Jupiter conjunct Sun: Feeling Groovy

©March 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

Warning: this is a rant post about the unfairness of Jupiter zipping through Aries. Dam it! We waited 12 years for this! And we get a measly 6 months in our sign! Totally unfair!

Jupiter/sun conjunction in aries - feelin' groovy

Painting by Melinda Etzold

Aries Jupiter/Sun Conjunction

On the day of the Spring Equinox, Jupiter was exactly conjunct my Aries Sun. I took it as a good omen for this New Year and my upcoming solar return.

I listened to Simon and Garfunkel’s Fifty Ninth Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) which, for me, embodied the transit.

In astrology books, this transit is heralded as a most marvelous one. Supposedly, it brings some astonishing good events and luck.

Unfortunately, this is mostly hype and propaganda from some astrologer with a well-aspected sun.

If your sun has only hard aspects in your chart, those aspects are going to be activated by the Jupiter conjunction. Thus, the benefic blessings of Jupiter are mitigated.

Instead of instantaneous, fall on your lap luck, what you get is the strength to push hard for your luck.

As you can tell, I am one of those whose sun only has hard-aspects. In my opinion, having a first house Aries sun is a marginal compensation for the above fact.

Thus, my relationship with Jupiter is to be grateful that things do not get worse than they should during a particular transit.

Given my general experience with Jupiter transits, I was not expecting much of this one. Nonetheless, I wanted to enjoy this transit.

jupiter/sun conjunction marks a new 12 year cycleRiding the Jupiter/Sun Conjunction Experience

Happiness and optimism were my set intentions for the day. Up to March 20th, I had not experienced any jovial energy or seen any luck coming my way. And Jupiter was already halfway through Aries!

I wanted a one-day break from the pressures of Saturn opposing my sun. A transit I was much more aware of than the Jupiter one.

So far, I had been feeling depressed, sad, pessimistic about my future, frustrated by my circumstances, and bitter for what I had to show for my efforts.

On the day of the Spring Equinox, I could feel the Jupiter energy at work, independently of my intentions, pouring down on me.

All day long, I felt pretty groovy, with an unabashed sense of happiness, contentment, and self-confidence.

What did I get from this transit? I received a totally unexpected piece of good news.

A Jupiter/Sun conjunction is touted as the beginning of a new 12-year cycle that allows us to expand and enlarge our personal landscapes.

That’s what I have felt since then.  I feel more optimistic and confident about my future, which, in turns, encourages me to pursue some shelved projects and feeling confident that, this time, they can be successful.

The conjunction happened in my first house. Since then, I have observed that people – readers, clients, and friends – started to notice my work and me.  Nothing has changed. I still am who I am and my astrology work hasn’t changed. Their perception has shifted, at least that how I see it. I might be wrong. I am however  being offered more opportunities.

To a new cycle!

Do you have Jupiter/Sun aspect in your chart? What did you experience when transiting Jupiter was conjunct your Sun?

If you are an Aries, you can also complain about the shortness of Jupiter’s stay in Aries. Thanks for sharing.

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22 Responses to Jupiter conjunct Sun: Feeling Groovy

  1. Mimi says:

    I have Jupiter 4 deg Aries 12th house Sun 5 degrees Sag 8th house.
    that’s IT that’s right now! what’s going on?
    health is good, want to retire NOW but I am not. Husband’s work (also a sun Sag) going really good so maybe I can..
    Painting oodles, good stuff, making progress.. Hm, I painted a big hard painting that came out very well during that transit. That’s it!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Mimi:

      Seems like Jupiter in Aries has been a productive transit for you! Cool! There is a lot of stuff going around in Aries, especially during April, so poke around to get a better idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. katley says:

    I’ve enjoyed Jupiter’s transit through my first house. I’ve made lots of friends during the past year and many of them are foreign. Too bad this transit is ending soon. I don’t have a Sun-Jupiter aspect in my chart, but I do have a Moon-Jupiter opposition. Have you covered this here?

  3. Heather says:

    I too have an early aries sun and waited all winter for the bag of “goodies” from jupiter. I really haven’t noticed anything but I am much more positive about my future then I was. I also made it through the saturn opp and pluto sq to my sun and expected some sort of fireworks from jupiter. It didn’t happen but atleast saturn is far enough away not to oppose my sun again, and after pluto stations direct next fall it won’t square my sun anymore…..yay!! After last fall that could be a great blessing:)

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      That is often the way with Jupiter. There is so much hype about how lucky, and good this transit is that people have come to expect a lot from this transit. Often, a Jupiter transit is more like “how bad it did not get” instead of “how lucky I am”. To really experience the latter, you need to have good aspects to your natal sun and natal Jupiter.
      Although, I would say that no longer having the depressive feelings that Saturn can generate when opposing a sun is really a blessing. Feeling optimistic and being able to carry on with your projects and life in general, is something to be thankful to Jupiter.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have Jupiter 19 Aries/5th house and Sun/Moon/Venus in Leo/9th trining Jupiter. But alas, Saturn also opposes the trio at 19 Aqu. So I seem to experience both the harshness of Saturn and the benevolence of Jupiter, usually by it swooping in to save the day at the 11th hour. Although in all honesty I will have to say, I have always been taken care of and have always felt divinely guided and protected.

    I was hoping for a longer visit by Jupiter this year too, especially since my Solar Return asc. from last year is 17 Aries. I am looking forward to seeing what my Jupiter return brings this year. Already things are looking up after a the last few very difficult years, and I am grateful for that.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      For a clue as to what your Jupiter returns will bring, try to remember what happened during the previous Jupiter returns. I will give you a general sense. Also I would go back to last summer -2010 – and have a look at what you wanted to start in terms of goals and projects and for some reason they got put aside. That also could be an indicator.

  5. Gian Paul says:

    For what it’s worth, having observed Jupiter’s effect in variuos “real lives” (including mine of course), there is a simple rule: once Jupiter has transited the FC (recently happened for me), one can look forward to things/interests/situations EXPANDING, roughly for 6 years, until he transits one’s MC.

    As for you Fabienne, with Ju now firmly in House 1, you may have some 3 years of Jupiterian “sowing” to do, tilting the soil, experimenting, especially out-of your box.

    Other planets play of course their own role, this being just a “simple rule”, but I personally found a lot of confirmation for it.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      I think you are right, Gian Paul. I am being more adventurous and exploring new venues of self-expression with astrology, writing, public-speaking, workshops and story-teller. No idea where this is going to take me, but I am discovering and build-up muscle for some newly discovered talents I did not know I had. Now I just have to solve the money problem.

  6. msfullroller says:

    Rant on girlfriend!! I totally agree with you on “Thus, my relationship with Jupiter is to be grateful that things do not get worse than they should during a particular transit…”

    Fortunately my 8th house Sun is quintile 10th house Jupiter. However, that natal Jupiter part of a t-square involving Saturn, Uranus & Pluto so this Jupiter/Saturn opposition is mirroring my natal square. Your statement is pretty much my life motto. lol However on the day of T.Jupiter was conjunct my Sun, I too got some unexpected good news. Not great but it could have been worse. See, I’m always saying that!

    I’m wondering if situations are gonna be much more difficult this time around because 12 years ago, Jupiter and Saturn were traveling together for awhile, in Taurus until Jupiter of course pulled ahead.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      Thanks for letting me rant, I needed it! As to your question, I have high hopes for Jupiter in Taurus, as it could give us some relief from Saturn, i.e. in a more sensuous way. Jupiter could probe us to be more attuned to our senses and give us more optimism in dealing with the day to day realities. As for Saturn, I am just waiting for it to turn direct. It will be a relief and hopefully things will start moving, even if it is only to drum up just new obstacles instead of the old ones of this retrograde period.

      • msfullroller says:

        I’m hoping so too. Even though we did not get a full year of Jupiter, my North Node is in Taurus and a couple of goddess asteroids, so I’m looking forward to some good stuff.

  7. Gian Paul says:

    Like your new looks (picture shown) — all the stellium in Aries can do!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Thanks Gian Paul! It’s a few years old but basically I haven’t changed, except for being older. But it is the Aries/playful/joyful energy that is attractive. I was torn between putting this one up and another picture where I am making chewing gum bubbles!

  8. katley says:

    I like your new avatar. I can see some mischief brewing behind those glasses :)

  9. kiki says:

    Can I please vent for a second about the fact that Jupiter is speeding through Aries, leaving in two short weeks, AND Saturn is basically blocking any good luck Jupiter might have given me? GRRRRRR.

    Glad that’s out. March was a pretty amazing month for me- or so I thought. On March 4, I literally fell in love at first sight (stop laughing!) with a Scorpio. We were graced with each others presence for a few hours, but it was only in passing because we were on vacation.

    So what happens the next week? I get assigned a research project in his hometown. What are the chances?!?! I email mr.soulmate, make plans for dinner when I’m in town blah blah blah. My trip gets delayed (thanks a lot, Mercury). Communication between us also did a nose dive probably the exact second Merc went retro. It was literally at like 1030 am on March 30 the strangest things started happening with my email, texts, phone. My work email server had to be shut down and rebooted, and messages were appearing in my inbox completely out of order, like Message 432, then 376, and there were messages I never received at all. WEIRD! Fifteen years of the internet and I have NEVER heard of that, not even when having AOL dial-up was considered living the good life!

    Long story short, I never hear from him again. Did my emails get lost? Did his? Should I call him? OR IS HE JUST NOT THAT INTO ME. Knowing mercury can do this with messages, and also knowing I am an intense aries, I back off for a little bit and let mercury do his thing. End of April I go on my trip, let him know I’m in town, but no response. For some reason it might have been the.most.heartbreaking.moment.of.my.life.


    I think I might have put too many feelings into this, knowing Jupiter was in my sign, and assuming my business trip was fate or something. BUT REALLY JUPITER?

    I can only hope this means in the last two weeks of May I will meet the hottest professional baseball player the East Coast has to offer, and perhaps my not meeting up with dream man on my business trip was in fact a blessing because he had a nasty STD or something, right? Trying to find the positive because this is just depressing. Cheeeeeesh.

    What has been happening with everybody else?

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      I totally understand your frustration with Jupiter’s zipping through Aries. It’s not fair. Aries natives have waited 12 years for this and will have to wait another 12 for the next cycle. The surprise romantic relationship might have been more Uranus than Jupiter, especially if Uranus was aspecting your natal Venus. Look for a small blessing as far as Jupiter is concerned instead of the BIG win and the condition of the your Aries house.

  10. kiki says:

    Oh I never thought of Uranus?! Yay that means maybe this will happen for seven more years :)

  11. Christina says:

    I have Jupiter conjunct my Sun today at 27 degrees Aries, trine my Ascendant at 27 degrees Leo. My Sun is on the cusp of my 9th House and no sudden foreign trips or even long-distance phone calls (I am from the UK and live in the US so thought I might at least get a phone call!). I also heard that my husband isn’t very well which shouldn’t be happening today…..

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      I am sorry to disappoint you, but, in my experience, people’s expectations about the luck Jupiter will bring them is overblown. Most of the time, it’s just a feel good event or experience, very fleeting, almost imperceptible sometimes. However, you might feel the luck more if your natal Jupiter is strong and well aspected. Otherwise, what I said above stands.

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