Saturn in Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Part 2

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Saturn is ill at ease in water signsSaturn in Cancer

Here, Saturn is in detriment (the opposite sign of its rulership) which makes it difficult to reconcile the conflicting needs of Cancer and Saturn.

Cancer is all about creating, nurturing, and protecting the emotional bonds one has with close friends and family, even if they are irrational, intangible, and impractical. Saturn desires to give those ties form and structure.

In other words, he wants to rationalize anger, joy, sadness, etc… At the same time, he wishes for Cancer to become self-reliant. In itself, the desire for emotional independence is not a bad thing.

When Saturn emphasizes self-reliance and restraint against Cancer’s need to express himself, his rigidity becomes pervasive and leads to hollowness.

Cancer requires being able to develop, establish and preserve deep nurturing feelings with others. This sign’s joy and sense of security and safety comes from the emotional giving and receiving with close friends and family members.

This is where Saturn puts his foot down. He wants Cancer to express feelings in a focused way, to put effort into overcoming his natural sensitivity and vulnerability. A somewhat difficult task for this sign, so used to take responsibility for other people’s emotions, and responses. Saturn pushes the person with this placement to learn to draw the line and not to become enmeshed in the ones, which do not belong to him.

Saturn in Scorpio

In Scorpio, Saturn wants to establish and preserve this sign’s powerful passions by controlling how they are displayed. Scorpio experiences emotions with great depth and intensity, but has an enormous difficulty in expressing them openly.

One the surface, the controlled, limited, structured energy of Saturn seems to be a good match to Scorpio’s reserved temperament. However, Saturn’s restrictive nature generates several problems for Scorpio:

  • Saturn in Scorpio can through fear, prevent the native with this placement to delineate or even acknowledge his deepest emotions, which in turn creates not only rigidity, but also to a state of being where the flow of feelings is frozen.
  • Saturn encourages a defensive attitude, in an attempt to forego any intimacy with others, capable of leading to the disintegration of Scorpio’s emotional structure.
  • An obsessive need to rely on one’s own resources can interfere with broader achievement
  • The use of heavy-handed tactics, such as manipulation, and control to assert emotions is another typical reaction.

Through taking personal responsibility for his feelings is Saturn in Scorpio able to grow emotionally and transform itself by eliminating all that’s unnecessary in his emotional make-up.

Saturn in Pisces is to earn compassion with practicalitySaturn in Pisces

Saturn and Pisces is a difficult combination. Compassion and empathy are not bad qualities for Saturn to learn. On the other hand, Pisces need to dissolve, merge, coupled with this sign’s abhorrence of limits and boundaries makes it hard for Saturn to operate in an efficient and effective manner.

Pisces yearning for an escape from reality conflicts with Saturn inherent requirement for the native to accept duties and responsibilities.  Yet, Saturn’s excessive fearfulness and conservatism thwarts Pisces transcendent visions.

The solution would be to rely upon one’s own spiritual resources by making one’s higher vision and yearnings practical, since Saturn wants tangible results.

This requires disciplined effort, only achieved by dissolving Saturn’s rigidity through a constant exercise in compassionate and empathic give and take, together with a refusal to succumb to evasiveness and escapism when faced with day-to-day chores and obligations.

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5 Responses to Saturn in Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Part 2

  1. katley says:

    my husband has Saturn in Scorpio. The biggest problem that he has is “getting things out in the open”, especially when something is bothering him. I think it’s unhealthy to keep emotions and problems bottled up, and that they should be expressed.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      Getting a Scorpio to open up is hard, getting Saturn in Scorpio to share is almost impossible. They feel so much. Best investment is to learn body language if you want to know what Saturn in Scorpio is feeling. :) (just kidding)

  2. astronee says:

    Great articles, Fabienne. I’m a Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, and I’ve found that the best way to deal with him, in whatever sign, is to think of him as the great sensei of the sky. Whatever work he wants you to do, you’d best do it, and do it with the humility and determination he demands. And just like a good sensei, he rewards your hard work, and let’s you know that you’ve progressed. As you say, the hard work of Saturn in water signs is dealing with the intangibles of emotions. But Sensei Saturn recognizes that inner work is still work, and if you are conscious and put yourself to the task, you will be rewarded.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Astronee:

      Hi and welcome. Yes, Saturn is a taskmaster and and I agree Saturn is best dealt with when we do what he wants us to do. Not always a easy thing to do.

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