Planets in the Elements – Part 2

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The 4 elements - fire, air, earth and water, represent energies that blend with the energy of the planetsPlanets in the elements

After looking at Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Moon in the elements in yesterday’s post, we now focus on Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn.

We will briefly elaborate on each planet in each of the 4 elements and give more details in subsequent posts.

Sun in the elements

The sun sign element reveals many things. To begin with, it can indicate the basic inner force that motivates the rest of the chart. The element can also show to what realm of experience a person is attuned to and how they see life.

Air sun signs live in their thoughts and are motivated by concepts that will be used to give these sun signs a perspective on life.

In order to maintain their positive and enthusiastic nature happy and content, a sun sign in the fire element will look for activities and actions that inspire them.

Deep emotional yearnings are what motivate a water sun sign and determines its behavior.

Finally, the sun in the earth element finds its bearing by being grounded in the world of material needs.

Jupiter in the Elements

Jupiter’s element shows what experience and activities one seeks in order to express faith and confidence in themselves, and generate opportunities.

Jupiter in the fire signs is at its utmost expression when it is willing to take risks in his self-expression, try new things.

In the earth element, Jupiter finds its faith by tuning into the senses, assuming responsibilities, and being, in general, practical and dependable.

The Air element stimulates Jupiter to express new ideas to a wide range of people in order to promote social improvements and goals.

Finally, Jupiter in the water element is best manifested when it uses compassion, imagination, sensitivity, and intuition to follow its own yearnings.

Saturn in the elements speaks of the blockages we face to express the energy of the element

Allegory of the 4 elements by Mark Ryden

Saturn in the Elements

Saturn in the elements often indicates where the individual is tied up in knots and has a difficulty in mastering the area of life that pertains to that element. Only a consistent effort allows Saturn to overcome this blockage and function properly.

In the water element, Saturn often shows a fear of emotions. Those with this placement are often overly sensitive emotionally and try their best to conceal this fact from anyone or anything that could threaten the status quo.

Saturn in the air signs has a tendency to get caught in negative thinking that prevents them from communicating clearly and practically and from handling their social responsibilities. In this element, Saturn needs to develop a detached perspective.

The earth element, Saturn has to overcome its reluctance to deal with mundane affairs, daily responsibilities. Learning to control the physical world via discipline and efficiency is the doorway to conquer this blockage.

In the fire signs, Saturn often feels inhibited in his self-expression and creativity, believing he is incapable of regular and objective creativity.

Can you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions? How well have you been handling the energy of the element? Has it helped you or hindered you in your ability to express the planets?

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8 Responses to Planets in the Elements – Part 2

  1. katley says:

    From what I’ve read Saturn is supposed to be at its best in an air sign. I have it in Libra, conjunct Neptune. Is there a way I can balance the two influences because I tend to do Neptune more than Saturn. I am not very comfortable with restrictions and rules, although I know they are sometimes necessary :)

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Funny, my beginner’s class yesterday was on Saturn and a couple of my students had Saturn conjunct Neptune. They had a pretty hard time coming up with keywords and concepts. Everything was foggy, vague, dreamy…
      Saturn feels very comfortable in Libra – lie hanging out at a best friend’s house! That said, the conjunction with Neptune brings an uncertain dreamy quality to your view of relationships (Libra), something like rose colored lenses. Saturn might be fearful of believing this romantic view of relationships and expressing its feelings about it. He wants proof before buying into it. But there is no proof, just faith. At least could one explanation. As for reconciling the two, time and hard work (Saturn words) are the key to make both planets work together.

      • katley says:

        what a coincidence that you had several Saturn-Neptune people in your class. I have this combination in the 7th, too, so relationship issues are very important to me.
        The combination runs in my family; my daughters have this combo in Capricorn with a bunch of other planets, with a rolling conjunction straddling houses 3 & 4.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:

          With Saturn in Libra right now, the issues become prominent and Saturn wants to make sure you are learning the lessons intended for you, especially if the Saturn/Neptune combination runs in your family. Have you ever tried to check out how members of your family have expressed the combination and what you can learn from it and pass it along to your daughters?

          • katley says:

            As far as I know, my daughters are the only ones with this combination. Although they are twins, the relationship with the older one has been difficult. The younger one and I get on much better.
            Transiting Saturn will be hitting my conjunction soon, so I hope to “build bridges” with the people who matter most. To me, the lesson here is that no one lives forever, and should something happen, there will be no bad memories or guilt.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Fabienne,

    I too have this Libra Saturn Neptune quagmire, 10th house. Maybe this post has you speaking to us particularly!

    I have two points I think pertain to the communication difficulty based on my experience.

    First, I have a distinct split. The outer me, when it comes toschool/ business/work/really anything non-personal, my communication skills can excel. I listen, comprehend, then can respond clearly. When I need to initiate communication I am able to articulate with no problem, unless there is some emotional/value related element that is too large a part of the issue at hand.

    Which brings me to the other half of the split, the personal. The more important, more emotion driven, the more personal whatever I’m trying to communicate, the harder it gets. I can rarely put two consecutive sentences together that are completely understandable. I’m an expert at talking around something. I found I used to compensate for this difficulty speaking emotional stuff in a flat monotone or if I could, I’d make it sound matter-of-fact, business-like, often lessening its importance.

    The next thing I have to say is how Neptune seems to have affected me. Having a million ideas at a time, trying to distill what can be a barrage of opinions and outlooks from Neptune, creates confusion, due to the want to get it all out. Especially because I think I can see how significant/important/helpful what I’m about to say may be. But, too much, not in recognizable sentence structure and linear thought, more or less negates the point I want to share.

    Thanks for this newest info, makes it easier for me to have a simpler base on which to go forward in learning.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      When I was reading your comment what came to mind is that the difficulties you encounter to express yourself at an emotional can come from having to first understand what you feel before you can become articulated. It’s a two step process. First, know what you are feeling and fear can make it hard for you to sort your emotions. In addition very often you need to talk out loud your emotions with somebody to understand them. Once you understand your emotions, you then can go to step two and resolve any conflict through conversations.
      Just a thought, let me know if that makes sense.

      • Barbara says:

        Thanks, Fabienne.

        I guess I’ll have to think about some of my own examples, where I got stuck, then unable to say something, and see if I’m missing the first of the two steps.

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