Moon in Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – Part 2

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Moon in Cancer is family orientedIn the sign of its rulership, Moon in Cancer displays her best qualities: sensitivity, compassion, caring, empathy, and a huge capacity for nurturance; characteristics, which give this luminary a healing influence for those bearing emotional wounds, since they possess the ability to get in touch with the feelings and moods of others.

The need for closeness, intimacy, love, and family are the driving forces guiding this moon’s actions and decisions to marry and have children. They require a close-knit community of friends and loved ones to flourish and develop of sense of belonging. Strong ties to the past and their home are also essential elements of their emotional make-up.

Predictability and stability is part of their mainstay. Lunar Cancer does not deal well with changes. When forced to let go of their routine, this watery moon becomes leery and moody, and retreats into her shell until a sense of peace and harmony can be restored.

In general, relationship choices are dictated by 3 main aspirations: self-protection, self-preservation, and devotion to family. Once these goals are achieved, they shed their famous crabbiness and, shower their loved ones with warmth, and protection.

Betrayals hurt this placement much deeply than other signs. Moon in Cancer is graced with an emotional retentive memory. They brood over wounds long past, nurse old grudges forever, and remember slights with accurate precision decades later. Therefore, it is difficult for them to learn detachment.

Having their security threatened brings out the worst of them. Emotional suffering leads to self-defense manipulative behavior in order to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Moon in Cancer types become warm, sensual, loving, and affectionate and 100% dependable when treaded with tenderness and understanding. They are trustworthy companions who require the same of their significant other.

In Scorpio, the Moon is soulful, intense, passionate with a secretive natureLunar Scorpios possess intense, passionate, and soulful natures sprinkled with an enigmatic and complex personality. Obsessive, inscrutable, volatile are also part of the vocabulary used to describe this luminary. Yet, the main operative word to characterize moon in Scorpio is secretive. This is a placement that cherishes privacy and displays a deep-seated reluctance in sharing its feelings with others or showing their rich-inner life.

Trust has to be earned and they will not hesitate to devise a series of test to determine if their loved one is worthy of their affection. Hence, moon in Scorpio reputation for their jealous and possessive streak, which only hides a strong fear of betrayal.

This lunar native is blessed with an uncanny understanding of other people’s hidden complexities – although this ability can fail them in regards to their own emotions. Afraid of losing control and becoming vulnerable, they guard their feelings. Therefore, they cultivate a stoic façade from a young age as a mean to weather emotional upheavals and forget to use their intelligence for their benefit.

Lunar Pisces is dreamy, compassionate, and caring with a strong need for a romantic partnerDreams of a soul mate, of spiritual relationships are two of the most important yearnings defining the internal well-being of a lunar Pisces.  They long for an encompassing love affair that will lead them to an enchanting world of warmth, deep affection, compassionate caring, and soul merging feelings. When reality intrudes upon the rose-colored vision, Moon in Pisces escapes the consequences of their choice by resorting to denial, drugs, sex, or alcohol at worst. At best, they need solitude to dream, and recover from their openness to other people’s suffering.

Their empathy and intuitive understanding of subtle emotions makes them very accepting of human frailties since they see themselves reflected in the behavior of others.

Similar to Cancer and Scorpio, people with a Pisces moon require a harmonious, peace-loving, non-competitive relationship to feel safe and protected. Any disagreement affects their ability to function and pushes this placement into adopting escapist behaviors until such time they are capable of face the world again.

When happily committed, a lunar Pisces individual will shine boundless compassion, understanding, and faith on those around him.

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7 Responses to Moon in Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – Part 2

  1. katley says:

    one of my longtime closest friends has moon in Cancer. Every time I visit her the first thing she does is brew up a pot of tea and bring out something to eat. It is a pleasure being with her, and I almost feel guilty when she waits on me like that…that is something moms do :)

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Always put a Moon in Cancer in charge of hospitality. You are guaranteed yummy foods and drinks and a sense of welcome in any event, be it at a professional or personal level. I know from experience. The San Francisco Astrological Society has the best refreshment table I know of at each monthly event and it is under the aegis of a Moon in Cancer. :)

  2. paloma says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog and was curious to see what you would write about a moon in scorpio (I have that) and was not disappointed by your very accurate description. Funny, i think i am so easy to read, I feel my emotions are all over my face and then i find out people think i was ‘feeling’ something else… hard to get perspective on it as it seems to be such a deep, primal protective mechanism. thanks much for such a lyrical and thoughtful astrological blog.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Paloma:

      Personally, I find them Moon in Scorpio hard to read emotionally, even tough I have a lot of water in my chart and I am pretty good at picking up other people’s emotions. But you are right, each of us has some defense mechanisms they use to protect themselves and how we see perceive ourselves is not what is seen by other people. I think the discrepancy is in the vibe we unconsciously put out. That’s why I find it a very interesting exercise to ask friends, family or colleagues how they “see us”.

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  4. Hi, Fabienne

    You got me. Totally. The only part where I am still growing is in the food area of Cancer. I know food rules in Cancer but I have never really been there with people. I am getting better the older I get. However, I have been there when it has come to feeding strays in my neighborhood, working at a cat shelter, making sure my kids and friends of my kids have plenty of munchies. Maybe I just don’t see the food connection because I have a serious blind spot when it comes to food. You absolutely got me.

    Thanks again for shining a light on the blind spots and the dark spaces.
    Take care

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Now that you are more aware of it, you will also start noticing it more. And the connection can take different ways to manifest and are not always obvious like becoming a serious cook or baker, it can also come out like in your case, feeding the animals or making sure people have plenty of munchies.

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