Mercury in Earth Signs: “That makes sense!”

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Mercury in Earth signs is pragmactic and concreteMercury in Earth Signs: “That makes sense!”

In Earth, thoughts are influenced by practical needs. When Mercury is placed in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, you’ll find a person whose mind operates in analytical, pragmatic ways. This element likes to connect the dots from theory to concrete application.

This matter-of-fact attitude gives the impression Mercury in Earth signs are simple-minded, with no developed intellectual capacity.

An erroneous assumption.

This Mercurial type excels at empiric thinking and detailed research and statistics. Conversely, he often times, falls into the trap of consigning himself to the facts and only those, without connecting them to a bigger picture.

In Taurus, Mercury is slow and deliberate in his thinking.Mercury in Taurus can be a slow, deliberate communicator, speaking solely when certain of his knowledge. As a result, people listen to them, knowing the information has been thoroughly researched beforehand.

Hands-on demonstrations, concrete answers, and basic concepts are this placement’s favorite method for comprehending the environment he lives on. These natives learn best when offered real world uses for the theories they’re trying to absorb. Only then, is this utilitarian thinker capable of plowing a course of action.

Mental inertia is the biggest creative challenge for this Mercurial type. Harnessing Mercury’s agility with Taurus solidity is often difficult for those natives.

Mercury in Virgo needs time to digest and assimilate information. They like to chew things over, break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces, in order to separate the useful data from the needless details. Above all, Mercury is a practical thinker in this sign.

People with Mercury in Virgo have the ability to see the good as well as the bad points of anything they scrutinize or analyze. They endeavor to find out where everything fits. Only after this step is completed are they able to take action.

Misused, this attitude degenerates into excessive dissection, unending ratiocination, paralyzing any creative process. Knowledge becomes dull pedantry, useless scholarly information. On the positive side, the keenly honed mental faculties are diligent at solving difficult problems, devising a specific solution for it.

Health and work issues are their main subject of interest and they are likely to possess many do-it-yourself books on home repairs, organic gardening, homeopath remedies.

Capricorn adds business acumen to MercuryCapricorn adds business acumen to Mercury, including managerial and organizing skills. Here, Mercury is characterized by methodical thinking, coupled with determination, persistence, and staying power.

He is also a chronic worrier. Always imagining the worst possible outcome; weary and cautious about any risk not completely understood or analyzed. Only after every move is calculated will he proceed.

Creativity is blocked when this Mercurial Capricorn falls into the trap of becoming dogmatic, exacting, and censorious. At his best, he is an excellent guardian of traditions, able to build a timeless body of work.

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5 Responses to Mercury in Earth Signs: “That makes sense!”

  1. VJ says:

    I’m Gemini, and have Mercury in Taurus (11th), but it is opposition Moon in Scorpio (5th), and both form a T-square to Pluto in Leo (3rd). I’ve had to work on intuition over the years, and not remain so much in my head. It’s hasn’t been easy. But I definitely agree about research and being precise. I usually don’t say much, and slow to divulge information unless absolutely sure my research is accurate.

    I am grateful for you, and your website, and the wonderful information about the planets!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. VJ says:

    I forgot to mention that I love, and collect Mercury dimes!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  4. Gian Paul says:

    Being a “slow thinker” (Mercury in Taurus) I nevetheless discovered that your e-mail updates now gives a useful, direct link to your blog. “On n’arrêtera jamais le progrès ” – think it was Voltaire who said that one first…

    Best , GP

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Gian Paul:

      I would say do not discount the power of habit. I would still be sending the whole post instead of a summary if you had not pointed out. Power of habit. We all have it.

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