Creativity and Element Imbalances in the Chart – Lack of Fire

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Creativity and chart imbalance

In my first series on Creativity and the 4 elements, I equate an element with a specific aspect of creativity: Fire with composition, earth with materials, air with technique and water with feelings.

This new series revisits this equation and attempt to understand how the lack of an element can affect the linked creativity component. For example, how a lack of air can affect an artist’s creativity or a lack of water interfere with the expression of his feelings.

Yesterday, we looked at chart imbalances in general. Today, we focus on the absence of fire.

a ack of fire in the chart often translates into apathy and lack of passionCharacteristics of the Absence of Fire

  • Lack of vitality, passion for life and courage
  • Lack of self-confidence, conviction, enthusiasm, optimism
  • Inability to take action or take initiative
  • Underestimation of own abilities and self-worth
  • Reluctance to be in the spotlight
  • Difficulties with self-expression
  • Inability to take risks or face challenges

Absence of Fire and Creativity

How this imbalance would manifest in relation to a person’s creativity?

The most obvious one, in my opinion, would be a difficulty in finding inspiration, in being self-expressive.

For an artist, the absence of fire would make him feel compelled to force self-expression in order to compensate for the lack of these traits. As a result, he could become an over-achiever working constantly and persistently on his creativity in order to be able to achieve modest results.

Often times the lack of self-confidence is compounded by the bad habit of underrating their abilities, which can be conducive to making artists who lack fire to assist other artists less talented but who possess more drive and grits.

On the other hand, the artist could become consumed by a cause, involved in polemics, and a belief system where he can express the fiery function in his chart. What they are looking for is a way to burn bright, turn their art form into an incendiary expression that forever brands them. Passion is often their most hailed expression.

Rudolf Valentino, Keats, Byron, and Scott Fitzgerald come to mind. They all lacked fire, but they are all known for their passion.

Fire is the feeling of being consumed by your creativity

Painting by Patrick Gunderson

Composition Definition

In my previous series, I correlated the fire element with composition in art. In my post, I defined composition as the arrangement of elements in a work of art. All works of art have an order determined by the artist. Composition creates a hierarchy within the work, which tells the viewer the relative importance of the imagery and elements included.

The question therefore is what happens to the composition ability of an artist who lacks fire in this chart?

Lack of Fire and Composition

I believe that the lack of fire would reflect in his composition ability that makes everything look as if in the same focal plane. Nothing would jump out as the central point of focus. The end result would be a composition whose overall first impression would be one of a very busy image.

Individual motifs would have no relation to the remaining ones resulting in a lack of overall plan.

A lack of fire would make almost impossible for the artist to create some sort of order in the composition, which, in turn, makes impossible any sort of uniformity in his expression.

What problems have the absence of fire has created in your life? What are the difficulties you have in expressing yourself through your art? Do you have trouble composing your art pieces? Share you experience.

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11 Responses to Creativity and Element Imbalances in the Chart – Lack of Fire

  1. Natalie says:

    Hi Fabienne. I could more or less check all your points. It’s very much the way it works with no fire. It’s really hard to stay focused with all that inner doubt. I do have a few techniques that works for me: I’m not confrontational or aggressive, so people tend to overlook me – leaving me to do what I want under the radar, so to speak. I find that being ruthless works for me. I don’t mean that I’m terrible to people (I’m quite nice, actually :D), but I am ruthless in protecting what I want to do, so I can get where I want to be. It takes me forever to decide what I want, with lots of false stops and starts, so I have worked hard to find out excactly what it is that I want. I tend to overlook my achievements, forget them even, so I’m using a touch of Feng Shui (there’s lot about Feng Shui for writer’s on the net). to strengthen the fire element: I’ve put diplomas and reviews of my books (the good ones), book covers, letters from agents/publishers, my contracts, etc on the wall above my desk, so that I can be reminded that I don’t start from scratch every time I sit down to work.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      It seems you have a good handle on the situation and approach your lack of fire with a very practical way. It seems you are using your earthy planets to ground in a practical way the fire energy you summon and direct it to your ambitions. The earth gives you patience and discipline to do it regularly. Good use of one element to boost the lack of another!

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  3. Dr. John Hull says:

    Dear Fabienne,
    Thanks so much for sharing your connections of the elements [fire, water, air and earth] with creativity. You’re right on here, for sure! I was born December 31, 1950 in Denver, Colorado. My natal chart is primarily earth (sun, mercury and venus capricorn and taurus rising) and air (saturn, moon, south node and neptune libra, and, mars/10th house aquarius) with a touch of water (jupiter and north node pisces) and little fire (pluto in leo). All of my life I’ve struggled with being motivated (“fire,” passion, enthusiasm, etc) and with understanding, dealing with and expressing deeply felt feelings (“water,” emtional ups and downs, intuitions, etc.). I’ve worked in radio, done voice-over tv & radio programs, and, have been a university professor of speech, communication, and, leadership psychology for over thirty-five years. I am now on a new adventure which is to go into my consulting business on a full time basis by writing the four books I’ve always wanted to write. Yet, getting the “fire” up each day to write and then enjoying the process (“water” fun) has been a real challenge for me. [It seems the only times, in the past, I've really written alot has been when I've been really angry about a poor decision, an injustice or something unfair that's happened to someone close to me.] But, I don’t want to write my four books out of a state of anger all the time. Do you have any other suggestions which might help keep me motivated on a daily basis? Any insights will be gratefully received!
    Dr. John hull

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Dr. Hull:
      I would have only two advices to give you. First one was from writer Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, In her 2009 TED conference, she basically said that our job as creative people is to show up. Every day. The muse, as a daimon, might not show on that day, but we must. It’s our job, to sit in front of our computers and write, anything and everything, every day. Show up and inspiration will eventually do her job. Its an advice I follow to heart even when I don’t feel it. Here is the link to her speech on how to nurture creativity:
      The other thing I would suggest is to get yourself a writing buddy, partner, coach, whatever your want to call it to keep you motivated. It can be a professional writing or life coach or just somebody who will be there for you to encourage you, keep you on track, with whom you can bounce off ideas, and help you overcome the inevitable hurdles of writing on a consistent basis, and go with you to the places you don’t want to go and understand why you are not writing, etc… In addition, having someone we are accountable to, works like a charm. Nothing like a deadline to motivate you and you need to turn in something.

  4. Dr. John Hull says:

    Dear Fabienne,
    Oh yes, I forgot to mention, the planet uranus is in cancer (water) which gives me a bit more feeling and intuition. I’ve had many psychic/spiritual experiences in my life and seem to have a fairly strong intuitve bent, too!
    Dr. John Hull

  5. Sandra says:

    Hi, appreciate the time you took to write your post. I have a total void in Fire. I think the only Fire I have is asteroids Juno in Leo, Ceres in Aries.
    My planets are: 4 Water, 3 Air, 3 Earth, and an Earth Ascendant. North Node in Water, Chiron in Water.
    My experience with lack of Fire so far has been-up to the age of 14-15 – extremely vivid imagination, almost compulsively drawn towards some forms of artistic expression, mainly painting. I loved anything to do with glamor and magic.
    I do not agree with the lack of structure thing. In school, I was known to have the most unique drawings and most of them were symbolic, I’d do black and white paintings of mythical creatures, for instance. Or an illustration of a legend, but most had one or two focal points.
    The painting you posted in here reminds me a lot of the style of one of my former class mates, also a very good painter, who is a Fire Moon, Venus, and Saturn.
    I would say a chart can influence the outlook of a person, definitely, so, automatically, influence their “work”. So, from that perspective, I have always been drawn to painting dark pictures-literally-by using mostly heavy colors like black, grey, blue, moss-green, intense red. anything mysterious and “transporting” to another world(I’m a Pisces)
    I pretty much dropped the drawing thing at 14 because I started getting depressed, and lost my sense of joy in painting. Haven’t done anything since. (am 22 now).
    I will be the first to admit that I never had an extrordinary talent, but I enjoyed it so much, that I pretty much surpassed the more natural “painters” simply by original perspectives.
    Other than that, I had a good singing voice, and was also known to write beautiful short stories during that same period.
    After the age of 14 I found some solace within solving math problems, I loved the intellectual challenges, and it also provided a chance to use my intuition.
    What I am trying to point out here is that I never felt I had to “overcompensate” anything, all my life I felt I was more passionate than anyone I knew, but simply could not express myself, that is why I enjoyed painting, because it was a release for me.
    After the depression though, I am having real difficulty feeling real enthusiasm and joy, or even pleasure in anything. It all seems pointless. Even without the heavy emotional feelings, I just feel..blah. Blank. I am struggling to find my passion now, after more than 5 years of severe depression. It’s like waking up from a coma.
    If I would say I wanted one thing for sure ever since I was a child, it was being an artist of some kind, but I became increasingly more repressed because my parents would not hear of it. They are engineers, and saw that I was bright, so they did not want me to “waste” my mind, which I ended up doing, anyway. Because with no passion for life, there is no motivation in anything.
    Other than that, things I can say about myself: definitely did not have an “inborn” sense of confidence. For most of my life I was EXTREMELY insecure, to the point of not trusting what I saw with my own eyes. Also had NO self-esteem between ages of 14 and 21(depression, maybe).
    Another thing I can say is that I am very not physical, but never saw this as a flaw of any kind. I simply could not care less about sports or dancing or even sex. Most of the time I enjoy being disconnected from my body, floating, like a ghost.
    I am also very introverted, meaning I enjoy my time in solitude. I have never understood people who constantly need interaction.
    I have also been often accused of underestimating myself, but I tell those people that they are OVERestimating me. haha.
    I have also been accused of being unambitious, which I see as a quality, again. I think if more people were unambitious, the world would be a much more harmonious place.
    And I also had extreme anxiety about any changes or challenges, but again, I think that was mostly depression.
    For the past year, I have felt emotionally stable, and have started loving challenges. I can’t wait for my next chance to show off. haha.
    In terms of taking the initiative..again, true. But I am pathologically afraid of responsibility, when it comes to taking initiative about dumb actions, I do it.
    Also, funny thing is for the first 14 years of my life I have been known for my humor and ability to make people laugh.
    Well, I could go on and on about my life..but overall, I would say lack of an element does not show that the person doesn’t have something, it’s that they are unaware, or “out of touch” with those sides of themselves.
    Saying people with no Fire have no passion is the same as saying people with no Water have no emotions, which is silly. Everybody has emotions.
    In fact, I know a couple of people with little or no Water and they usually seem very cold and unemotional, but they take the longest time to recover after break-ups.
    I also know a very brilliant man with an IQ of 174 who killed himself in his mid 30s after having suffered from manic-depression for almost 20 years. He was a Leo with an Aries Moon.
    Point being just as with no Water, you have difficulty coping with emotions, with no Fire, you have difficulty coping with your own passion-you either suppress it, or just flat out deny you have it. I have done both in my life.
    One extra thing I would say about not having Fire is that I am a very refined person, with sharp senses and accute observation and intuition. I never see anything as “solid”. And absolutely hate vulgarity or any mark of crudeness.
    I have seen this to be true of other people with little or no Fire, as well. Even Rudolph Valentino seemed very refined, that’s what made him so sensuous, and appealing to women, I think.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Sandra:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You certainly have reflected about the manifestions of a lack of fire in your own chart and I appreciate your willingness to share with other readers. What I described in my post was a generalization of what often happens to people with no fire in their chart. Not everyone will experience this characteristic the same way. I believe that this is one of the beauties of astrology since it gives everyone a chance to better understand themselves by acknowledging all the possible expressions of a particular astrological manifestation.

  6. paulo says:

    Which foods are more likely to increase motivation?Which ones are fire?


    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Paulo:

      There is a number of cookbooks that talk about specific foods for each sign. I like “The Astrology Cookbook: A Cosmic Guide to Feasts of Love” by Stephanie Rosenbaum. In addition you might consider looking at Indian astrology and the Ayurveda system. It’s based on the 4 elements. Just google it.

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