Uranus in Aries: Where is it Going to Affect You?

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Continuing our Uranus in Aries mini blog-a-thon, let’s see where Uranus in Aries falls in your chart by house and how this transit might affect you.

Uranus in Aries + 12 houses

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Uranus in Aries: Where is going to affect you?

In 2011, Uranus will be barely beginning its journey in Aries, but it will give you a glimpse of where your life will change. Look at the house where Uranus will be transiting in you chart and check out the definitions bellow.

1st House Uranus: The house of self and potential

Time to break the old mold and start a new life from scratch. Uranus will unearth  dreams, goals, and aspirations more in sync with your natural self.  With Uranus transiting your 1st house, you will discover new talents that were previously unknown, untapped or simply undeveloped.

2nd House Uranus: The House of money and values

The focus will be in discovering new means of making money and increasing income in general. You will also undergo a complete redefinition of the meaning of the word “security”, be it material, in terms of value systems or how you value your own self-worth.

3rd House Uranus: The House of communications

With Uranus transiting your 3rd house, expect a complete change on how (talking, speaking and writing) you communicate and what (concepts and ideas) you communicate on a daily basis. Also how you relate to your siblings and neighbors will be transformed radically and unexpectedly.

4th House Uranus: The House of home, parents, and family of origin

Family life becomes the focus of Uranus. Changes within the home or family roles become inevitable, bringing a whole new lifestyle into action.

Uranus + maverick5th House Uranus: The House of creativity, fun, children, romance and pleasure

Defining a whole new emotional attitude towards love, children, and creativity.

Learning to tap into your inner child in new and unexpected ways.

Finding pleasure in life.

6th House Uranus: The House of work, health, habits, and service

Uranus will unveil a whole new, more authentic lifestyle better suited to your own personality. Changes in everyday routine will be implemented in order to improve your health.

Discovering how you can be of service to others.

7th House Uranus: House of relationships

Changes in status will be likely accompanied by a redefinition of what it means to be in a relationship.  A new understanding of what you expect from a partner and how you see yourself within a relationship.

In generic terms, Uranus will foster unexpected alliances and new business partnerships.

8th House Uranus: The House of endings

Uranus will regenerate all (emotional, material, spiritual) of your beliefs, purging all that is outdated so you can embrace your own personal power.

9th House Uranus: The House of the Higher Mind

With Uranus in the 9th house, you can expect coming into greater contact spiritual and/or philosophical ideas and doctrines. It could also include new ways for you to travel or connect with other cultures.

10th House Uranus: The House of Social Standing

The most obvious influence of Uranus in the tenth house of your chart would be a complete change of career direction.

11th House Uranus: The House of Group Relationships

Your social circle will expand in unconventional ways allowing you to redefine what friendships means to you and what type of friends you are attracted too.

12th House Uranus: The House of the Unconscious

Uranus will bring forth untapped and undeveloped intuitive and or spiritual gifts, talents and abilities. It will also bring more faith and inspiration to what is possible.

What house is Uranus in Aries for you? What are your own thoughts about what’s in store?

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5 Responses to Uranus in Aries: Where is it Going to Affect You?

  1. katley says:

    Uranus will be entering my first house in about a year. Does that mean I’m going to re-invent myself? (I feel like I’ve been spending the past 7+ years doing just that with Uranus in the 12th!)

    The past 7 years have been characterized by strange dreams, psychic experiences (knowing what people are thinking before they say it) and the most enjoyable excursions into the world of folklore, which I think is becoming my destiny. Not to mention all the new friends I’ve made (in real life and on the ‘net!)

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Katley:

      This time, with Uranus transiting your first house, it might be more about physical changes (plastic surgery, new wardrobe style, tattoos and piercings, etc…) since the first house is the house of body and physical appearance. It might also indicate a lifestyle change. The way it see it is that all the changes that happened in the 12th house of unconscious and spiritual find their manifestation physically in the 1st house.
      I also find the most amazing dreams and insights when Uranus was transiting my 12th house and especially when it was on my Ascendant.

  2. Hieronimuss says:

    My Sagittarius with Uranus in Aries experiences:

    – it hurts when you fall in love,
    – while “flirting”, I can’t finish sentences,
    – children torture me more than usual, like trying to chopstick your eye,
    – a power surge hits me every now and then with new creative ideas
    – I feel drawn to weird new technologies
    – learning to “manipulate” my heart energy

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Hieronimus:

      Thanks for sharing! Those are really interesting manifestations of Uranus in Aries! Do you have any planets in the degrees where Uranus is transiting?

  3. Juliette says:

    Hello everybody !

    Uranus in Aries will be transiting my 12th house soon (or is it already? I don’t think so) which contains my Taurus moon.
    I’ve been following a therapy for almost two years now, but still feel that deep unexplicable sadness like a small black rock putrefying the very middle of my heart.
    I have always had issues with authority figures (but i never express it really – except when i complain like this… so i mean i have never “implemented” my ideals -, never been disrespectful or doing anything “outlaw”), always wanted to break free from something but have never been able to do it somehow… I don’t know why i’m here on Earth, but i’m quite sure it is for a kind of fight, ideals, utopias. And I have no idea what unconscious force is keeping me in this deadly stagnant state. But I do feel like if i was dying sometimes, losing all my life energy!
    So I was wondering, could that 12th house transit be like a “wake up call”? freeing my energy (aries —> i also have sun conjunct mars, mars conjunct mercury, trine mc and ascendant but absolutely never felt like it) to finally accomplish my inner self?

    Thank you if you read this, and I’d be more than welcome to have some insights!


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