Creativity and Element Imbalances in the Chart

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Many of the concepts in this series are based on Stephen Arroyo’s book “Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements” and Richard Idemon’s book “The Magic Thread”.

element imbalances in the chart can unconsciously affect us

water, fire, earth and air

Creativity and the 4 Elements

A couple a weeks ago, I wrote a series about the intersection of creativity and the 4 astrological elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water).

Many of my readers confirmed my observations, but they also inquired about how to deal with the imbalances in their chart. They wanted to learn about the impact of and what they could do about it.

To answer their questions, I decided to write this new series on creativity and element imbalances in the chart.

This 5 part series will start with a look at the energy imbalances in general and proceed to dive into more specifics with an analysis for each element and how to deal with the element imbalance from a creative standpoint.

The absence of an element in a chart seems to be the missing link that drives you to look for it in your life. The lack of an element in your chart

A missing element in the chart is likely to exert a powerful and unconscious influence over it.

The manifestation of this missing element generally shows in one of the five following ways:

DenialI am going to deny it exists

Repression - I acknowledge its existence but I am not doing anything about it

ProjectionI will let somebody else carry the missing element for me

Sublimation - I will direct the energy where I want it to go, not where it wants to go

Compensation – I will master the qualities of this missing element to compensate for its lack thereof.

Missing Fire: No passion

When you don’t have the Fire element in your chart, you lack passion, hope, enthusiasm, and joie-de-vivre, both of which make us feel connected with the Universe.

There is a distinct lack of energy when fire is missing. People without fire often feel depressed, helpless in the face of the world, melancholic and even withdrawn.

To compensate for their lack of fire, these people often come out as aggressive and full of rage.

They also will be drawn to fiery people with whom they can have a passionate relationship, where they can feel alive and energetic and have such confidence in themselves that they seem to burst at the seams.

Missing Earth: Never Enough

Often times, people with a missing earth function have a difficult relationship with their body. They might become body obsessed (plastic surgery, bodybuilding, exercise fanatics, etc….) or develop food disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. At the heart, there is an inherent dislike of body functions because they never know when it is enough. They seem incapable of grounding themselves.

Missing Water: I don’t know what I feel

People with no water in their chart have a difficulty knowing what they are feeling or expressing it. They may not understand pain or be able to feel it.  On the other hand, they might become addicted to it.

People with no water might compensate this lack by becoming super sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic. They might also become lost into fantasy, illusion and the imagination as a result of their lack of boundaries.

Missing Air: I am dumb belief

The missing air quality is evident with the inability to stand back, analyze, detach, and be objective. More often than not, they go into extremes, becoming specialized in one area of knowledge while being incapable of functioning in others. They are the super-intellectuals, the geniuses, and the student with multiple doctorates who is always apologizing for his “stupid” questions.

Element imbalances in the chart can spur creativityThe element imbalance and creativity

The lack of an element in a chart is often the place where there is the most opportunity to learn about oneself and grow. The difficulties and the accompanying pain can act as creative catalysts. Something, I can attest too.

Personally, the lowest element in my chart is earth.  Not missing, but I have an emphasis in fire and water to the detriment of air and earth.

I am always compensating for these two elements. With earth lows, I cook a lot and tackle culinary difficulties such as making bread, French macaroons, and homemade marshmallows after going through a phase on learning how to saw and knit. My best friends are mostly earthy types.

I have difficulties expressing my thoughts either in my speech or in my writing, considering them unintelligible or too common sense to be interesting. For a very long time, I would often apologize for my dumb question. Over the years, I have pushed myself hard to write in a clear and concise way, to be easily understood.

How about you? What is your missing element? How do you deal with the lack of that element? Share your story here.

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8 Responses to Creativity and Element Imbalances in the Chart

  1. Natalie says:

    I have no fire in my chart, and the strongest element is water. Mars is sulking in Cancer, so is of no help. I find it hard to keep up my motivation. This can be very difficult to overcome. I will start on something very optimistic, and then after awhile, especially if I don’t see results at once or it seems to huge an effort, I will begin to loose heart, so I have to use a lot of willpower to keep the motivation going. It takes a huge effort for me to accomplish anything, and I have to be very clear on how much I want it. Fortunately for me, I’m very ambitious in my field, and with the help of a very strong Pluto, I manage to finish things. My co-writer is an Aries, so that helps!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      I understand your frustration with Mars in cancer, having that placement myself. Astrology helped me understand how to deal with it. Mars in cancer is an excellent defense strategist. His goal is to nurture, preserve and Defend. Not to be in the offensive. After I understood that’s how Mars in Cancer asserted itself, I was better at harnessing its energy. But still not an easy thing to do. So, I totally get your struggle.
      As for having no fire, see my post tomorrow. How do you deal with no fire? Are the characters in your books very fiery? passionate, enthusiastic?

      • Natalie says:

        I do have a strong Virgo (sensualism), and a strong Scorpio (passion) – a powerful mix for romance novels, so yes, lots of passion, (although I do blush when I write the more explicit love scenes). My characters do tend to be a bit brooding and sometime on the depressive side, until they find love, of course!
        About Mars – nice to know it can be handled! I have so much water in my chart, I should be a fish. It’s great for creativity, though, so I don’t complain, really.

  2. katley says:

    Just for fun, I had percentages of each element in my chart calculated. You can find the website here. You have to enter your date, time and place of birth.

    These were the results:
    Water: 40.2%
    Fire: 27.9%
    Air 16.6 %
    Earth 15.3%

    I’m surprised the earth was as high as it was (Venus in Taurus must count for a lot). The earth people in my life keep me grounded, anyway :)

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Katley:
      I went to the site you suggested and tried on my own chart. I also got results that were a little surprising. A guess its a matter how much weight you attribute to each planet and rising sign. If you want to delve even further in the strengths of each of your planets, I suggest you check out, Donna Cunningham’s blog – skywriter -. She has a series of tests that are fun to do.

  3. Hi, Fabienne, this is a great new article and what looks to be another excellent series on creativity. (Keep it up, and you can combine all these series into an ebooklet!)

    My weakest element is earth–I have nothing there really except Neptune in Virgo. However, when you draw in the aspects to my chart, my entire chart balances on a point that Neptune makes in my 3rd house, and I am a writer. So it becomes a key point in my chart. I handle the lack of earth mainly through making myself overcompensate by conscious attention to concrete detail and practical application of astrology and psychology. It is never easy, but in the course of a lifetime of effort have learned to do it passably well.

    Fabienne, I really want people to know about your good work on Astrology Unboxed, and so I am wondering if I could reprint this piece on Skywriter with you as a guest blogger and plenty of links to your series. I believe it would be of great interest to my readers. Donna Cunningham

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hello Donna:
      Thanks for sharing your strategy on how to handle your weakest element. I am wondering if you could share how you have used your strong element(s) to help you boost your earth imbalance? It seems that you have used the Air element (thinking, astrology and psychology) to find practical ways to express earth. In other words, how did you use your strongest suit to develop your weak points?

  4. Hmmm. Fire is my strongest element by far, but I don’t think that’s what I do to offset the weakness in earth. I think it’s the intense focus that my Saturn and Pluto lend to my work. Saturn is in Gemini conjunct Uranus, so it helps me take a grounded approach to astrology. Donna

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