April 2011 Sky Pile Up: The Upcoming Aries Stellium

©March 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

April 2011 will see a stellium of planets in AriesApril 2011 Sky Pile Up

The entry of Uranus in Aries on March 12 will signal the beginning of a long duration stellium in Aries.

A stellium is a group of three or more planets in conjunction or grouped together in one sign.

Basically, from March 21 to May 15, there will be 4 to 6 planets in Aries at any given time.

From April 1 to May 11, half of the 10 planets will be in that sign at any time, going back and forth between 5 and 6!

Aries Stellium Dates:

April 1: Mars, Aries ruler, enters its own sign, adding to 5 planets in Aries (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus)

April 2: the Moon joins, making now 6 planets in Aries!

April 4: We are back to 5 planets in Aries. (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus)

April 20: Venus enters Aries, and the Aries stellium continues! (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus)

April 29: For the second time, the Moon enters Aries, totaling the number of planets to SIX again.

On May 11, the number of planets scales back to 4 when Mars changes signs (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus).

When Mercury and Venus enter Taurus in mid May, the sky will be back to only two planets in Aries – Jupiter and Uranus.

the 2011 Aries stellium will bring a lot of fire and energy to all AriesWhat this all means in practical terms?

For Aries people, it’s like having a quadruple espresso! They are set to become, for a little while, even more Aries than usual! Über-aries with a ton of energy, impatience, and aggressiveness, since Mars will be part of the mix! They will want to get things done without delay, overcoming whatever obstacles are in front of them in order to make happen the changes they want in their life. Aries will have the confidence to implement the changes they want without worrying about restrictions and challenges.

For the rest of the common folks, there will a big push to be effective, to get things done.  Aries loves to be in action, to do something! If you need to set goals and accomplish a Herculean task, the month of April should give you the energy to do so. Think big. Big projects, big tasks, big rewards!

Do you have any planets in Aries? Where does Aries falls in your chart?

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11 Responses to April 2011 Sky Pile Up: The Upcoming Aries Stellium

  1. Gian Paul says:

    A word of caution, being Aries myself, not just to other Aries but beforehand also to myself: You say, Fabienne, that Aries should plan to undertake big things as of March 12.

    One, Aries often is too impulsive to plan anything. It will just happen. Once started, Aries is the least gifted of all signs to carry things out to the end. So better for them not to plan too many things, or if without planning they just turn up, not to try to “ride two horses at the same time”!

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hey Gian Paul:

      You are right, a word of caution is absolutely warranted in this situation! When I wrote that Aries should plan to undertake big things, I was thinking more in terms of doing ONE and only ONE big thing. However, I totally discarded putting out the necessary Aries warning and disclaimer, e.g. that you should be cautious and plan on NOT – as you say – “ride two horses at the same time”.
      Thanks for the reminder, that we Aries don’t often think afar ahead of the possible consequences of our actions.

  2. Twilight says:

    Hmmmm – Thanks for the warning Fabienne (and Gian Paul). I’ll keep a weather-eye on my husband – and on my own instincts (Moon and Sautrn in Aries). ;-)

  3. annette says:

    what will I be looking for with my aries stellium (sun, moon, venus, mercury) all intercepted in 12 (sun/moon conj as apex of t square with mars and saturn). I have got heaps of inspiring ideas, lacking the follow through of course….
    I am soooo not looking forward to this period, I am already getting hyper with ideas, they just seem to flow even more than normal.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:


      I can understand your conundrum. It seems like you are going to get a stellium squared. I would advise you to be very cautious about accidents and possible injuries and/or fights. As for your ideas, I would just write them down. As my friend Gian Paul said: “Aries often is too impulsive to plan anything. It will just happen. Once started, Aries is the least gifted of all signs to carry things out to the end. So better for them not to plan too many things, or if without planning they just turn up, not to try to “ride two horses at the same time”! I think this is the gist of the advice just pick one thing to do. Maybe one you have been wanting to do for a long time, for example. In any case, I will be publishing more articles about the stellium. So, stay tune for more information on the upcoming April pile up.

  4. katley says:

    Wow, thanks for the heads up on this transit (pardon the pun). With 5 planets transiting my first house I’m going to need to buy a pair of sunglasses and hide from the paparazzi for the next two months :)

  5. uhanepono says:

    The planet nazi said “no aries planets for you”. Instead I will experience the stellium as it creates a grand cross with my cardinal t square in the later degrees, a push-me-pull-you.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      oh! how fun for you! What is at the opposite side of the apex of your cardinal -t-square, that might give some help there?

  6. Ian says:

    And if the Aries Stellium is in the 12th?

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hey Ian:
      Welcome to A.U. The short answer to your question is:

      Unconscious stuff bubbling up to the surface should be the most common effect of this transit, especially resentments due to unacknowledged competitive patterns in your life.

      A total new way of relating to metaphysical ideas could possibly emerge too.

      Since this is also the house of secret enemies, avoid incurring anyone’s hostility over anything you might do, or have done, especially if it resulted in an injury or harm.

      Have you experienced any of the above? How is this stellium showing up in your life? I would love to hear your insights!

  7. Lorainne says:

    My little girl was born April 2011 so has 5 planets in Aries!! I think they are in her 10th and 11th house. What does this mean for her and any advice on raising such a little dynamo!! :)

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