What Everyone Ought to Know about Venus in the Water Signs

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After Venus in the Air signs, let’s look at the creative needs and wants of Venus in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Quality of Water: Emotions

All three water signs belong to the domain of emotions and intuitive feelings where they act as channel for the other elements (Fire, Earth, and Air).

birth of venusphoto © 2010 Eddi | more info (via: Wylio)
Venus in Water Signs

As I said in my previous post, a Water Venus is in need of constant emotional feeding. Due to their sensitivity and vulnerability, they look for a sympathetic, consistent, and steady flow of caring and attention to feel loved and alive. They are receptive and intuitively attuned to emotional expressions of affection and always want to know how one feels.

They are especially adept at picking existing emotional undercurrents in any given situation, which gives their communication style a non-verbal, indirect, and roundabout quality.

Creatively, the ultimate goal for a Venus in Water is to give form to the realm of emotions by moving them from the depths of the unconscious to the surface of expression. No matter the chosen art form, a water Venus is looking to generate a cleansing experience for their audience.

Venus in Cancer

Motherhood, nurturing, caring, domesticity, history, tradition are often favorite themes with this type of Venus.  They instinctively known how to portray contradictory and conflicting emotions, a person’s inner motivation, or describe the hurts and wounds of deep feelings. Their talent often lies in bringing to the forefront the contradictions between a person’s true emotion and their behavior.

Creatively, Venus in Cancer is at its best when attuned to all the nuances of any kind of emotional attachment or when they are able to pour their empathy into concrete form.

Venus and Nate in photo © 2010 Ningyoboy’s Closet | more info (via: Wylio)
Venus in Scorpio

Creative people with Venus in Scorpio approach their craft with purpose and intensity. Their connection with their creativity runs deeply to the point of becoming sometimes obsessive.

The dark side of emotions and passions are often a source of inspiration. Jealousy, love and hate, sexual desires, power play are all favorite themes in a Venus in Scorpio body of work.

The intense emotional nature of this water Venus naturally makes them willing to explore the strange, the unusual, and the weird, which can include not only the occult sciences, inner mysteries but also the depths of the soul, and the powers of self-regeneration.

This Venus likes to examine, research and reveal what lies behind the frailties of human nature. They often make good mystery and murder writers.

Visual stimulation is often a source of creative inspiration for a Scorpio Venus.

Venus in Pisces

Venus is said to feel at home in Pisces, as this sign allows Venus to express great compassion, deep sympathy, and a high sensitivity for the experience of human love. This Venus gravitates towards the individual, focusing on telling the story of human lives affected by tragedy and love.

They are the understudies of human nature, always ready to creatively express the internal motivations of others.

By nature, this Venus needs a creative outlet – often having great innate abilities in the artistic, poetic, and musical realms.

Creatively, Venus in Pisces knows how to translate the fluidity of human emotions and the constant shifting of reality. They excel at expressing the very matters that people don’t usually have a good grasp of since they belongs to the area of what goes beyond what we generally “see”.

What are the creative blocks your Venus has experienced in expressing emotions? What helped you overcome them?

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