Moon in Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – Part 2

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After looking at the general characteristics of the Moon in air signs, let’s consider the specific details for each of them.

Moon in Gemini is witty, chatty, intellectualMoon in Gemini

Keywords for this placement are: Intellectual, verbal, witty, glib, restless, curious, quick-witted, persuasive, scattered, and adaptable.

From an early age, this moon displays sensitivity to the usage of words, and communication skills in general. They are attuned to conversational methods and show talent as a wordsmith, due in part to their instinct for the right word. In turn, this ability guides them when they need to communicate an idea to others.

They can mold words into a specific form, which allows audiences to understand what is being said.

Varied interactions with different people are a requirement in order to for them to be happy.

When confronted with emotional difficulties, moon in Gemini resorts to a frenzy of activities – spending hours on the computer, calling friends non-stop, reading – in order to avoid delving into their feelings.

Moon in Libra needs an aesthetically beautiful world to feel nurturedMoon in Libra possesses the following characteristics: relationship oriented, charming, indecisive, diplomatic, popular, and attractive.

Communication of ideas related to Ideal Behavior summarizes the goal of this placement. Hence, this moon’s ability to play the gracious hostess; to be the perfect date, and in general to do everything socially required and correct. In doing so, they are able to create an atmosphere of beauty and fantasy.

This placement requires an aesthetically beautiful environment to express itself. In this sign, the moon has an emotional need for grace, peace, and harmony, and the best of what life has to offer.

She feels most nurtured, safe, and secure when able to achieve a relationship where emotions are harmonious, partners know how to share with each other, and there is a good communication flow. A lack thereof is painful and triggers withdrawals, detachment, and distance from loved ones.

People with the moon in Libra are gifted peacemakers who are able to see the both sides of a situation and diffuse sticky emotional situations through their ability to be rational, objective, and insightful, so long as they do not have to feel the emotions

Moon in Aquarius is known for her engagement in community projects, humanitarian actions. Unconventional, emotionally distant, and ahead of her time is also some of her other attributes.

People with this placement required regular unscheduled activities in their daily routine as well as the space and freedom to display their individuality, and, in general, stand out from the crowd.

Socialize and host group events are two of the ways to make this moon feel nurtured. They exhibit a talent for being at ease with people of different backgrounds and cultures which, in turn, gives them a certain emotional satisfaction.

Personal ideals matters and are often the criteria in friendships. Social judgments are accepted as long as they are not elitists.

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  6. Debbie says:

    Spot on! I find it interesting I am in a work environment where I am being constantly criticized for not having more friends. The reason i don’t have a lot of friends @ works is I find most of them boring and run of the mill! Of course, I can’t say that. I am used to working with a more eclectic mix! :-)

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Interesting that you are criticized for not having more friends at work. I did not know it was a requirement!! Again interesting shadow/projection work at play.

  7. Debbie says:

    Exactly! A LOT OF projection going on at work lately! First time actually I have experienced this kind of intensity in the work place. The friend thing though is high school behavior.

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