4 Steps to Find Balance in Relationships with Saturn in Libra

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Saturn in Libra lesson: harmony and balance in lifeSaturn in Libra: the Saturn Side

For those following my blog, I have been writing about Saturn in Libra and the lessons this planet wants you to learn about relationships. Over the months, I have talked about the most common problems encountered in relationships,  how to establish healthy boundaries and understand roles and responsibilities in a marriage.

All subjects pertaining to the Saturn aspect of Saturn in Libra. Now, I would like to turn my attention to the Libra side of the equation.

Libra is about harmony, getting along and most of all, balance which is an important aspect of relationships.

Saturn in Libra will teach you how to balance your lifeSaturn in Libra: The Libra Side

Like most people, we want everything from a relationship: intimacy and autonomy, security and stimulation, reassurance and novelty. Libra requires us to balance our needs with somebody’s else, to balance our dreams and goals with those of another person. It’s a delicate, skillful “pas de deux.” We need to be constantly dancing around priorities, needs, and wants, not to mention duties and responsibilities of career and family.

This can be a real challenge, especially for women who tend to juggle more roles than men. More often than not, the scales tend to swing wildly from one extreme to the other, playing havoc with your life. As a result, the relationship is relegated to the backburner in favor of other priorities, causing stress, fatigue and emotional distance between partners.

Libra is about moderation and making both sides of an equation work together. Libra is the skillful negotiator, who wants the parties involved to leave the negotiation table happy with the results, feeling they got a fair deal.

How can Saturn in Libra help you find this balance? Here are some suggestions taken from my own experience as a life-coach.

4 steps that will help you achieve more balance in your lif4 Steps to Balance your Life

Step#1: Simplifying your life

Take a look at your schedule. Are all those appointments really necessary? Instead of trying to squeeze more stuff, take the opposite approach and check what you can drop.

Imagine your time in terms of budget. You have a limited amount of time. How are you going to allocate that time? Imagine a blank schedule.  Write down only the things that are unavoidable like work and sleep. Then bring other things back into your schedule  by order of importance. Leave out the rest, especially the things that are draining you or stressing you.

Step#2: The Trade-Offs Mindset

To keep your schedule de-cluttered consider that for each new yes, you will have to cut out something else. For example, if you say yes to volunteer work, it means less time for a hobby or exercise. Is it worth it? Do this exercise before agreeing to any new activity.

Step#3: The Power to Delegate

Repeat as a mantra:”I don’t have to do everything by myself!” Women have a tendency to think that if they want something done, they have it to do it themselves. False. As women, we are so used to juggle roles and multitask that we forget about delegating. If you want more balance in your life, start delegating.

Step#4: Good Enough is the new Perfect!

Drop the idea that you have to go the extra mile for everything you do in life, especially if nobody notices your efforts. Instead, concentrate on the things that will give the most results with the least effort (in business, it’s called the 80/20 rule).

There are many other practical things Libra can teach you about finding balance. However, I consider these 4 the most important ones, as they can have an immediate effect in your life by lowering your stress level. Less stress means more YOU present in your life and relationship.

Do you have any suggestions on how to utilize the Libra side of Saturn in Libra to harmonize your life and relationships? Share them here!

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