Mars in Fire Signs: Inspired and Enthusiastic Assertiveness

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Yesterday, we looked at Mars in Earth Signs. Today, Mars in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius is the inspiration for this post.

Mars in fire signs asserts directly to keep the flame of creativity alive

photo by Teag McGivillary

The Quality of Fire:  Keeping the Flame Alive

Direct physical action and strong power of initiative are the favorite way of expression of a fiery Mars.

Passion, enthusiasm, high-energy are often used to describe Mars in Fire people.  In this element, Mars is absolutely instinctual, a primal force focused on immediate results and instant gratification.

Honest and straightforward about their goals, they only employ enough strategy to achieve the necessary result. Thus, they have no fondness for mind games or psychological warfare to obtain what they want.

On the contrary, they tend to move quickly through their blockages using force and courage to win people to their side.

Most times, they just grind down the obstacles.

Mars in Aries is direct, aggressive and enthusiastic

Image by Alice Popkorn

Mars in Aries an be defined by the typical Aries motto “I want it now!” even if they do not know what. Generally, everything and anything capable of sparking their enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration and get them moving.

Their greatest fear is not to be able to be “in action”, since this is the way they avow themselves. For them, nothing surpasses a competition or the challenge of engaging in a new activity.

Mars in Aries needs regular doses of friction to keep going. Without it, frustration mounts and blocks their inspiration. To rejuvenate their creative juices, they require a “sparring” partner, a competitor, or rival to exchange ideas, spur them into action.

Mars in Leo needs to shine to assert himselfMars in Leo: These folks keep the flame burning by taking center stage and a leadership role. Think Madonna at the beginning of her career.

They assert themselves in a spontaneous, impulsive, and heroic child-like manner.  To maintain their creativity flowing, a constant stream of success is necessary, no matter how small, so they can develop self-appreciation and not fall into an egotistic attitude.

Another way Mars in Leo ensures his own inspiration is by promoting others’ creativity.

When disparaged or putdown, their ideas often die. To overcome this obstacle, they need to grow from shiny and ephemeral to luminous and substance.

Some suggested creative activities would be to engage in a musical production with dancing, singing or any other activity where they find themselves in the spotlight. No stand-up role for Mars in Leo people: they have to shine.

To assert himself, Mars in Sagittarius needs to be on a “hero’s quest” fighting for a cause or goal bigger than he is.

His biggest creative obstacle is when his gets caught in aggrandizement and consumerism schemes in an attempt to foster a sense of world purpose.

Creatively, he is inspired by knowledge that broadens one’s perspective, mixed with a religious and philosophical view of life.

An international book signing tour, lectures, and conferences should do the trick for the Mars in Sagittarius people to kick-start their inspiration. In addition, any activity, which allows for daily contact with other cultures and lets them roam freely, will do wonders for keeping the creative flame alive.

What kind of Mars activities do you like to nurture? Share them here.  Don’t know which sign your Mars is? Email me to discover!

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9 Responses to Mars in Fire Signs: Inspired and Enthusiastic Assertiveness

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  2. dorchid says:

    Another way Mars in Leo ensures his own inspiration is by promoting others’ creativity.

    So true!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Dorchid!

      Care to elaborate on your experience? I would love to hear your story!

      • dorchid says:

        Hi Fabienne :)
        I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if more people tapped their creative side. It’s the one thing that I encourage all my friends and loved ones to do, because it gets us out of that self-defeating overcritical rumination. So many people think they are not creative when in fact we all are, we just may not recognize it. To me being creative just means having a vision and exercising your power to manifest it. I was told I was creative since I was little so it’s an ingrained part of my identity. But not everyone needs to be interested in music, poetry, dance etc to be creative. One just needs to be inspired, to trust one’s instinct, and to be comfortable with improvising.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:


          I could not have said it better. My blog came out as my first attempt to be creative and discover what is my voice, so to speak. I am one of those who thought they were not creative even tough I was exposed to art and culture at a very young age. Since starting Astrology Unboxed I have made my mission to help others discover, develop their creativity no matter what it looks like.

  3. msfullroller says:

    “..Mars in Aries needs regular doses of friction to keep going..”

    I need peace, however I do relish in the challenge of understanding the mysteries of life.

  4. Alice says:

    Fab article on Mars in Fire Signs. A beautifully narrated article must say, my brother’s sun sign is Aries can you elaborate more on Mars in Aries. Thanks for the share, Nice one !!

  5. Debbie says:

    Love this. Currently searching for a job that does exactly what you state for Mars in Sag. I have been a health care administrator for the last 10 years – can you say bad fit! I can! Sign me up for that book tour! Seriously! Ok, seriously, looking to do something in service internationally! That would be my dream! My other dream would to be able to provide a place for teachers to teach things such as yoga, meditation, anything healing…

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Sounds like you want to honor your Mars in deep meaningful ways. I am sure you will find a way to bring the world to your door if you cannot land that international job! Let me know how your ob search goes!

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