Neptune in Pisces and You – Part 1

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Neptune will bring the  qualities of imagination and intuition to Pisces

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Neptune in Pisces: Where is going to affect you?

In 2011, Neptune will be barely beginning its journey in Pisces, but it will give you a glimpse of what area of your life is going to start longing, yearning, envisioning or imagining what could be possible.

Remember that Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025, so whatever changes this planet will bring are bound to happen gradually over time.

Look at the house where Neptune will be transiting in you chart and check out the definitions below.

1st House Neptune: The house of self and potential

Neptune will attune your body and mind to the existence of a higher energy. With Neptune transiting your 1st house, you will discover a more idealistic, dreamy and sensitive side of yourself. You might want to develop a spiritual practice based on physical exercise such as yoga.

2nd House Neptune: The House of money and values

Your value system will undergo a complete change, putting some more spirituality on how you make money and dissolving any previous bias.  You need to be more careful with investments as Neptune is notorious for not letting you see clearly.

Neptune will stay in Pisces until 20253rd House Neptune: The House of communications

With Neptune transiting your 3rd house, intuition takes over and you learn how to use it in daily communications. A deeper appreciation for other forms of non-verbal expression can surface

You are likely to discover imaginative means of expressing yourself. Neptune stimulates your imagination and intuition. Your words are more poetic and perhaps even inspirational.

4th House Neptune: The House of home, parents, and family of origin

Family roots, family past become the focus of Neptune. This cycle can bring a yearning for a close-knit relationship with family members and/or at the same time some disappointment and disillusions with family interaction.

You might also face situations requiring sacrifices and devoting much free time to care for family members.

5th House Neptune: The House of creativity, fun, children, romance, and pleasure

Neptune brings a more romantic attitude towards love, children, and creativity. As the master of illusion and deception, Neptune can give you some rose-colored lenses in your intimate relationships during this time.

The intuitive and imaginative qualities of creativity are enhanced during this period.

6th House Neptune: The House of work, health, habits, and service

Neptune will unveil a whole new, more authentic lifestyle better suited to your own personality. Changes in everyday routine will be implemented in order to improve your health. Mysterious allergies and elusive diagnostics can be a common problem during this transit, forcing you to take better care of your health by avoiding stress.

Discovering how you can be of service to others can be part of the picture with Neptune this house.

Dissolution of unhealthy habits, routines and schedules can also be another manifestation of this transit, although sticking to a healthy lifestyle can also prove challenging.

What house is Neptune in Pisces for you? What are your own thoughts about what’s in store?

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9 Responses to Neptune in Pisces and You – Part 1

  1. VJ says:

    Neptune will transit my MC in Pisces at 24/14. I feel spacey, sleepy, dreamy, and drifting. It’s hard to remain grounded. So, I’m working with Saturn, a lot! Perhaps, Poseidon’s trident will hit me with a bolt of lightning to transform my creativity in some unique way.


    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi VJ:

      Not so much with a bolt of lightning (that’s Uranus domain) as a gradual lifting of the fog surrounding status, reputation and career choices. Dream work, intuition, meditation could be of help. But overall you seems to know how to handle this upcoming transit and work with Saturn. That’s be best way to deal with transits. Hard work with the energy of the transit and the planets, plus Saturn. A good recipe for success.

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  3. VJ says:

    I forget to mention that Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus are transiting my 10th house in Aries. I’m Gemini, and want to chuck everything, hit the road, and start over. Oh boy!

    But, I feel dreamy, sluggish and spacey, now that Venus, Chiron, and Neptune are transiting my MC in Pisces, but old Saturn is transiting my 4th in Libra, so that keeps me from jumping the gun.

    Does anyone own a barge sailing up a dreamy Nile? I’m on it!


    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Maybe you should organize these trips up and down the Nile (Neptune). Start an adventure (mars) tour company where people can heal (Chiron), by learning about history (Jupiter), the past (Saturn) while discovering the spiritual side of beauty (Venus). You would have discussions and journaling exercises (mercury) to connect to the other realm of life. What do you think? Is that a good idea?

  4. VJ says:

    I’m Gemini — does it sound good! What doesn’t sound great to Gemini when it comes to adventure!!!!!! Actually, I really like your suggestions, and will definitely check into slipping on the winged sandals of Hermes, and taking off.


  5. ciccina says:


    What happened to Neptune in the 7 – 12 houses?


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