Creativity and Element Imbalances in the Chart:Lack of Water

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Creativity and the Lack of an Element

This is the last post in this series. After looking how the lack of Fire, Earth, and Air affects creativity, we turn to the last element – Water.

People with a lack of water in their chart have difficulty expressing their emotions

Water is the domain of feelings in astrology

Absence of Water Characteristics

  • Lack of emotional intensity,
  • Tendency to be shallow, callous, aloof, cold and detached
  • Distrust of intuition
  • Inability to understand the deeper meanings of events and circumstances
  • Difficulty engaging emotions
  • Difficulty forming friendships and emotional bonds
  • Lack of empathy and compassion

Absence of Water and Creativity

A difficulty to attune to the feelings of others with empathy and compassion or trouble dealing with their own emotional needs could be manifestations of a lack of water.

In my view, the biggest problem with an absence of water in the chart from a creative standpoint is the inability to use intuition to the fullest while creating.

Art must be experienced intuitively.

Art and intuition merge on many levels. Both intuition and art invite us to go inward, to acknowledge what we feel, what we know, what we suspect, what we think, and what we experience. It must make us react, because without reaction there is no experience.

If the artist cannot generate this experience for himself and use his intuition to translate the experience into an esthetic form then what he is doing, in my opinion, is showing technique, but no soul.

With a lack of water in the chart, either, the artist is blocking his emotional reactions or has an inability to “get it.” He simply cannot understand emotions or lacks the ability to experience it.

Creativity should not be rational. On the contrary, it should be direct and unedited and personal.

Pain and suffering are difficult emotions for people who lack water in their chartDefinition of Feelings in Art

In my previous series on Creativity and the 4 Elements – Water, I associated Feeling to the Water element and defined “Feeling as the experience of affective and emotional states, including sensation and intuition.”

What happens to an artist with a lack of Water in his chart? What problems does he encounter in transposing his feelings in art?

Lack of Water and Feelings

As with any element imbalance in a chart, the artist is faced with two possible attitudes. Either he will struggle to express his emotions or he will compensate by over-expressing his feelings.

For a writer, this lack could show up as a difficulty coming up with scenes with strong emotional content or an inability to weave emotional rapport between the characters. Or, he could go the other direction, and become very good at describing emotional pain in all its aspects, such as, the fear it can engender, the consequences of disregarding emotional needs, of accumulating suffering, or revealing their inner misery and solitude.

The same thing could be said of musicians. I can think of several musicians who have that ability: Debussy, Beethoven, Haydn, and Richard Strauss.

I also can see a creative person with no water in his chart go, periodically, through bouts of creative expression as a way to purge himself of an accumulation of emotional “waste”.

What is your experience? Does any of the descriptions ring true for you? How have you dealt with the lack of water in your chart? How do you express your emotions in your artwork?

Thank you for sharing!

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13 Responses to Creativity and Element Imbalances in the Chart:Lack of Water

  1. Natalie says:

    Interesting series, Fabienne. Will you be writing about “too much” of one element as well?

  2. katley says:

    What I liked best about this series was reading about how art (of all kinds) is flavored by the natal chart of the artist. Enjoyed this very much!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Katley:
      Yes, it’s amazing how just the lack of one element in a chart, can drive the whole chart. But also understandable, I think, as human beings we always looking for balance and feeling whole. And the lack of something feels like a hole in our connection to the universe.

  3. Rachael says:

    I have one water planet and one earth,in opposition the rest is air & fire .If anything my emotions are over expressed.

    I actually took offense to the beginning of your post because seeing my chart ( and part of me ) stereotyped as cold and unemotional kinda hurt my feelings a little lol.Thinking that you would see my chart and think I’m this cold awful unfeeling person just because I have lack of water?

    Then I read on and I felt less offended :).My partner and I both lack water,he has even less water and he’s more fit toward the stereotype.I have just a little bit more and most of our battles are about how my feelings got hurt lol

    I consider myself highly creative,it’s the only way I can function with all my emo’s flying around everywhere.The hurt feelings especially have to be purged as you said.They have to be put out there or I will hang onto those feelings until the end of time,it’s the only way I can begin to let go.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Rachael:
      Welcome. Sorry, if I offended you. I certainly was not my intention, but, very often, speaking in general terms it’s hard to avoid the cliches. Without looking at a chart you can only speak about general tendencies, without knowing a specific individual is going to express his chart. It seems that you have a good grasp of how the different elements express themselves in your life and you are able to use it creatively.
      Thanks for sharing your example.

  4. Fascinating post, thank you for sharing your insights. The only water in my natal chart is my Cancer ascendant, ruled by a Sagittarius moon, and when looking at planetary placements in my chart (mostly Fire and Earth) on their face, I guess one could draw the conclusions that I am unemotional; it’s difficult for me to get in touch with my feelings; or I find it difficulty tapping into my intuition (not true).

    I’m a photographer, and I’ve struggled internally, not with being creative per se, but with the idea of whether or not I’m “doing the right thing” by pursuing my passion (all my fiery planets) versus having a boring 9 to 5 that pays the bills and provides material security (all those Virgo planets).

    I’m wondering, though, do you advise taking into account midpoints and the angles of chart when assessing creativity (potential or how it is expressed) of the native? I know that this is taking your theory beyond the general to the more specific, and you may have answered this already, so if you have, I apologize for being redundant. Thanks and I look forward to following your blog and integrating your insights into my astro studies.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi PhillyVirgo72:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It truly appreciate your effort. I hear about about the constant struggle between creativity and financial security. It’s an all too common battle that has only individual response. Personally, I haven’t found a definite answer and have been going back and forth, alternating between secure jobs and living off from my astrology practice. I think this struggle has a lot do with Saturn and the need for time to mature and understand what we want truly to achieve.
      As for you question, I do not work with midpoints, so I have no set advice to give you on that one. Midpoints don’t speak to me. If they do to you, use them and see what comes out of it.
      As for angles, I am more inclined to use them, if they have a planet near by or if their ruler stands out in the chart. It’s more of an individual feeling that comes with each char, client and problem that is being brought up during the consultation.

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  6. Alina says:

    Interesting and helpful insight, Fabienne. I am also a non-water type of a person: Capricorn with Gemini Ascendant and Libra Moon. The only planet in a water sign is Uranus (Scorpio) and the only planet in a water house is… Saturn in the 4th House. Unemotional, detached, cold – one might say. To tell you the truth, I’m the exact opposite: overly emotional, empathic and dreamy, I cry at movies and I find very difficul keeping my tears back when there is any emotional moment around me. BUT by being hurt so many times by people’s bluntness I learned how to keep all my emotions for myself and in fact I now have a problem showing any emotion on the outside, except when I’m with the closest person in my life – my fiancee, the only one to know me fully.

    I think my strong emotional nature might be attributed to my Asc ruler, Mercury, being conjunct Neptune…

    Creativity plays a big part in my life having Pluto, Moon and North Node in Libra in the 5th House. I play in a band, I’we always written, I sew and do handcrafting.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Welcome Alina:

      Your comment was a great example on how somebody with a lack or low element could express that element in two distinctive and opposite ways at the same time. How you can keep your emotions for yourself and appear cold and detached while being able to give an outlet to these same emotions when faced with a situation that touches you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Palagia says:

    I have no water at all in my chart. To make things worse I have a Gemini moon. I don’t think of myself as an unemotional person, if anything, I think I am a little hypersensitive. However, I have a great deal of difficulty connecting emotionally with others. Every friend I have ever had was born under a water sign. My most successful friendships have been with people who have very strong Cancer charts. I have usually been considered a creative person (started out as a professional musician) but ended up doing technical work. What can I say, regardless of the chart, we alll manage the best we can!

  8. Palagia says:

    I would just like to elaborate a little on my previous post. What I meant about friendship is that my way of coping with the fact that I appear a little aloof and emotionally detached to others is to find friends who are emotionally adept enough to be able see the person I really am inside (my soul, if you will). As I see it, the soul has nothing whatever to do with astrology and exists entirely outside the material plane. I see astrology as empirical and existing within the material plane. I also think that artistic results can be equally achieved by intuitive thinking and by painstaking effort. Mozart and Schubert were intuitive. Greatness came easily to them. Beethoven revised, struggled, and mercilessly evaluated his work until he was satisfied with it. In the end, he surpassed every other composer who ever lived except perhaps Bach.

    What I like about Cancer natives: they are emotionally robust. If you allow them to glimpse your soul and they like what they see, they award you an unconditional life-time membership in their tiny universe.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Palagia:

      Yes, we do struggle to overcome our weaknesses and become better people. Whether learning to develop on ourselves or finding somebody who can embody the quality we are lacking so we can better understand. I do not know about astrology existing within the material plane, but I believe you do not need astrology to do a reading!
      Any case, thank you for your comment and welcome to the Astrology Unboxed community!

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