Expert Creative Tips for Venus in the Earth Signs

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Continuing with our description of Venus in the elements, we turn now to Venus in the Earth Signs.

If you are only now tuning in, catch up the other posts on Venus in Water and Venus in Air here and here.

The Quality of Earth: Steadiness of the Senses

Earth people ground themselves in the here and now through the use of their five senses. They are naturally attuned to what they can see, touch, smell, or taste, which gives them a solid, reliable quality that helps shed light in the physical world.

In general, an Earth Venus will show their steady and practical nature through gestures that are discernible and easily measured. Their sensuous nature calls for physical presence, steadiness, reliability, and comfort in their relationships.

Female Figurephoto © 2009 ego.technique | more info (via: Wylio)
Venus in the Earth Element

In terms of artistic endeavors, an earthy Venus strives to show humankind’s relationship with time and the entire life cycle of gestation, maturation, and death.

They are inspired by man’s relationship with nature, the past (roots, origins, ancestry).

Venus in Taurus

In terms of creativity, the Venus in Taurus will often be guided by her sensuous nature. Being in it’s the sign it naturally rules helps this Venus be attracted to artistic expressions that uses the body – dancers and singers or provides a sensual experience, such as sculpture and painting.

Romantic love in all its aspects is a favorite source of inspiration for this Earth Venus.

Venus in Virgo

This Venus is meticulous, practical, and detail-oriented in any of art form of her choice.  Before tackling any project, she will devote much time to research and getting the facts correctly. Diligent, she rarely abandons an assignment.

Her diligence in getting the details exactly right pays off creatively by allowing them to focus on all the little things that makes up the big picture. This quality often times makes this Venus a very good writer of detective novels and scientific papers.

LLadró Venus 07photo © 2006 escpeapalumni | more info (via: Wylio)

Venus in Capricorn

A Venus in Capricorn is often inspired by rag to rich stories. They know better than any other sign how to portray ambition, social decorum, tradition, and the conflict between natural instincts and social structures.

They generally have a strong sense of composition and structure and they naturally inclined to traditional art forms – especially classical music – that passed the test of time.

Did those descriptions helped you better understand what inspires your Venus? Did you recognize yourself?

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3 Responses to Expert Creative Tips for Venus in the Earth Signs

  1. katley says:

    I have Venus in Taurus. I find when I create something, whether it’s a written piece, a video, or a piece of jewelry I have this obsession about getting inside my subject. And sensuality is very important to my creative process. If I’m writing about a dance, I play the music and dance to it. If I’m writing something about my childhood, I look at old pictures. If I’m making something tangible, like a piece of jewelry, or putting an outfit together, I take each of the components and mix them together until they “look” right. It has to please my aesthetic sense. When I shop with my daughters, sometimes it takes hours for me to get the right “ensemble” together. And it has to be be unusual, so it will stand out. And people notice :)

    I’ve been enjoying your series on Venus, especially since many of my friends are artists, and it’s fascinating to see how different forms of creativity manifest themselves in their horoscopes.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Writing about the connections between creativity and astrology is a new territory for me! The more feedback I get from creative people/artists, and the more readings I do for artists about their creativity, the better I can specialize and sharpen my skills. It’s like learning to coach while doing it. It improve the client’s creativity and mine also.

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