Uranus in Aries: A Look at the Ingress Sky

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Uranus in Aries will bring unexpected changes

Uranus as Prometheus the bringer of light

The Broad Picture of the Ingress Chart for Uranus in Aries

Today, Uranus enters Aries for good (after a brief stint in the summer of 2010) and will stay in this sign for the next 7 years. Uranus change of sign is also the kickoff of a big sky pile up that will happen in early April where no less than 4 to 6 planets will be congregating in Aries.

It is customary for astrologers to look at the chart for the exact moment when Uranus ingresses Aries to get a feeling of this change and what it will purport for the next several years. I will keep this tradition lighter and instead paint a broader picture.

sky watch for Uranus ingress 2011Sky Watch: Uranus, Jupiter & Saturn

On one side, we have Jupiter and Uranus, both in Aries. On the other side, Saturn is sojourning in the opposing sign of Libra.

What does this picture tells us? To understand it, we have to look at the keywords for each planet and sign.

Jupiter is famous for being a positive influence that brings good things and much luck into your life, coupled with an optimistic view of life. Jupiter’s influence helps you grow a period of learning with a philosophical attitude to boot.

Whatever part of your chart Uranus touches, it brings unforeseen changes and your life takes an unexpected direction. Those unwelcomed changes turn out, in the end, to bring a surprising sense of freedom and individuality to your life.

Saturn is the bearer of the hard lessons in life, necessary in order for us to mature and develop the potentials of our chart.

Aries is the pioneering spirit, ready to take on a challenge, walk down the road of adventure in order to develop its individuality and uniqueness. With Aries, we become the leaders of our own lives.

Libra as the opposite sign of Aries strives for balanced and harmonious one on one relationship.

The Road of Individuality

What kind of big picture do we get for this Uranus ingress if we string all the pieces together?

Jupiter and Uranus will push you out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not and throw you into a whole new life direction you only dreamt about. Jupiter will do so by giving you a sense of optimism and faith in yourself to try new things. Uranus will magnify the trend by throwing unexpected opportunities in your path.

Aries will throw its leadership qualities into the mix, forcing us to become leaders of our own initiatives, instead of followers of other people’s actions.

This is a lifetime chance to use both energies to break ground (Uranus) to align with our “higher” spiritual purpose (Jupiter), to walk a more individual path of authenticity (Aries) that expresses who we really are as unique individuals (Aries).

The sign of Aries and the planet Uranus both express qualities of independence and selfishness pushing us to assert our individualities over the need for companionship and its inevitable need for compromise.

For Saturn in Libra this is a problem. The emphasis of “me” brought on by Uranus and Aries does not really sit well with Libra’s need for “we” and “us” and will certainly bring challenges into the relationships arena.

Me, We and Us:Uranus and SaturnMe, We, & Us: Balancing Uranus In Aries and Saturn in Libra

This is a natural polarity between Aries (me) and Libra (other). However, it will be magnified by Uranus urge to experiment with and revolutionize our sense of Self.

Technically, Uranus and Saturn will not oppose each other during the remainder of Saturn’s stay in Libra. Nonetheless, these 2 major planets are transiting opposing signs, demanding that we find an unconventional and original way to integrate the issues of Aries and Libra.

How can we foster our individuality while engaged in a relationship? How do you balance independence with togetherness? How is the relationship with yourself compared with your relationship with others?

These are some of the questions that Uranus in Aries will have to find answers. In the next 7 years. No hurry.

For another perspective on how the energies of Saturn and Uranus play off against each other, see my post  Saturn and Uranus: The Roads of Our Lives.

How are you celebrating the entry of Uranus in Aries? Do you feel the buzz of this energy?

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4 Responses to Uranus in Aries: A Look at the Ingress Sky

  1. Gian Paul says:

    Very deep analysis (sounds technical, but for lack of another word…). The Saturn/Uranus dance as you say goes on, at least by sign. But is probably a healthy sort of brake on “foolish/overenthousiastic/now even Jupiterian Aries”. Thanks for sharing your intuitions.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Gian Paul:

      Yes, I think Saturn will be putting on the brakes to the excess of Jupiter in Aries optimism. I also think it will help with the Uranus/Pluto square. AS for the deep analysis, although flattering, I believe it’s just common sense and looking at the sky and the archetypes present.

  2. Kerrie says:

    Phew! I am a libra female and have just began a passionate relationship with an adventurer male (he is a sailor) who happens to be Aries. This is almost like reading our brief history together and apart. There appears to be little solution for this emotional libran whose Aries man is paving his own journey with me thrown in the middle. We are both demanding independence, yet crying inwardly for trust and devotion. I am very confused right now as personal experience by both (yes it was in the early 80″s has left some deep scars that are difficult to shake. I guess the next 7 years will be interesting for both! Wish us/me/him best of luck. I think we may need all the blessings available from the universe!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Kerrie:
      Welcome and thanks for your comment. Yep, those Aries male can be quite passionate! Had a couple of those myself. Finding the middle road between conflicting needs is a lifelong challenge, especially when Libra and Aries are involved since it is such strong drive for both of them. How do you stay both independent and yet fulfill your need for trust, and devotion. If I had a quick, easy formula for this conundrum I probably would be rich now! I believe the answer is in our chart and our willingness to grow as human beings.
      But you are right the next several years will be interesting. Do you have any other planets in Libra, besides the Sun? Or in other cardinal signs? That would give additional information.

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