Mars in Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

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After Venus, Mars is next in our series – Planets in the Elements.

Mars in the air signs asserts himself through communicationThe Importance of Mars for Creativity

Mars in the elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) shows what kind of experiences, activities, and the type of energy one seeks to assert himself.

Mars gets us going about our day and speaks to us of power, passion, desire, and will. As the symbol for the Warrior/Hero, Mars helps us develop confidence, courage, and strength to face challenges.

Mars’s element shows how to:

  • Activate your enthusiasm,
  • Inspire motivation,
  • Breakthrough inspiration droughts,
  • Fight for, or against, in order to express yourself,
  • Manage anger, irritation, and violent behavior,
  • Deal with creative difficulties, in particular with themes and subjects you avoid.

Let’s say you have Mars in Cancer; then, your creativity is fueled by emotions and feelings. The more willing to explore them, the better inspired you feel. On the other hand, difficulties pop up when you are unsure how to react or the cause of your anger.

Mars in air signs is chatty, studious and mentalThe Quality of Air:  Assertion through communication

An airy Mars will use ideas persuasively to assert himself.

However, this is a relative difficult element for Mars, as Air is far removed from the realm of instinct and deep violent emotions.

Mars can function quite well, if emphasized in the chart, expressing broad, idealistic tendencies. It is moved by ideas and images of how the world should be and it strives to link thought with action.

People with Mars in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius have many interests and drives. They are ingenious about achieving their goals. Unlike Mars in Fire, Mars in Air is quite capable of adopting airs and tactics to get and do the things they want.

These natives are rather polished in manner. They’ll seldom offend you in an overt way, preferring to settle disputes on an intellectual level.

Mars in Air Signs

Creatively, Mars in Gemini is stimulated by a smorgasbord of short, social activities (such as games, dating, and treasure hunts) designed to keep their Mars constantly engaged in searching, researching, and sharing. Their love of words is aimed at keeping the conversation going.

Mars in Gemini asserts through the power of analysis, exerting the mind in a clever and challenging way.

When angry, they don’t respond right back, they rather ask themselves “What did he (she) mean by that?” before, waging a war with their words.

Their creative blocks are generated by the fear of not being understood or considered thick, stupid, and incoherent.

Mars in Libra asserts himself through one-on-one relationshipsMars in Libra is all about finding the right balance, creating beauty out of ugliness in order to keep their inspiration flowing. An ideal project would be the revitalization of a blighted neighborhood, appealing to your sense of fairness and justice.

Nonetheless, Mars, being in its detriment in this sign, can be hampered by indecision. The weighting, measuring, deliberating necessary to Libra puts a dent in Mars’s need for immediate action and assertion.

Any cutting edge technology, applicable in the art fields, is welcomed by Mars in Aquarius. All activities that place Mars in Aquarius people on the innovation path will satisfy their muse. They love to experiment, and may be attracted to those outside their social class, race or culture.

This attraction can certainly inspire them, to battles injustice in the name of others, for their right to be different. They get argumentative when action does not catch up with their vision.

Not having a clear view of the BIG picture is this sign’s biggest challenge.

Have you recognized Mars in those vignettes? What is your experience of Mars in an Air sign? What is your greatest creative roadblock?

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