What a Creative Venus in the Air Signs really wants

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Venus is the Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) likes varietyThe Importance of Venus for Creativity

In astrology, Venus is not just the Goddess of Love but also the Muse of Creativity. Venus symbolizes the creative principle, in the largest sense – having the ability to create means for expressing yourself.

Knowing your Venus needs and wants can help you overcome creative blocks.

Understanding the element – Fire, Earth, Air, Water – of your Venus helps you discover:

  • What  kind of creative urge you need to express
  • How  you can nourish your inspiration
  • What kind of themes inspires you

Thus, it gives you the knowledge necessary to develop strategies to keep your inspiration fresh and flowing.

The Quality of Air: Communication

The general function of Air is to move things, so they get dispersed and distributed among people. Thus, air Venus people are interested in ideas, patterns, and concepts they can share with others.

venus de milophoto © 2006 Jerry | more info (via: Wylio)
Venus in Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The key creative ingredient for an airy Venus is communication. Their innate talent is their ability to move outside their own point of view and paradigms.  They instinctively understand that Creativity is larger than their own, so they are prepared to cope with the vicissitudes of erratic inspiration.

Inspiration is nourished by continuously answering the question of why? It’s what holds their attention and interest.

A Venus in the air signs requires a paradigm and a structure in which to create, as they understand that without proper form, ideas cannot exist.

Sharing thoughts, especially if it is one of their favorite topics, is, to Venus in Air natives, the most essential part of their creative process.

A Venus in Gemini, for example, will favor mingling with peers and friends, so they can toss out handfuls of ideas and concepts. In Libra, Venus will want to discuss both sides of a particular idea, technique, or medium. As for Venus in Aquarius, they will favor sharing the innovative or humanitarian angle of an idea as part of their inspiration pathway.

Creatively, Venus in Air people are at their best when they can nurture a playful, lively, intelligent, fun flowing communication process between themselves, others and their ideas.

At the same time though, they need some independence and space from others when creating.

Venus in Gemini

Variety is the spice of creativity.” is the Modus Operandi for a Venus in Gemini. They are always looking for information, movement, and excitement that allow them to multitask and experiment with a wide range of projects at once.

They have the innate instincts for communication. They excel as wordsmiths, comedians, writers, teachers, speakers, lecturers with a penchant for literary activities that focus on some form of play on words.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is particularly potent, being in one of the sign it rules. Marriage, romance, relationships between the sexes, the thoughts, and plights of others are the subject matters that inspire this Venus.

As artists, they tend to act as observers and report back on both sides of the issue, the feelings of others and any other aspect that requires not only describing somebody’s else point of view but also making each side aware of the other.

Venus in Libra likes to express herself in a variety of medium (painting, sketching, and writing for example), genres, and styles. Being very people oriented, they often times prefer collaborative projects.

The boat of Venusphoto © 2010 jaci Lopes dos Santos | more info (via: Wylio)
Venus in Aquarius

The non-conformist artist is the natural archetype for Venus in Aquarius. Inspiration comes from breaking the rules, distancing themselves from the past, and exploring new ways of doing things.

Experimentation is a keyword for this airy Venus, as it feeds their need for variety and mental stimulation and helps avoid any sort of stifling routine that could impinge their creative impulses. The quirkier the theme the more inspired they get.

Venus in Aquarius people are attracted to any form of art that is either avant-garde or conversely, extremely ancient.

They often times have a penchant for sharing their artwork in electronic format.

Have you recognized your Venus in those vignettes? What is your experience of Venus in an Air sign? What is your greatest creative roadblock?

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8 Responses to What a Creative Venus in the Air Signs really wants

  1. Nicely done, Fabienne–maybe you have Venus in an air sign yourself? Mine is in Gemini in a triple conjunction with Uranus and Saturn, and I credit it with some of the better qualities of my writing–wit, grace, and the occasionally “pretty” turn of phrase. Donna

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hey Donna:
      I wish! My Venus is in Aries retrograde and part of a T-square with Moon in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. I do not understand Venus, hence my endless pondering of her. I do not have a good relationship with her, but I credit her for my good sense of aesthetics and a need to have a beautiful blog and posts with visually stunning pictures (and possibly bold) and good layout. As for my writing style, I guess my Venus has graced me with a cut-to-the chase, tell it like it is kind of style and wanting to explore new niches in old subject matters, such the confluence of astrology and creativity.

    • Gian Paul says:

      It’s not polite to guess a Ladie’s age, but I have as well Venus/Uranus/Saturn conjunct in Gemini. All that being trine my natal Neptune and MC, I adore imagining things “astrological”and having some link towards understanding what’s beyond the parable of Plato’s legendary cave.

      I truly appreciate, Donna, the encouragements you are extending to this talented “unboxed Fabienne friend” of ours.

      Best wishes to both of you, GP

  2. katley says:

    I’m enjoying the series as well. I have Venus in an earth sign, although sometimes I express myself like an air sign. The closest aspect I have to Venus is a an exact sextile to Uranus. And one of the things I enjoy most is exploring new and unusual ideas on my blog and sharing them with friends.

    Two people in my immediate family have Venus in Libra. One of them is my son, who wants to become a tattoo artist. The other is my husband, who swears art is out of his league, but he does an excellent job helping my daughters with school projects that involve a degree of creativity, especially with designing posters.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hey Katley:

      I can see where a Venus in a Air sign such as your son and husband would be good at spacial composition/distribution of white space, typography, etc…

  3. Natalie says:

    I love your series, Fabienne! I fit the profile then, with Venus in Libra, since I write with a partner (although his Venus is in Aries). I write well with others, but I also write well alone. When I read what you said about Venus in Libra wanting to discuss things, my first thought was no, that’s not right. But I do discuss ideas/plots/characters – with my writing partner on our projects, but also with my editor on my own projects. So yes, I do benefit greatly from colleboration. I do write romance, and I find that my biggest struggle is writing about the emotional side of that, and oh, those blasted sex scenes! It’s really hard to write something fresh and I can’t seem to get it right. But I’m working on it, so I’ll get there!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      I had to laugh when I read “I write with a partner (although his Venus is in Aries)”. Of course, he would have Venus in Aries! He is the perfect complement for your Venus. They learn from each other!

  4. Jo says:

    I really enjoyed this post, thank you.

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