April 2011 Aries Stellium: How will it affect you? Part 2

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Yesterday, I described the possible manifestations of the April 2011 Aries stellium transit in Houses 1 to 6n (see post here). Today, we continue with house 7 to 12.

April 2011 aries stellium7th House: House of Relationships

With the Aries energy in your house of relationships, you will either devote your time to tackling any problems in that area or you will use the energy to find the perfect mate.

More important, if you have been putting up with people restricting your sense of freedom, this transit will see you cutting those ties.

8th House: The House of Endings and other people’s resources

If you are dependent on other people’s resources, this transit will encourage you to become more independent and self-sufficient. It could also mean a redefinition on how your share YOUR resources with others.

Each house of the zodiac rules one area of your life9th House: The House of the Higher Mind

You will be in the mood for new horizons and travel adventures to exotic and unusual destinations. The Aries spirit of adventures will see you setting sail for foreign cultures or more simply for a philosophy different from what you are used too, setting your mind free to explore new philosophies. Spirited debates on the meaning of life are to be expected. At worst, this transit will transform you into a fighter for your beliefs.

10th House: The House of Social Standing

Your attention will be focused on fighting to get ahead on your career path and establishing a well-deserved reputation as a leader in your field.

11th House: The House of Group Relationships

Your standing among the groups you belong to could see some changes with this transit. A struggle between being part of a group and maintaining your individuality might erupt.

12th House: The House of the Unconscious

Unconscious stuff bubbling up to the surface should be the most common effect of this transit, especially resentments due to unacknowledged competitive patterns in your life.

A total new way of relating to metaphysical ideas could possibly emerge too.

Since this is also the house of secret enemies, avoid incurring anyone’s hostility over anything you might do, or have done, especially if it resulted in an injury or harm.

As for myself, this transit is very important since it will be encased in my solar return and will carry on for the rest of the year. My solar return chart shows no less than 5 planets in Aries, the Moon missing being the sixth by a couple of minutes.

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14 Responses to April 2011 Aries Stellium: How will it affect you? Part 2

  1. AstroFix says:

    8th house – becoming independent of other people’s resources is exactly what I’m working on, especially with Uranus right on my 00 Aries Venus.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Astrofix! What a pleasure to have you drop by! Welcome!
      Your transit should be interesting, especially considering Uranus is in the mix! I wonder what surprising new directions – the never thought about kind of direction – it will take you to. I love that element of surprise from Uranus. Any intuitions or dreams on the subject?

      • AstroFix says:

        I haven’t had any intuitions except that I think I need to take more risks and be more daring. I feel extremely nervous about the whole thing.

        • Fabienne Lopez says:


          I have been hearing that a lot from various people. They are all very nervous and weary since the last couple of years has been hard for a lot of them. I am in the same position. I am terrified of what I need to do in order to to become a successful full-time astrologer. The amount of avoidance and procrastination is amazing. Do you have any advice on how to deal with the situation and the accompanying nervousness?

          • AstroFix says:

            I’m giving myself nonstop pep talks, reading books by people who’ve done it and beginning to link up with people who’ve gone through similar situations for support.

  2. Maria says:

    I have Aries intercepted in the 12th house. I cannot even begin to tell you what a headache it is having to deal with “secret enemies” especially since the 6th house will be connected – I have a stellium of Saturn-Mercury-Pluto there. I happily quit one of my two jobs, only to have those secret enemies begin brewing in my second one that was going along just fine for awhile. I do at least enjoy the unconscious stuff bubbling up – while some people would be afraid of these things, I’m ready to deal and heal. I’m suddenly having to deal with people who think I owe them things, people who are insanely jealous.

    What a nice blog you have over here! I found this article on astrodispatch, glad I did!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Maria:

      Thanks for the compliment. Astrodispatch is a great tool for find interesting astrology blogs. Found Learning Curve on the Ecliptic that way. With so many headaches popping out in your 12th, it seems you have things pretty well handled. You are aware of the potential problems and are willing to do the work. Kudos for you!
      The only suggestion I can add is since Mars and Mercury will also be there, to be careful of angry outbursts, either yours or somebody else. With Mercury retrograde during the April stellium it is a time to be more careful, although Mercury in Aries will want you to stand up, speak the truth and be your own advocate. Let me know how this transit goes.

  3. Kelly says:

    How helpful it was to read the details of this interesting time. I am a Cancerian yet have an Aries moon and a libra rising. I was wondering why my Aries character was boiling up last week, with so much occurring it is no surprise I felt like I was playing a tug of war game with life. It all makes sense now! Thank you!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      You are welcome, I am glad it helped! Sometimes gaining perspective hep us understand what’s going on and detach a little bit so we can better react to the events. With a Cancer sun, moon in Aries and Libra rising, you must have felt like a pinball, being bounced around your cardinal signs!

  4. VJ says:

    10th house — Aries! I’m a Gemini, and bored, so I’m ready to take off!


  5. Kari says:

    Im trying to figure out what this means for my baby that was born in April. She has Sun, Mercury, MArs,Uranus and Jupitor conjunct in her 11th house Aries. Venus is also in there but no conjunction. Seriously…6 planets? Im a novice in astrology and I dont know how to read this at all lol. All I know is shes one helluva spitfire!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Kari:

      With so many planets in Aries, your daughter is as you said a helluva of an Aries. without seeing her chart, I can only make some estimated guesses. In terms of qualities, she is selective in the sense that her interests are going to be bunched up and intensely focused. Probably, she will respond to her own drum and will want immediate reward and response. She has a good capacity for being a self-starter, independent and self-sufficient.
      As a suggestion, I would read and understand the qualities and challenges of her Aries sign, since she is an uber-Aries. A good book is Linda Goodman Sun Signs.

  6. Lorainne says:

    Hi, my little girl was born in April 2011 too. I am a novice to astrology but my Mum got Gemma’s birthchart done and she has Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in Aries – she has Gemini ascendant. What are the best ways of handling a child with such a strong Aries emphasi?. Especially as my husband is a Libran and I am Virgo with a stellium in Libra – the opposite sign to Aries!! Any advice?

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Lorainne:

      Congratulations on your little girl! By now, you must have observed that she is a little dynamo. With so many planets in Aries, she is an uber Aries. What you have to keep in mind with the aries qualities so much emphasized is the following:
      1) Aries children are strong-willed and very active and they display a fierce determination in getting what they want, preferably right away.
      2) they are very affectionately demonstrative.
      3) they do to tend to do things earlier than most babies – walk earlier, talk earlier.
      4) They tend to be accident prone, being rambunctious and very active. But they recover very quickly also.
      5) Like most Aries, they have a temper and can throw a tantrum when thwarted, thankfully those don’t last long.
      6) they are very generous towards other, but it often stops when their feelings are hurt or gets in the way of something he/she wants to do or somewhere he/she wants to go.
      7) when you want to an Aries child to do something, present it as a challenge, as is he not up to it and he will set out to prove you wrong. They must be kept busy, otherwise they find trouble.
      8) Aries children have a vivid imagination and like to try things. They might not settle for something specific. They prefer the challenge of discovering and learning new things, routine kills them, therefore discipline and following through are hard lessons for this sign.
      9) Aries children glow under praise but whither under criticism and lose all incentive to try.
      10) Be honest with them, use direct logic. Tell him what you like about them and he will do less of what you don’t like.

      Hope that helps!


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