount of perspective due to its objective nature.

Logic, seriousness, and ability to concentrate are additional qualities brought on by Saturn and allow those with this placement to communicate in a clear and thorough manner with others. The personification of Saturn in Air signs would be the “scientist” or the “communicator” capable of giving form and structure to information and to disseminate the knowledge gathered through an efficient system.

However, Saturn’s role in Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius goes beyond collecting thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Intellectual concepts are ineffective if not allowed to circulate unimpeded to and from between people, which is why airy Saturn natives are also skillful at handling social exchanges. They show remarkable competency in that area while still maintaining a detached perspective.

On the downside, Saturn can block the individual’s capacity to utilize his creative mind as a tool for communicating and relating by making him doubt his own intellectual potential. The difficulties stem from a sense of inadequacy and isolation.

Saturn in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius feels inadequate intllectually and lacking in social graceSocial Inadequacy and Intellectual Ineptitude

The “I am dumb” belief is often caused by the nature of his thoughts, which are frequently too deep and inquiring for others to deal with it.

In addition to the feeling of inadequacy, Saturn in air signs fosters loneliness, isolation, due in part to the breadth and depth of interest, but also his habit of questioning his values, preventing, therefore, an easy and shared comradeship with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Contrary to popular belief, an airy Saturn can be clumsy and inept at sociable events; tongue-tied and incapable of the light and superficial bantering, flirting, and relating required to be successful in such environment.

Confronted by his perceived inadequacy, hindered by his lack of social grace, the Saturn in Air sign native often lives in isolation, retreating to the world of ideas and seldom venturing outside the circle of similar oriented people.

He will rarely complain about his loneliness for it is not in his nature to communicate his feelings, since Air is the element with the least capacity for emotional expression.

Saturn in Libra has to learn to assume responsability for his actions in the relationshipThe Lessons of Saturn in Air Signs

The general lesson for the airy Saturn is to discipline his mind without lapsing into negative thinking.

For Gemini, it means developing structures and boundaries that welcome and validates opposite ideas rather than believing he has to pit them against each other.

Libra’s mission is to learn personal responsibility for the intentions, actions, and choices we make when communicating with others. How we communicate, what we say and to whom we direct our words carry consequences that Saturn in Libra needs to accept. Here, the individual is asked to establish recognizable boundaries of where his responsibility starts and ends in relation to others.

The urge for Aquarius is to steer clear of eccentric and extremist behaviors that jeopardize his free, independent self-expression, as well as alienates his social life. Overcoming the fear of peer’s disapproval is also part of the process of integrating and developing people’s skills.

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9 Responses to Saturn in Air Signs: The Fear of Being Dumb! – Part 1

  1. Good stuff! Simple, well written intepretations.

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  3. Gian Paul says:

    Very good analysis, Fabienne. Having personally Saturn in Gemini, your views are confirming my own (not always hilarious) experiences. My point: why is it not possible to stop thinking all the time!

  4. katley says:

    I have Saturn and Jupiter in air signs and my mind is constantly busy :) The worst thing is trying to turn it off when I go to bed!

  5. katley says:

    counting sheep makes it worse…..first I count them in English, then Spanish, then German and still can’t get to sleep :)

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