Mercury in Water signs: “That feels right!”

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Mercury in water signs: "That feels right!" Mercury in Water Signs: “That feels right!”

In water, Mercury indicates a mode of communication where our thoughts reveal our deepest yearnings and sub-conscious dispositions. Feelings strongly influence the thought process to the extent this Mercury cannot act until he acknowledges his emotions.

They, sometimes, possess a secretive and cautious mind, never wanting to display too much about them so as not to jeopardize their sense of security.

On the other hand, their intuition linked with their ability to read people’s feelings, and motivations, makes them excellent strategists.

Mercury in Water signs is ruled by his emotions when expressing his thoughtsMercury in Cancer is subjective in his thinking, blinded by emotions and perceptions, which, in turn, depend on the surroundings.

In other words, in this water sign, Mercury displays a tunnel vision on how he perceives life, relying on his mood to make judgments. In a happy environment, his outlook will reflect the same quality. Surrounded by pessimism, Mercury thoughts turn dark and negative.

This sensitivity to the moods of others is this sign greatest creative weakness. The right atmosphere is a necessity before engaging in any artistic pursuit. On the other hand, when properly managed, this keenness translates into a great talent at evoking themes related to the past, family, roots, survival instincts and childhood.

No matter the settings, the person with Mercury in Cancer will need to navigate their thoughts, by investigating their wants and needs through intuition. Nonetheless, as persuasive talkers, they know what to say to cheer someone up or to hurt them.

Mercury in Scorpio makes a habit of delving into the depths of things, people, and ideas. They like nothing better than to play detective and uncover what’s behind people’s motives, always wondering, probing, and questioning the “why” of any particular action or word. As a result, they are good at uncovering secrets through sheer persistence and tenacity.

Yet, in their communication, they appear reluctant to reveal much about themselves and the deep processes going on inside; unsure of whom to trust with the information they share.

In Scorpio, Mercury is a wordsmith with the mentality of chess-player, capable of defending his beliefs and opinions with vigor, crafting words that carry a sharp-witted sting, aimed at the hidden truth behind.

Mercury in Pisces prefers to express himself in a non-verbal form, like poetry Vivid imagery, versatile imagination coupled with chaotic thinking are famous qualities of Mercury in Pisces. At the same time, they can display a gift for inspirational writing and be incapable of sorting their thoughts from those of others.

This dichotomy pushes Mercury to alternate between a highly creative, intuitive mind and a confused one. As a consequence, they do not possess a “logical” learning and reasoning intellect; instead, relying on osmosis, intuition, and hunches to process and absorb information.

Often times, when communicating their ideas, they are unaware of where they came from.

With this placement, Mercury favors non-verbal forms of expression such as music, dance, photography, and poetry. Mystical and religious themes serve, on numerous occasions, as inspiration, allowing them to convey their feelings.

Mercury in Pisces people have a hard time putting their emotions into words, making them appear secretive and withdrawn.

Have you recognized any of these descriptions? What strategies did you developed to cope with communication difficulties?

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12 Responses to Mercury in Water signs: “That feels right!”

  1. katley says:

    I have Mercury in a water sign (Cancer) in the 5th. I have been able to “read” people from a very early age, and often know what people are going to say before they say it. Some have called me psychic (and sometimes this ability is scary because I often get precognitive dreams). Enjoyed your post!

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  3. Deb says:

    You nailed Mercury in Scorpio!

  4. katley says:

    my daughters have Mercury in Scorpio, and you do not want to be at the receiving end when they’re mad…..they are the queens of sarcasm. What makes it worse is they have it conjunct Pluto.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Ah! the Scorpio sting! But also so good at ferreting the truth out of others and setting them free.

  5. Natalie says:

    Hi. Mercury in Cancer sounds a lot like me. I’m very sensitive to moods and pick up on other peoples feelings all the time. Good thing I work at home! But this could also come from Mars in Cancer, couldn’t it?

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Yes, it could, in the sense that Mars in cancer is a defense strategist, therefore it needs to know the motivations of the enemy.Any planet in a water sign picks up on the emotional undercurrents of any situation or person. It’s much like a sponge, absorbing, whether it wants it or not. The problem resides on what to with the information.

  6. Debbie says:

    Mercury in Scorpio is spot on. I have it in the 10th house. I also have a lot of air in my chart so struggle with managing the emotions. Work life is hard as often I know and see things, but struggle communicating why I know it. Also accused a lot of not trusting and hard to get to know. Personally, I don’t understand why others are so worried about it as long as I get my work done. ;-)

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      LOL! A Mercury in Scorpio not knowing why her colleagues at work are worried about the secrets she carries? No way! At least do not insult their intelligence or their instinct. It’s all about power play.

      • Debbie says:

        :-) Truly I don’t have secrets and I definitely DO NOT do the power play. In fact DESPISE that. Maybe
        that is my Libra coming in. I however, am not an open book -not overly social – nor engage in office politics and
        gossip. No doubt appear stand-offish, but I am not holding in secret cards. However, I do often just know things
        and can’t articulate the why.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:

          Yes I agree with you and did not mean to imply otherwise. It might be just the vibe put out by Mercury in Scorpio. That’s all.

          • Debbie says:

            :-) I hear you! I think people think I have secrets or I am withholding information.
            Kinda funny. It is an interesting spot. I have been reading about Mecury on the MH of late.

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