Netpune in Pisces and You:Part 2

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Yesterday, I described the possible manifestations of the Neptune in Pisces transit in Houses 1 to 6 (see post here). Today, we continue with houses 7 to 12.

what will Neptune in Pisces bring you?

picture by Winston Rockwell

7th House: House of Relationships

The Neptune in Pisces energy in your house of relationships brings confusion, uncertainty, ambiguities to your one-on-one relationships. Issues related to dependency take the forefront known as you learn about your own ideals of unconditional love.

Some will develop the spiritual aspect of relationships and how it can help you connect with others.

8th House: The House of Endings and other people’s resources

Discovering the spiritual side of sex. Discovering how to deal with death in a more spiritual manner.

Neptune in the 8th house can blur the boundaries between what’s yours and what belongs to your partner, be it money, resources or anything that is shared.

Clarity of vision can be muddled with finances and investments that seemed promising can prove to be no more than sand castles. Extra precaution should be taken during this time, as you can easily be deceived.

9th House: The House of the Higher Mind

With Neptune in your 9th house of the Higher Mind, there will be a strong need to expand with mind and your consciousness in the form of unusual, mystical, or spiritual teachings.

A desire to travel to exotic places, places of knowledge and wisdom in order to learn the about human nature is not unheard of.

illusion, dissolution, ideals are key words for Neptune in Pisces

Photo by Patrick Smith

10th House: The House of Social Standing

Confusion, uncertainty about your career path might be a characteristic of Neptune in this sector of your chart. The career steps that you had devised to establish your professional reputation might become less clear-cut and obvious. A clear vision seems to elude you.

11th House: The House of Group Relationships

In this house, Neptune will have you confront issues not only related to your standing among groups and associations, but also finding the right balance between individuality and belonging to a community. Nonetheless, Neptune’s movement through your social house will adds imagination and a mysterious je-ne-sais-quoi to your social life.

During this transit, the struggle will be between the yearning to belong to a likeminded group who share the same ideals and merge with them and the realities of the demand these same groups put on your time.

During this transit, Neptune might bring along a different set of friends form what you are used too. They might be more artistic, creative, spiritual or simply quirky, but always with a certain mystery and elusiveness to them.

12th House: The House of the Unconscious

While in the house of its rulership, Neptune in Pisces can bring unconscious stuff up to the surface that has been buried deep down or never acknowledged.

Dreams, intuition, imagination, spirituality are highlighted during this time. Suddenly, you “see” symbols, signs, and omens that carry meaning, as if you were building your trust and faith in the mysteries of life. You are building your faith in all that is “unseen”.

Neptune in Pisces in my chart

Neptune will be transiting my 12th house and I totally expect more colorful, vivid dreams that serve as spiritual guide.

Which house will Neptune in Pisces be transiting in your chart?

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12 Responses to Netpune in Pisces and You:Part 2

  1. katley says:

    enjoyed this very much since during my lifespan Neptune has passed thru houses 7-12. I don’t remember too much of what happened during houses 7 & 8. When Neptune was in house 9, I was living and travelling in Europe. When it entered house 10 I had my kids. (they became my career). In house 11 I joined a few organized groups, but didn’t stay with most of them. Now that it’s in house 12 I’ve started writing poems, reading them in public, and having those very strange dreams!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Yes, I had lots of dreams when Uranus my crossing my Ascendant. It seems you are using this energy well. Have you ever participated in a poetry slam? If not, maybe that’s the bit of faith Neptune is wanting you to take? (just a passing thought).

      • katley says:

        Fabienne, sounds like a good idea. I have been looking for them in my area.

        BTW I’ve had Uranus in the 12th for ages, and I used one of the strangest dreams that I’ve had as material for a story published in “Sanctuary, A Literary Anthology.” I’ll send the link to you if you’d like to read it.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:

          Hi Katley:

          Yes, send me the link. Uranus also “birthed” a couple of my posts. Especially the one about Burning Man. I now its somewhere in the archives.

          • katley says:

            Hi, Fabienne,
            I sent you the link to the story on Facebook, where I originally posted it as part of a writing challenge. I hope it didn’t get garbled in the sending. With Mercury retro these days, anything can happen. Enjoy!

  2. Twilight says:

    Hi Fabienne~~ Transiting Neptune will be in 9th house natally for me – but 1st when my chart is re-located to USA. Not sure what happens in relocation transit-wise. Either way it’ll be interesting to watch what happens. I have Jupiter at 6 Pisces, so it’ll be 2014 before Neptune makes an exact hit on Jupiter due to retro then direct, then retro again.

    We’ll only be able to see and evaluate “effects” clearly enough to make sense of them long after the dust has settled. That’s the problem with the outer planets – yet they’re the ones with the most identifiable “effects” I always think.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      That is a good question – what happens to transits in relocated charts. I am not sure if there is an answer. I think it is a matter of comparison between the natal and the relocated chart and see what comes up in terms of events. I basically use relocated charts for solar returns, having observed that the events for a SR are much more accurate in the relocated chart. But that just me. And you are correct the effects will only be known long after the transit has passed, as the developments birthed by these outer planets transits are still emerging.
      Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, travel to far away dreamy paradises?

      • Gian Paul says:

        Might one day invite you to my sitio in the Brazilian wilderness. And kick -in some sailing to take a nice sun-tan back to the US.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:

          Gian Paul:
          I will wait (un) patiently for the invitation and add your sitio to my circuit of Rio, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Goiânia and Brasília.
          However, I must forewarn you, I don’t really tan – some Scottish ancestry on my father side, despite the Latino surname-, much to me chagrin! Also, I capsized last time I went sailing!

  3. Veronica says:

    Hi Fabienne,

    Neptune is natally in my 12th, the end of a Libra Scorpio stellium. It is inconjunct Mars in Gemini, which is retrograde.It now is opposite my MC in the 4th, and trine my Mercury and Moon. Aligning beliefs and work, mindfulness in word, thought deed, mottos, inspirational quotes, right intentions, have all featured prominently. I have needed much more sleep and have eased back on intensive exercise. Whenever I undertake clearing household chaos, I hang the art or find a quote which inspires me before tackling the main job. Setting the tone and atmosphere of the room us crucial to my motivation. I am extremely sensitive to scent, music, bright lights, other’s feelings, and ambiance in general.

    Using flower essences like Rescue Remedy and Yarrow has been helpful.

    Since I have Aquarius on the 4th, we have had impressive spills in the kitchen. We believe that various elders pass through and knock things off shelves as a way of saying “hi”. Yesterday it was the hot sauce; it spattered three feet beyond where it fell.

    Also, a friend sent an email to me, in error, in which she made blunt observations about my reliability and organization. She said that I was a wonderful person but over volunteered for everything.Ha! Guilty as charged! The next email was a long apology/explanation. I list my illusion about her attitude toward me. It was hurtful because I have often defended her against criticism and catty remarks. I replied with a courteous apology- I had failed to RSVP to a bridal shower. I made sure that it was
    worthy of the front page of our hometown paper.

    With Neptune front and center, the real will be revealed in ways we never imagined and we will be asked, ” Can you show compassion to both yourself and this other without hypocrisy or martyrdom?” I have also had opportunities to release resentment towards a friend and husband who betrayed me. I never thought I could/would but poof- it has melted away.I am still vigilant and have reinforced boundaries, but that sickening wounding and anger is melting. Curious compassion has replaced hostile judgment. Still a long way to go.

    Sorry to be so long! Most of my planets are in the 12th so I feel like I am finally getting “it”.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      No apologies necessary, Veronica, it was a very thoughtful comment on your transit. It is appreciated! It looks like your understand what you have to master and have taken appropriate steps to do so. I can only commend you for being pro-active which is such a hard thing to do when Neptune is involved. With Uranus in Aries, out of the blue dissolution of these “problems” can also happen.

  4. VJ says:

    Thank you for writing about Neptune in Pisces!

    Neptune is transiting my MC (Koch), and 9th/MC (Placidus) — confused by that, but I’m not an expert. But, I’m having vivid dreams, and am definitely writing a lot about fantasy.

    Also, Saturn is about to transit my 5th house (Moon, N. Node, Vertex) all in Scorpio, and Scorpio cusp. This will hopefully help me remain grounded, and give form to my creativity.

    This late bloomer is ready to soar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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