Saturn in Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius– Part 2

©May 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

the energies of Aries and Saturn do not mesh well, as Saturn is in its fall in the sign of the RamSaturn in Aries

Aries goal is to break away from the mold of the collective and become a distinct individual with a strong sense of identity. A lofty purpose, no doubts, but, for Saturn, one riddled with a lack of accountability for one’s actions and its effects towards other people.

Although he might agree with this objective, the absence of personal responsibility is unacceptable. Of all the 12 signs, Aries is the least aware of others or anything besides themselves. Thus, Saturn hampers this sign natural get-go attitude and aggressiveness with a tendency to procrastinate and defer to other people’s needs, while neglecting their urge to explore, conquer obstacles, and rush into the fray of battle.

With a fiery Saturn, one is likewise forced to suppress its more violent tendencies. For a sign known for his impulsiveness, this restriction on free-expression of emotions can cause not only headaches but also numerous psychosomatic illnesses.

Power – the lack thereof, the handling of it -, becomes the lifelong lesson of this placement and takes many forms: questioning authority in healthy ways, from bosses to government, challenging the self-imposed limits concerning personal influence, and battling limiting beliefs around self-image.

If victorious, Saturn in Aries learns to embrace his inner warrior, establish strong boundaries, and assert his will without outbursts of rage and anger while taking others in consideration.

Saturn hinders Leo’s natural self-expression and self-confidence in his own innate value and goodness. Saturn in Leo

In Leo, the struggle is about self-worth. Saturn hinders this sign’s natural self-expression and self-confidence in his own innate value and goodness. Individuals experience difficulties in giving freely and sharing their unique talents with others. Thus, Leo demonstrates less warmth and generosity while, at the same time, becomes more stingy in expressing love and affection.

With this placement, there is an inherent questioning of one’s value, which, in Leo’s mind, can only be answered by a perpetual round of acknowledgment and recognition from others of our own importance. Leo endeavors, therefore, to become number #1 in an attempt to stave off any doubts surrounding his self-worth.

Overcompensation seems to be the preferred defense mechanism for a Saturnian Leo.

Creative self-expression as a mean for greater self-awareness is abandoned in favor of a permanent place in the spotlight.  The creativity flow is then blocked, which, in turn, generates feelings of inadequacy and insignificance due to the inability of expressing a person’s original gifts.

In order to assimilate the lessons of this placement, the Saturn in Leo person needs to recognize his fears of rejection and smallness, and understand the path of becoming oneself lies in accepting that love, affection, inspiration come with no guaranteed results, even though he has to give it 100%.