The Creativity Rules of a Fire Venus (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

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This is the last post on Venus in the Elements. After Earth, Water and Air, we now look at Venus in the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).

the three gracesphoto © 2009 Eddi | more info (via: Wylio)The Quality of the Fire Element: Enthusiasm and Vision

A fire person is driven by the need to make big and dramatic statements that express their exuberant nature, full of optimism, enthusiasm, and spontaneous gestures.

They are the ones who initiate things, propelled by a vision born out of the imaginary of possibilities, of “what could be” and fierce desire to give form to that foreseen ideal.

Venus in the Fire Signs

A Fire Venus will express itself via highly grandiose romantic gestures, since they are pursuing, in their mind, a very idealistic image of the world. They are never afraid of creating and destroying their creation if it means coming up with a better ideal of the future.

In the fire element, Venus has a larger-than-life quality that lends itself to creative projects that fantasize and mythologize on down on their luck stories. They know how to be the voice for the poor, the weak, the meek and the damsel in distress.

Playfulness, joy, and freedom are often qualities that shine through their creativity and serves to enlighten a vision of a better future.

Venus in Aries

When located in the first sign of the zodiac, Venus has the ability to be actively creative in artistic pursuits, trailblazing new projects, and generally being a go-getter.

Venus in Aries harnesses her creative power by planting the seeds of inspiration for others by motivating them into action.

Venus in Aries is at her best when leading complicated and daring projects that would give heart palpitations to other less daring artists. When give the opportunity to purse a new path, they embark on it with gusto, self-confidence and bold enthusiasm.

The downside is that Venus in Aries people often forget to take into consideration other perspectives than their own, hence their reputation for selfishness and self-absorption.

To get their inspiration flowing, they need regular playful downtime to break the monotony. They need to indulge in new adventures and journeys to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle their numerous endeavors.

Venus as Judith  June, 2010photo © 2010 Ningyoboy’s Closet | more info (via: Wylio)Venus in Leo

This Venus has a flair for the dramatic, and is never boring or dull.

They are the born entertainers of the zodiac, having a knack for making the dullest subjects shine for their audience.

Creatively, this Venus has a forceful approach to projects and is, occasionally, reluctant to spend time on ruminating things before launching into action. The reason for this reluctance is that they are too preoccupied by the grandiosity of their vision.

Their larger than life attitude translates into a preference for large and complicated artistic endeavors where they can leave a bold legacy of work that takes center stage in the art world.

Venus in Sagittarius

Faith, spirituality, moral principles, political beliefs, law, distant lands, and cultures are all creative sources of inspiration for Venus in Sagittarius inquisitive nature.

Creatively, they seek to translate the knowledge acquired during their extensive travels. They have a gift for turning dramatic experiences into humorous vignettes imbued with wisdom and philosophical perspectives.

Venus in Sagittarius people are fascinated by lavish art forms that enhance the strange and intriguing aspects of the world at large and emphasize the idea of “what a beautiful world this is.”

To keep themselves inspired they need a global community to connect with where they share their wisdom and learn from different perspectives. Their artwork often has an international quality to it.

How does your enthusiasm fuels your inspiration?  What qualities have you noticed in your work?  What subjects do inspire you? Share your stories  with Astrology Unboxed.

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