“The Little Prince” and Neptune in Pisces

The Little Prince as the archetype of Neptune in Pisces© April 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

Neptune in Pisces

In addition to Jupiter and Uranus entry into Aries, another planet will change signs in 2011: Neptune.

This process will take place in stages, with Neptune dipping its toe in Pisces on April 4, 2011, retreating to Aquarius from August 5, 2011 to February 3, 2012, after which time it will enter the sign of its rulership again where it will stay until 2025.

As the higher octave of Venus, Neptune longs for the spiritual and ideal expression of love that connects us to each other and to the world.

Astrologers consider Neptune as a bridge to our ability to see the sacred beauty in all things.

When I was thinking how to best describe those qualities of Neptune, the book The Little Prince” from Antoine de Saint-Exupėry kept popping up in my mind.

The Little Prince makes several profound and idealistic observations about life and human nature that resonates with Neptune own attributes. Concepts that are articulated in the key thematic of the book, such as “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

similar to the Little Prince, Neptune in Pisces wants you to see the mysteris of the worldThe Little Prince

The Little Prince is a poetic self-illustrated tale in which a pilot (the narrator in the story) stranded in the desert meets a young prince from a tiny asteroid named B612. Before the little prince lands on Earth, he hops from planet to planet, meeting adults who are portrayed as strange, weak or frivolous. Once on Earth, however, the little prince meets a fox who teaches him about love. Lessons, that, in turns, he passes on to the narrator, a pilot shipwrecked in the desert.

But the book is much more than just a parable, it is also a criticism of society and how it lost its connection to the mysteries and wonders of life. To me, the whole book is an example of Neptune in Pisces and how the lessons it shares with the reader are similar to the task set for Neptune in Pisces: revive a sense of spirituality in the world.

Three lessons stand out in my memory, namely, compassion through open-mindedness, communion through exploration and curiosity, togetherness through accepting the responsibilities of love to oneself, others, and the collective.

The Dangers of Narrow-Mindedness

The first lesson “The Little Prince” learns from the fox is that one of the basis for love is open-mindedness. An attitude that adults often forget to practice in daily life.

Throughout the book, the author exposes the dangers springing from a narrow-minded attitude. For Saint-Exupėry, love cannot flourish if one is bound by stereotypes and prejudices.

According to Saint-Exupėry, narrow-mindedness is fueled by a lack of imagination, of being capable to go beyond the obvious and change one’s limited perspective on reality.

In the very first chapter, the narrator draws a sharp contrast between the respective ways grown-ups and children view the world. He explains that adults lack the imagination to see his Drawing Number One, which represents a boa constrictor swallowing an elephant, as anything other than a hat.

narrow-mindedness kills imaginationIsn’t that a lesson of Neptune in Pisces? A wider perspective on life develops love and compassion, which in turns leads to a happier and fulfilling life.

Exploration of the Mysteries of the World

The second Neptune in Pisces lesson that I see in the book is that open-mindedness comes from a willingness to explore the world, both internally and externally.

As the narrator and the little prince come to understand more clearly their own natures and their places in the world, they grow spiritually which, in turn, develops open-mindedness, which leads to love and compassion.

The key is to actively pursue adventure (exploration of the outside world) and introspection (exploration within himself).

As a consequence, we become more aware of and sensitive to the mystery and beauty of the world.

with love comes responsibility to the world at largeWith Love Comes Responsibility

As the planet of Universal Love, Neptune in Pisces teaches us the meaning of brotherly love. The book goes further deep and explains what love entails.

The Little Prince reminds us that with Love comes responsibility, for ourselves, for others and for the world in general.  The Prince’s love for his rose (a common symbol of universal love) spreads throughout the book. The prince leaves his planet because of the rose; the rose permeates the prince’s discussions with the narrator; and eventually, the rose becomes the reason the prince wants to return to his planet.

Relationships are one of the sources of spiritual enlightenment.  In the book, the fox asks to be tamed. He explains to the little prince that investing oneself in another person makes that person, and everything associated with him or her, more special.

By becoming special to each other, Saint-Exupėry teaches that the responsibility demanded by relationships with others leads to a greater understanding and appreciation of one’s responsibilities to the world in general.

Neptune in Pisces will help us recognize this fact.

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Photos:  Illustrations by Saint-Exupėry

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13 Responses to “The Little Prince” and Neptune in Pisces

  1. katley says:

    I read this book many years ago. It should be required reading in the schools because so many have forgotten the lessons that it teaches.
    I wonder if things will improve in the world with this Neptune in Pisces transit? Hopefully people will embrace the Piscean ideals of compassion, love and open-mindedness. The media focuses on what is bad in this world, we need to focus more on the good.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      Steven Forrest was the keynote speaker for our International Astrology Day event this year and his keynote focused on Neptune in Pisces. Basically what he said is that he believed that Neptune in Pisces will serve as the escape valve for the pressures from the Uranus/Pluto square, the Saturn opposition and all the difficult aspects of 2012. So, yes, apparently there is hope.

      • katley says:

        Neptune has been transiting my 12th for close to a year. I have also been under the gun from the Uranus-Pluto square. Having Neptune trining my Sun will be a respite from the bad stuff hopefully :)
        BTW am looking forward to reading about Neptune transits to houses 7-12. I’m enjoying your series very much.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:

          I probably can learn from you about this Neptune in Pisces in the 12th house transit. For most of its stay in Pisces, Neptune will be in my 12th house. Leaps of faith and learning to dream. It should be interesting.
          What have you noticed during this last year about Neptune in your 12th house? Have you felt a shift when Neptune changed signs?

          • katley says:

            I felt the shift very subtly. My dreamscape has become very strange with friends and family who have passed on populating my dreams. Also a lot of dreams related to rivers and oceans, and water in different forms.

          • Fabienne Lopez says:


            I find dreams and dream work fascinating. Maybe because I seldom remember my dreams. But the ones I remember, were highly symbolic, vivid and full of interesting information. Many of these dreams expressed the change I was going through. You got to love them!

  2. Gian Paul says:

    If I remember correctly, Saint-Ex’s life ended in a Neptunian way. He disappeared over the ocean on a postal flight to South America. He was special – and one may ask, did he have premonitions, even towards his own, tragic ending?

  3. Natalie says:

    Hi Fabienne. Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful book. I’ve read it several times years ago. Perhaps it’s time to read it again. I think it would be good to get a reminder of what Neptune stands for. When I was very young, my mother tried to get me to dive off the deep-end of a swimming pool. I refused, terrified of the water and convinced I would sink. Finally she got fed up trying to encourage me and gave me a push. I fell in the water, head first, and of course I didn’t drown, since she had taught me how to swim. (Although I didn’t forgive her for the push for years!). I have a feeling Neptune in Pisces is a bit like that: a push into the deep-end. I’ve always been sceptical to Neptune, not really wanting to take that leap into the fog.

  4. Natalie says:

    Hi Fabienne! Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful book. I’ve read it several times years ago, but perhaps it’s time to read it again with your three points in mind! When I was very young, my mother tried to get me to dive of the deep-end of a swimmingpool. I refused, convinced that I would sink and drown. Finally she got fed up trying to convince me I’d be okay, and gave me a push, and I went head first into the pool. I didn’t drown of course, since she had taught me how to swim. (Took some time to forgive that push, though!). I’ve always been sceptical to Neptune, holding back, not wanting to take a leap of faith into the “fog” if you will. Perhaps now it’s time for another push.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Natalie:

      Aaah! the fear of the deep end and the need for certainty! Both are strong human feelings that can be affected by faith. Which stirs a whole discussion on what constitutes faith. I think with Neptune in Pisces we will see both sides of faith. The uncertainty, doubt and confusion of where faith is leading us (or is it us leading faith)? The imaginative, intuitive and dream-like side of faith. Which side do we more often than not pay respect and due? All Neptunian characteristics. But as Steven Forrest pointed out, Neptune might be the open door to where we can find solutions to the stressful problems caused by the Uranus/Pluto square and the Saturn in Libra opposition.

  5. Gian Paul says:

    Katley, thankyou for the link. Sad in a way my version of his ending is wrong. Pitty he had to die because of a stupid war…

    To Fabienne: You deserve all our appreciation for “creating as you do on your blog” !

    • katley says:

      You’re quite welcome, GianPaul. Now let’s see if we can do a rectification chart on St. Exupery :). That should prove interesting since there’s quite a bit of info on him.

      Kudos to Fabienne, too!

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