Mercury in Fire Signs: “I get what you are saying”

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Mercury in fire signs puts thoughts into action.Mercury in Fire Signs: “I get what you are saying”

Personal aspirations are behind the way we express ourselves when Mercury is in this element.

Mercury in the fire signs are people that need first-hand experience to learn. The information needs to connect thought with action. They can’t just read about it or hear a lecture.

Mercury tends to act in an impulsive and aggressive manner in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

Mercury in Aries has a tendency to be very argumentativeMercury in Aries is known as a fast thinker, a leader with quick decision skills who communicates in a direct, decisive, and, often, candid way. He is an agile learner, capable of grasping concepts in an instant, by using his intuitive thinking. Ideas come faster than he can express them. So fast, he blurts them out sometimes; losing control over what is being said, earning him a reputation as a BIG mouth.

In Aries, Mercury is ardent, passionate with a knack for not taking “no” for an answer and a capacity for assessing problems in a straightforward way.  He excels at spontaneity. Qualities that help him make the right choice and take positive, assertive action.

On the downside, Mercury in Aries is also known for being selfish, arrogant, quick-tempered, territorial, aggressive, brash, rash, impatient, and super argumentative.

His direct and forthright style of communication is often perceived as a challenge, or, at the very minimum, an invitation to debate the issue. Mostly, Mercury in Aries does not want to take the time to mull things over or think about details.

Aries is associated with action, being the pioneer. In this sign, Mercury loves to be the first to say something, to learning a subject, share news.

Mercury in Aries people have a competitive mind, always on the lookout for ways to use speech or action as means of engaging, arousing and leading others.

This Mercury has a deep appreciation for the intuitive world of myths and symbols, capable of inspiring original thinking and fertilizing the imagination with sheer enthusiasm.

Yet, it’s not an easy placement for this planet. Aries is exceedingly focused on individual expression to even think about exploring any other subject. The natural energy of mercury requires broader subjects, more objectivity, and wider freedom to explore.

Leo adds mental self-confidence and oral ability to Mercury. People with this placement are charismatic, dynamic, influential communicators. With their dramatic flair, they are often found in occupations like public speaking writing r acting. However, those same qualities described above can also lead to subjectivity, a strong attachment to one’s ideas and views on things and a habit of embellishing facts in order to turn them into a good story.

Mercury in Sagittarius express himself thorugh broad visions of a better worldWith Sagittarius, Mercury becomes a mind full of big visions, broader inspiration, and lofty ideals with a natural tendency to search for meaning in events. In their minds, these occurrences are not random but part of a grand design, better viewed in the context of one’s overall life plan. An attitude that makes Mercury uncomfortable, as this planet’s energy is pulled in two opposites directions. Sagittarius wants to spread their utopian views of a golden age world to the greatest extend. Mercury needs the details.

This explains Mercury’s discomfort in the sign of its detriment.  Often times, the dichotomy leads Mercury in Sagittarius to either focus on every minutia, convinced each small bit of information is equally important and conducive to the BIG picture, or none at all.

In the end, this combination makes for a lot of foot in the mouth incidents due to impressive and bold statements being made when they shouldn’t. You also get an enthusiastic, open, and warm-hearted mind eager to share thoughts but with difficulties in transforming these ideas into concrete achievements.

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5 Responses to Mercury in Fire Signs: “I get what you are saying”

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  2. katley says:

    My husband has Mercury in Sag. He’s very intelligent and witty, and is very knowledgeable about lots of things, despite the fact he was unable to go to the university (lack of finances was the problem). His school was the school of life, and to me that’s what counts. He can do minor home and auto repairs, speak two languages, and find offbeat solutions for problems. What do I appreciate most? His honesty.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      That’s a lovely portrait of a Mercury in Sag. With this placement, I would assume he can play the role of mentor or at least people seek his advice and guidance of more philosophical matters, on what is right and wrong, fairness and Justice.

  3. Mimi says:

    you’re right, for many things, we need 1st hand experience to learn, all right!
    don’t tell me, let me try!!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Yes, and Mercury in Fire signs gets irritated when people try to show them too much. They learn fast so they don’t need a lot of handling to get things.

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