Moon in Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – Part 2

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Moon in Taurus is sensual, serene and placid, much like Ferdinand the BullMoon in Taurus can be depicted as the proverbial Ferdinand the Bull, a gentle soul, with an amiable disposition both reliable and steady with a sensuous streak. Serene, placid, in touch with nature, and the beauty of earth rhythms are some of the adjectives used to describe this placement.

Their mellow character makes them resistant to material change since they need to be physically comfortable and settled in order to feel safe. In other words, a lunar Taurus is a creature who craves familiarity, routine. Any disruption is opposed with a stubborn attitude, which consists, often times, with going out of their comfort zone to avoid all hints of “messy” or emotional unpredictable situations. Confronted with such a crisis, it finds itself at loss on how to respond, except in a pragmatic way. A behavior which might not sit well with a more sensitive soul.

On the other hand, anyone able to provide them with a deep sense of stability is rewarded with a rock-solid long-term relationship, material security, and a pleasure prone partner who thrives in providing a family life.

Moon in Virgo is a shy, modest moon with a sharp and analytical mindMoon in Virgo is known for her sharp, analytical mind bent on using her skills in concrete ways. Prior to applying her knowledge, she analyzes in detail the situation before proceeding, as she is a bit of a worrier and afraid of failure.

This trait comes from her perfectionist streak, which abhors making mistakes, misunderstanding instructions or just fall short of the high standards she has set for herself.

Her perfectionism makes this moon very disciplined. In her mind, a better, more efficient, organized, and practical way to deal with concrete tasks can always be devised; and, by golly, she will come up with the perfect solution, in her own fastidious manner.

Virgo’s desire for perfection is also directed inward as well. She pursues self-improvement often in an attempt to silence the voices whispering her skills are inadequate, her accomplishments “not good enough.”

Conversely, this pursuit for betterment causes irritability over other people’s inefficiency, lack of punctuality, sloppiness, or simply not following this moon’s strict criteria.

These same standards make this placement difficult to live with since she experiences a hard time relaxing, and having fun. If the all work-no play tendency can be set aside, this lunar type reveals itself a delightful and witty partner, full of perceptive observations on the human nature.

Moon in Capricorn has a profound need for financial securitySimilar to Virgo, Moon in Capricorn focuses on goals and accomplishments, and delays pleasure, leisure, and relaxation until the task is finished. Here is a placement, who believes in work before the satisfaction of any needs, be it emotional or, physical. Thus, spontaneity, playfulness and a carefree attitude are easily eschewed.

On the contrary, they have a bent for self-denying, work-alcoholism, and discipline. Characteristics this moon relies on to achieve the material security so essential for their sense of well-being.

Attached to family, traditions, Moon in Capricorn strives to provide her loved ones with a steady, stable, and financial secure environment as a way to forge emotional bonds with them.

Their realistic and practical nature often creates a shell of aloofness, coldness, to negate the more sensitive and nuanced sides of relationships and feelings. This crustiness finds its roots in this moon’s tendency for pessimism, and depression. In other words, they experience difficulties in letting go and have a deep reluctance to venture outside the tried-and-true ways of doing things.

Despite their shortcomings, Moon in Capricorn people set for the long haul, once they commit to a relationship and their dedication to a partner will be enduring and trustworthy.

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16 Responses to Moon in Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – Part 2

  1. Mimi says:

    wow, I have got to say that the moon in Capricorn that i am closest to is absolutely nothing like this. He’s all about pleasure and will not get a steady job because it would cut out the music and dancing. he’s undisciplined, to a fault. wow.

    Although you described my moon in Virgo husband pretty well. I’ve met a lot of men with moon in Virgo whose moms wanted a girl…

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Mimi:
      As you can see this is a generic description of the Moon. Without the rest of the chart it is hard to understand why this Moon in Capricorn in particular is so different from my description. Maybe it has a lot of hard aspects, making it difficult to express the moon’s qualities. But since it is in Capricorn I would assume that over time the person will manifest more of the qualities of the Moon. A late bloomer, perhaps, as often the case with this sign.

  2. Natalie says:

    When you’re right, you’re right. (Although my mother wanted a boy …). Critisism of my work sometimes feels like rejection of me, that I’m not good enough, and I do work constantly. Relaxing by doing nothing makes me feel bored and guilty at the same time. I know all about silencing the inner voices. I have a really hard time grasping meditation, for example. Probably because I keep trying to analyze it and understand it, instead of just letting go. Jeez, it’s hard being perfect …

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  5. Mimi says:

    oh Natalie, that’s interesting. I haven’t met a lot of women with moon in Virgo. VERRY interesting.

  6. Natalie says:

    Hi Mimi. Perhaps that’s a Virgo thing? My mother is a Virgo sun, and my older sister has a Virgo moon like me – and my mother wanted a boy then too. She ended up with 3 daughters … So perhaps it’s part of the whole not being satisfied with what you’ve got – that something else, whatever that might be, would have been more perfect?

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  9. Gian Paul says:

    Having Moon in Virgo (opposed by Mars in Aquarius, end of Aquarius), I know that I am a person not easy to live with. Also considering that Moon in a men’s map is representing the feminine, having had 3 serious (and lasting engagements in my life, being now 68), the most intensive was a Virgo woman. Did not last for more then 3 years. My Mars placement probably being the cause for it not resulting in marriage.

    The second woman had Moon in Taurus. As you say, Fabienne, very loyal and always happy for more possessions.

    The third, by my choice, could not be “Moon in Taurus”, given my past experience. She turned out to be Moon in Scorpio. That’s when I realized (after some years of serious trying for the best) that for me to be single was by far better.

    But it’s all due to my Moon in Virgo, of course!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Gian Paul, sorry to disagree. I feel the need to be single is more of an Aries thing than Virgo. Virgo moon can exacerbate the problem but not cause it from my point of view. The Aries need for excitement and newness speaks for multiple relationships. Virgo has not time to pick apart the partner before the Aries passion wanes.

  10. katley says:

    True what you say, GianPaul…Virgo moon is not easy to live with :) My husband has this placement! The thing that bugs him most about me is that I don’t like to clean!

  11. Gian Paul says:

    Fabienne, you are right about Aries’ desires for new contacts. My Moon in Virgo however makes analysing things to the point of, even if jokingly, asking my companion “if she still loves me?” And that’s either because I know having been “a pain in the neck” or, subconsciously hoping that the love would fade away and open the way for some change.

    To Katley I would say: clean jointly with your husband, let him show how he would do it better. In the process you may even enjoy a good bottle of wine and have some fun.

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